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Comment Man up, NASA. (Score 2) 87

NASA lost contact with their STEREO-B satellite nearly twenty-two months ago when performing a routine test. NASA scientists are afraid to turn on the computer at this point because it may cause them to lose contact again.

What's the point of being able to talk to it if they can't turn it on and actually do stuff with it?
If they thought they lost it 22 months ago, they have nothing further to lose if it goes away again now.

Comment Re:60 MB T.V. Encoding? (Score 2) 93

I wasn't talking about the video signal bitrate to the display, I was talking about the encoded stream average bitrate if a whole half-hour of video is that small (not to mention the audio portion is included in that figure). 60 MB is not a large enough file to deliver a quality picture, even with HEVC.

Comment Re:Failed model (Score 2) 365

... If you don't embrace this you must be some kind of antisocial who probably should be on a Terror Watchlist.

More accurate. Law enforcement has for years looked on anyone who values their privacy or "keeps to themselves" as someone potentially dangerous. In a few decades maybe they will find a way to make introversion a criminal offense.

Comment Re:Less crippled (Score 1) 191

It sucks that you have to overpay for overkill hardware to avoid getting an unsupported bloated POS.

Buy an unlocked dumbphone and put it on your Ting plan. The phone OS is so simple and no apps -- so little way to compromise it. I'd just use a tablet for mobile browsing. It isn't a smartphone OS so it wont require much in the way of resources and will keep its responsiveness for the life the handset. The battery will likely be replaceable for cheap on eBay. And it will get shitloads more battery time verses a smartphone.

Comment Re:Again? (Score 1) 236

Ha, okay so apparently that link is from 2012. But this was just talked about recently, the story topic was some supposedly secure messaging app that wasn't that secure, or so opaque that it was really relying on security by obscurity and "trust us" mentality rather than evidence of how it was secure, but it touched off the same "where to next?" comment threads.

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