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Comment Re:Badblocks/Shred (Score 1) 348

shred won't do much for you since many of the write errors are silent and will go unnoticed until the drive fails to read the block back. I'd rather spend the time on a second badblocks pass.

The reason I use shred is because it fills the drive with random data faster than badblocks does. I do this because I do whole disk encryption.

Comment I trust the Gentoo devs (Score 1) 152

I completely agree with the Gentoo devs, udev is getting problematic, for starters, there are a lot of gentoo people using AUFS and squashfs to reduce the size of their /usr. Well if /usr is on a different partition, udev freaks out. It got to the point where I didnt' want to update udev but I ended up reverting my AUFS/squashfs /usr partition because of it. Can't wait to go AUFS/squashfs for /usr again!

Comment Seems simple to me (Score 1) 134

Take your ill-gotten monetary gains and anonymously deposit money into a bitcoin wallet
(If you have a lot, pay a team of people to just go to Walmarts and banks and deposit money, yes anonymously, for now)
Tumble/fog your bitcoins a bit. Never use the same address twice and make sure your wallet has the "Use TOR network" checked.
Buy gold and silver with them (there's a website that takes bitcoins for gold/silver and they are not that much over spot. Comprable to gettting them off Ebay.)
If you really are chasing the money, take that silver/gold and sell it on Ebay, you'll probably make a small profit.

Comment Re:Nice Ad Placement or DEA Honeypot (Score 2) 498

Cash directly to the wallet addresses from Walmart or 7-11. Wear a hat. Do you really think they are going to canvas every 7-11 and Walmart in North America (assuming that's where you are) for their video logs of who did a moneygram? Walmart at least doesn't require ID. Fake all the info and be on your way.

Comment Re:98% positive feedback (Score 2) 498

Scamming may be common in the, get in your car and hit some street corner for some random dealer mindset but no one I know operates that way. They all have a "guy" who they call and it's usually in the "guys" interest to formulate a good relationship, it benifits both, you know you can trust this person so you'll continue to do business with him, and the seller grows his client base. Same thing here.

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