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Journal Journal: Clarification of 'Arrogance' Post

Ever make a post you wish you hadn't?

I'm sure most everyone has and I'm no different in that regard.

A while back I posted a hasty reply to the Port-A-Nuke story entitled Arrogance where I came off sounding like a complete idiotic pro-nuclear-proliferation whack-job moron. I didn't intend to sound like that, but...well...reading the post it sure sounds that way. That's not what I meant.

One of the moderators was right to mark my post as flamebait because that's exactly what it was.

The italics is a quote from the parent poster. The blockquoted stuff is my reply.

Not sure about the whole third-world idea, though. All I can say is, it's better than letting them build their own reactors. At least with these, we'll 100% KNOW if plutonium is missing.

"...better than letting them" What arrogance. Why, pray tell, should the United States and the current nuclear club be the only countries to develop nuclear power? Or - yes - even nuclear weapons. Who made the United States the ruler of world affairs?

You want to stop nuclear proliferation? How about starting with the United States, Israel, England, France, India...

Okay - I meant to be sarcastic in the first paragraph, but it sure the hell didn't come across that way and I'm sorry for it. I meant to correct this, but I procrastinated, the thread closed and well...time went on.

I think nuclear proliferation is a bad bad bad idea. Really bad. The port-a-nuke reactor is a great idea. It's go accountability built in, it's portable, and it's self-contained. Neato technology.

Folks developing home-grown nuclear power "for the peasants" is bullcrap; they're doing it for nuclear weapons.

Now, I do think that the nuclear powers really need to get rid of these horrible weapons. It's really hard to justify non-proliferation while the nuclear nations are maintaining and developing them. But I sure as hell would rather the US, UK, and France having them than Pakistan, India, Iran, and North Korea.

I hope we can get rid of these damnable things one day; I don't think we will, but I hope. And I pray that they never, ever get used again.

So, fellow Slashdotters, surfers, and even trolls, please accept my much belated apologies for such a jackass post. From now on I will make damned sure I'm being clear about what I'm saying before submitting and will wrap my smart-assed comments in big fat bold <sarcasm> </sarcasm> tags before opening my gaping maw again.

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