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Comment Re:Go with tried and true (Score 1) 397

As both a printer and a graphic designer, I have to say ---> THIS
There's no such thing as one perfect solution. If you REALLY care, you'll apply multiple solutions. Put it on DVD, then put it on at least one hard drive, then put it into print. If both DVDs and hard drive are ruined then at least you can reproduce the paper documents.

Comment There's less crime because they don't go outside. (Score 3, Interesting) 209

They develop violent feelings but they take it all out on their fictional characters. They stop going outside (thousands of years of children spent their days outside because they lacked TV and vidya) so they aren't around other people even if they have all kinds of aggressive hormones flowing to compel them to pick a fight with the next person they see.

Comment There's a difference... (Score 0) 374

Mac malware: type in your password* if you want to install a system-wrecker.

Linux malware: type in your other and more important password if you want to install a system-wrecker.

Windows malware: use internet explorer and navigate to mainstream sites with hidden malicious PDFs or java bombs if you want to install a system-wrecker.

*If you're clever enough to not use your admin password on a daily basis then you're probably clever enough to steer clear of most system-wreckers and so this is not referring to you.

Comment Do like car insurance companies (Score 1) 374

Tell people how low your price can possibly go, but have a plan to charge many times that amount. Good players can receive countless discounts, trolls and griefers would be well advised to take their bile elsewhere if they want to continue qualifying for said discounts.

I think insurance companies suck, by the way.

Comment A different take... (Score 1) 948

To put it bluntly, HR is unwilling to do what it takes to acquire and retain the "real" developers. They want some kid who will work for peanuts, not someone who actually has weight and worth in the market. They tried hiring that experienced guy; he ran off to a competitor who offered him a better salary and better benefits. Now they've learned their lesson and they're sticking with the kids whom they know will never receive a competing job offer and cannot command a comfortable salary.

Comment Re:old news, or a hoax. (Score 1) 173

Personally what I'm thinking is that people should just bring their own towels - that's what I do because I don't want a flimsy cheap one that's been in a thousand other armpits. The thing is; every business has its obstacles - that's life. I don't want the hotel's armpit wipes but every time something annoys me in a hotel I think of how the towels disappear thousands per month and then I smile.

Comment Re:old news, or a hoax. (Score 1) 173

It's called fighting fire with fire. If some little punk just walks up to me out of the blue and gives me a smack on the back of the head, getting even is all the rationale I need. If it were someone else I wouldn't jump on a high horse and give him this whiny lecture about how hitting people is wrong even if they hit you first.

Comment Re:You free speech defenders (Score 1) 411

This isn't about people who create a false panic; it's about people who expose deadly wrongdoings. They're not going to stop that 4chan image saying dangerous fallout is raining on California. They ARE going to stop rational discourse over negligence and mismanagement. The government is looking bad in this situation; they want to 'solve' this 'problem' the only way they know how - with force.

Comment My thought: make tablets more like PCs/consoles (Score 2, Insightful) 174

Step 1: make some affordable accessories to comfortably set up a tablet as if it were a PC monitor; keyboard, speakers, etc.

Step 2: start marketing parts instead of finished products only so it isn't an entire industry of iMacs. Let people build their own.

Step 3: open things up and give people more control over what they do with their devices; if you buy it you get to decide how it's used.

Boom, tablets are the new PCs. Not a replacement, simply an evolution out of the old form. Until all this happens they'll still just be a gimmicky toy that some people happen to spend a lot of time on. Make these things happen and you'll see business tablets as well.

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