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Comment Re:Eliminate used game sale, reap more profit (Score 1) 127

Basically, it's a return to the Video Arcade: you walked in with a pocketful of quarters, and left with your pockets empty.

I kinda take issue with how you phrased this -- as though the arcade gamer simply gave away his money for nothing. At the arcade, you were paying for the time you spent playing the games. Like many other things in life, sometimes money is exchanged for an experience alone, and just because you don't have a tangible good to show for the exchange doesn't mean you were cheated..

Comment Re:It's true (Score 1) 268

Why is this drivel modded informative?!

Because it shows foresight? People often wait until the last minute to do something with a deadline, then when things don't work out easily blame everyone except their own lack of planning.

Issue: Can't get my taxes done in time because I do my taxes online and my home internet service is coincidentally having an outage?
Response: It's Comcast's fault I didn't get my taxes filed. Even though I had weeks to do it, and my internet service doesn't come with guaranteed uptime to begin with.

Issue: I got my taxes done, but I owe $500 and wont have money before the payment deadline.
Response: It's the government's fault for charging too much in taxes, not mine for not having any saving for emergencies, or dong my taxes earlier so I could have planned how to handle this expense, or having my withholding set up better to begin with to avoid having a bill to pay, etc.

Issue: I can't file my FAFSA for my college by the deadline because the site is swamped by other people trying to do the same thing as me.
Response: It's the government's fault for not having more capacity at the site, even though it is not feasible to scale capacity up/down quickly enough for these specific dates. Not my fault for waiting until the last minute to do this form instead. Not the college for choosing a financial aid deadline date the same as two dozen other colleges use (causing the high site load).

Comment Re:This is bullshit (Score 1) 173

Either all speech is protected or none of it is.

Google doesn't have to publish/display anything they don't want to. Free Speech does not mean companies are required to give you a platform to express your views.

If the Trumpettes don't like that -- they are free to create their own Alternate-Google.

Comment Re:Why are those responsible not in prison? (Score 4, Insightful) 84

I suspect the problem is there isn't anything really illegal about it, it's just unethical from the EFF's point of view.
Unfortunately for them, ethics is something subjective and large corporations generally don't have.

All they can do is try and raise outrage on the consumer/government level and hope it's enough to get Google to change.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 359

Err...why would anyone need a bag of stuff to juice?

It is so simple (and I'm guessing more economical) to go to the grocery store and get some veggies and/or fruits and throw down a regular juicer.

You're talking about a kitchen appliance at a time people feel the need to brew coffee one cup at a time from individually portioned filter cups at a cost of 10x just buying a normal container of ground coffee. Never underestimate the millennial's need to be lazy/feel special.

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