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Comment Re:Washing & reusing Ziploc baggies (Score 1) 62

I'm one of those thrifty bastards...almost.

I have a Sanyo Katana LX, purchased in January 2009. It still makes phone calls, it still sends and receives texts, and its battery lasts a week with the light use I give it.

I was in the same boat. Up until last month I was using a Nokia 6030 (so, 2005 vintage) as my cell phone. I didn't own a single handset for 10 years continuously, because there was a couple times I had to replace it for something actually not working on the one I had -- but I'd just go on eBay and buy another of the exact model. I'd disable the internal memory so all my contacts would save to the SIM by default, and I could just move it to a new one, taking everything with me if I needed to. Battery lasted a week with my usage and audio/reception were better than even the more expensive smartphone I replaced it with.

Comment Re:A fix? (Score 1) 62

Just because something is not "user replaceable" doesn't mean it isn't replacable. iPod batteries aren't user-replaceable. iPhone batteries aren't, either. And yet you can change them, with requisite skill.

Batteries made to be non-user replaceable take longer to replace. Labor costs money. You have to factor that in to which recall choice they'll make.

And if it was a battery problem, it's easy to change as well. Samsung would just collect the phones, replace the batteries and send them back out. They won't worry about whose phone is whose phone - they'd just replace the battery, reflash them and send them back.

...and deal with the inevitable complaints from some people about the phone they get back having damage/wear, while the one they took such good care of and sent in, did not? Remember, smartphones are expensive enough that many people resell them or trade them in when they get their new one. The condition the old device was in would play a role in deducing value. Too much hassle for Samsung Better to just cut everyone a check, destroy them all, and let God sort 'em out.

Comment Re:I bought counterfeit Gameboy Advanced Games the (Score 1) 64

I once bought a counterfeit Pokemon Emerald off of Ebay and it did *not* work great.

Pokemon Emerald uses flash memory for its save file which is a pain for counterfeiters to make, so they hack the game to use battery backup instead.

Why would counterfeiters have trouble with flash memory? They don't have to make it themselves, it's a traded commodity now.

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