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Comment Re: How is this different from any university? (Score 2, Informative) 203

For Profit, NFP, self taught... I have had good and bad experiences with them. It really comes down to how willing they are to learn after school.

I found For Profit there is less hand holding in teaching on how to use the app but covering theory and concepts are hard.
For NFP the theory and concepts are easier but getting them on different tools and showing them when you need to break the rules gets harder.
Self taught are often experts in some areas however they will have unpredictable gaps in their knowledge.

Now if the person is willing to learn, ask questions, and think about what they are learning then in the long run their education will not matter much.

Comment Re:Unusual situation (Score 2) 67

Jawbone is more known for high quality Bluetooth ear pieces. When they were popular in the mid 00's. However that isn't a name I would think to look at for fitness monitors. I guess they realized that they weren't going to win early on so never built up the stock to try to flood the market. Especially Jawbone like Apple tries to sell their product at a premium, and flooding the market will lose out their name status.

Comment Re:"it was used for children's writing exercises" (Score 2) 229

The problem is the old lame argument of trying to prove your point by changing the wording to a negative context.

Calling a Religion a FairyTale implies it is a set of overly simplistic stories meant for children.

While most religious text are a combination of written history philosophy of the time, mixed with rules for often a nomadic society to function in a world which is often against them.

The 10 commandments (where they are more than 10, and different religions count them differently and group them in different ways) were less about how to be good. But dealing with property and inheritance rights.

Comment Re:Older = Better (Score 1) 229

History tends to be distorted over the generations. Where each historian will add their own personal spin on their interpretation. Where some people become savage villains while others become glorious generals. Where they both did what they did with the good and bad.
The older documents are not necessarily more accurate. But offers perspective with less layers of interpretation. Also offer insight of the culture of the time of the writing.

Now I disagree with the notion that the ancients were somehow closer to "God" or had a better understanding of the Universe. But the more about the ancients we discover, the less primitive the people seem.

Comment Re:Waste of money (Score 4, Insightful) 134

There are over 300 million Americans. We do have the ability to work on multiple projects at once.
The problem with global warming or humanity issues isn't lack of money or resources. But the fact such changes will be in peoples behavior and culture. Money and government can't solve that by themselves.
A manned trip to mars. Is a PR stunt. But a PR stunt we really need. We have been overloaded with news that shows how we are such bad people. We need a big accomplishment to remind people that we can be better.

Comment Re:The big difference is... (Score 2) 73

The real appeal with Google Fiber and Fios is that they are priced so average middle class people could afford such speeds.

1Tbs unless offered at a good price, would be useless for most homes and would be more important for VPN across good sized companies.

My home internet is only 30mbs and that is more than enough for me and my family. Perhaps if I had a 4k TV it may be more important, or many people streaming at once... However we need technology that will utilize such speeds before we need to consider upgrading to it.

4k Real Time (non-buffered) two way communication may do the trick. Then you have all the privacy concerns about that too.

Comment Tech Company arrogance. (Score 3, Interesting) 161

Now I applaud them for using their money to try to help people. However there is a degree of arrogance common in the tech/business sectors that they have the formula to success. While working in technology and in medical uses a lot of similar types of thinking there are a few major differences.

1. Technology isn't alive. You can copy it, test it, break it, completely gut all the parts and rebuild it. Ethically you cannot do that with people and animals. And right now if it dies, it is dead you can't undead yet. Unlike technology, it dies you can bring it back to operational again.

2. We know how technology works at its most fundamental level. We know the chemical properties of semiconductors we know how to make gates and memory... You can take the world's most advanced computer and software, and every part and component there will be someone who can explain it. Technology we build from the ground up. And every step has a degree of documentation for it. The human body is something that needs to be discovered (That sounded bad) We are learning more and more about it every day. While we had mapped the GNOM the interaction with all the parts is still to be discovered. As well we are finding things that we thought were dormant or useless actually do important things.

3. Money can't buy Eureka!. It can put more people onto the project hoping to increase the chances of an Eureka! moment. But still it could take decades for that one person in a billion to make the right connection, and then be able to explain it to the next guy. Or a little more further away from Eureka, would be just the luck to look for something that no one looked for before.

4. Institutional attitudes. The tech sector is rather modern Academia and Health Care as Institutions are rather victorian in nature. The people you hire, may not want to find the cure for all, and share the credit, they want the credit and recognition so they may hide information until they can provide it in a way they will gain further credit.

Comment Re:In the battle between Microsoft and Sony... (Score 1) 146

They can.
But if the do, who/what will take its place? And will that be better than what they do?
Often when the Giants in a market fall, the need is filled with a bunch of scrappy young players, who are often rather poorly off at first until they can mature.
During the 1983 Videogame crash, it took a couple of years before Nintendo was able to get back into the market. While in the meantime there was little movement and a lot of fear.

Comment Paranoia amongst the minority. (Score 3, Insightful) 180

Often a minority group thinks it is being persecuted against because the majority doesn't go out of its way to make the minority welcomed.

I expect Lenovo wasn't really actively stopping Linux however they weren't actively trying to make something that Linux will work on either. They were making sure it would work for Windows though.

Comment Re:MS Hates Linux (Score 2) 467

For the desktop Linux for over a decade had been between 1% - 2%
Linux had its chance from 2005-2010 to gain real market share, but Apple beat them to it.

Now Linux in the form of Android has a good market share. But what we normally call Linux for the desktop has been stagnant and mostly reserved for Technology professionals who needs a bit more ability than the average person and doesn't want to go mac.

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