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Comment Re:Let it begin! (Score 2) 242

Yea right. The chances are once the H-1 problem is fixed the skills American will have to do the job at H-1 rate.
Companies don't want well paid middle class. They want rich executives that they can play golf with. Or the poor or near poor working class.
Us tech guys who are educated, experience and have our fingers on the companies vital components are a thorn in their plans.

Comment Re:Skip The Article (Score 1) 507

For the most part the point of the article wasn't as much of the technical lies but the fact that programmer often code themselves into boxes. Relationship mother father wife husband can quickly cross gray lines with divorce, remarried, widowed, adopted, same sex marriage, gender identity...
So often programmers will program hard coded what they know. If they are better skilled then they will make a look up table. If they are really fancy they will make some adaptive control for self maintenance of the value. Then as the relationships may change it is what to do with the historical data.
I have been coding for 30 years. And often I will get in arguments with newly grads and college professors (normally the ones who's career was entirely in academia) when they see that I written some less than efficient overly complex code for something easy. E.g. Why did you create a gender table and just populate Male and Female and the keys? Just code the drop down box with the values it will save on loading time. Then after release we get a request to add additional values such as trans genders so all I need to do is tell the customer to edit the lookup table and I don't have to go to all the forms that ask and show the value. Add the value, recompile make sure the code is merged in future development tested...

Comment Re:My gripes with the first 2 (Score 1) 507

Normally in SQL where I know Null to be a problem I set the default values in the table to a valid default for the datatype.
However nulls can be used as nice tricks but for the most part they get in the way as a null value puts your datatypes in a broken state and can work in mysterious ways.
In my previous job I was asked to give new hires a test. So in the area of their knowledge in SQL and in debugging I had some code that didn't work correctly because it was appending a null value to a string making the entire string null. I gave this question because with the data we needed to work with and the manipulation we normally do to the data this was a common problem.

Comment Re:Inherent superiority (Score 4, Interesting) 634

There is also a gap in what a persons fantasy life is vs what they publicly say and do. Ones fantasy life may not be inline with their own values. I am sure most of us has some sexual fetish that others will find distasteful. And we well know if we fully try to find our fantasy it will be just impractical.
This is the problem on spying on people and digging up dirt on them. They find something then extrapolate an intention that isn't based on reality.

Comment Re:While its not my cup of tea (Score 1) 634

Still there is an issue of firing someone over their sexual preferences. He may be prominent person in the project but still he is a general nobody (like all of us). In the terms of PR there isn't really that level of backlash. For most people they have their fantasy life and then their real life and most people know their fantasy may not be practical, healthy, or good past the end of the sexual urge.
Being the prevalent of information on every sort of fetish available on the internet I expect most people may have something in their browser history that is questionable and may say something against the normal values that you stand up for.

Comment Re:Mint (Score 3, Informative) 499

The real question before the quick answer is what hardware do you have?
Mint and Ubuntu are relatively good at hardware support. However there may be that one piece of hardware that makes your experience difficult. An off brand wifi controller, an odd or too old or too new video card...
some distribution have a lot of these hardware drivers installed some may be missing that one particular devices some my be GNU pure so you will need to manually get a third party non gnu library to get it to work. Which may be annoying if say your wifi is out and there isn't an ethernet port.

Now Linux isn't horrible at hardware support and not meant to be scarry however some distributions work better than others based on different hardware configurations

Comment Re:As unpopular as it will be to hear... (Score 1) 155

It still depends. There are a lot of factors. And quite frankly how the product is licensed is way down on the bottom of conserned. Most organizations are able to negotiate better contract with these companies. Do you think a 1,000+ employee companies will be using standard windows licenses? No they will negotiate with Microsoft for a license and conditions that fit there needs. With FOS it is what you get that comes with it. If it is GNU you better be sure that you don't use it in your product if you want to sell it. BSD, MIT and Apache licenses also have their own issues but you get what you get and often have little chance to negotiate with someone to make it suit your needs.
There are costs to an organization that isn't to the individual. For the individual the time wasted learning a FOS software is their own time and often enjoyable hobby. But to a company have to pay someone to learn this is expensive and there are factors such as product lifespan, and ability to find employees who knows how to use that tool and training resources available. All these factors makes the license cost a drop in the bucket.
Not FOS is overall a good thing and companies shouldn't shy away from it there are a lot of professional tools out there that can save you a ton of money. However not all of them.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 5, Insightful) 542

Most politicians try to get past what they say. However the complexity of real life sets in. Most American career politicians try to do what they say but they are confronted by other politicians who say they will do the opposite. So they will either get what they want, fail to get what they want, or what is currently political death sentence a compromise where both sides get a little of what they want but not all of it, thus causing the stupid public to think they were lying vs actually trying to get what they felt was good for who they are representing.

Comment Re:Hmmm... (Score 2) 272

The issue is location Sexism in tech is far prevalent in the West then in the East. The problem is all the big name tech companies are based in the West, while the normal established boring tech companies are in the East. However working tech in the east you see a higher percentage of female working tech. In my departments the ratio is 50/50 male to female (granted it is higher than normal), and the higher level positions in my department are male. In the East coast there is sexism in tech, but it isn't as bad as the west coast. I think it may be due to most of the tech jobs centered around long time established companies with older employees, who are married and have children, and are less invested in looking at the opposite sex as something relieve their primal instincts.

Comment Re:I guess /. still approves this crap (Score 1) 270

Sadly this is mostly true (but not entirely).
A key part of an economy is the ability to purchase something and have a clear path of recourse if you don't get what you pay for. While bitcoins themselves don't cause this problem it is the anonymous transactions that do. It put the buyer in greater risk because the seller has all the advantages. If I buy x in bit coins the seller will know who I am to deliver the goods however if if I don't know who the seller is then if what I get isn't what I purchase, I have less ability to fight this. Because I will not have a person to bring to judge. However being the seller will have the info to deliver product to me. He could use that data against me if it was to his self interest.

Comment Re:A cubesat also costs less than the ISS (Score 0) 180

Exactly it isn't the cost that is holding us back.
It is the ambition to do so. The individuals with the money to do this would much rather risk their money in someothst can have a better reward for them.
That is why space exploration has been in the domain of governments because it had latitude to try thing for betterment of its citizens.
But today man space flight seems like a waste of effort to the government because of lack of leadership and risks of failure will cause lost jobs

Comment Re:Well Shit (Score 1) 61

For most people if their privacy is invaded they will not get into trouble. However it doesn't mean that there isn't aspect of their life that they would like to keep private. We have our outward persona and our inner desires. They normally will not fully match up. So you know this guy who it Big Tough Ladies man then you dig around and find that he enjoys chick flicks and Musical Theater, doesn't really show anything that would put him in a compromising position. But steps on how he wants to present himself to the world.

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