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Comment Re:Social engineering (Score 1) 103

Attackers get the service people on the phone, and spin a believable story about just why they don't know the answer to the security question, or have lost their PIN, but it's really important that they get this changed. They pull the support worker onto their side, partners against the evil bureaucracy. The support worker feels good, for helping someone out of a tight spot.

Pfft! More like "support worker helps the customer out because the customer is getting angry and he doesn't want a supervisor call". It's amazing how stupid users are all-for improved security until they "lose their key" and then blame the company for "not being helpful" when the protections work designed against them.

Comment No shit -- you have to buy all the OTHER stuff. (Score 1) 200

A key problem seemed to be that Rittman's kettle didn't come with software that would easily allow integration with other devices in his home...

He was expecting interchangeability with third-party devices? Lock-in and proprietary communications is what the IoT is all about!

Comment Re:Samsung Explode-o-Matic washer link (Score 1) 251

I am more concerned with my exploding toploading washer

Have you tried putting a Galaxy 7 inside your washer ?

No, silly, he's talking about their exploding washer line. If the load is heavy enough, and the washer agitates just enough, the power circuit board shorts out and blows up.

Maybe he thought the two explosions would cancel each other out.

Comment Re:At the very least... (Score 1) 164

All IOT products need to be labeled as such. Then I can avoid them...

This isn't hard.

The device I'm about to purchase (check all that apply)
__ has existed for decades, but has a computer built into it now, and did not normally have one prior to the year 2000.
__ can control other simpler items in my house (i.e. lamps, garage doors, entry doors, climate control systems, security systems).
__ connects to my household LAN.
__ can be used from outside my own local area network through a smartphone app or a publicly accessible website that was not written by me.
__ was made by a company that primarily makes PC accessories or peripherals (Belkin, Logitech, etc) or a company that is less than 8 years old.

If you checked two or more lines it's an Internet of Things device.

Comment Re:In all fairness (Score 1) 254

In all fairness, I've done the same in Pittsburgh. Was visiting, not familiar with the city and you guys do love your one way roads. Luckily I figured it out pretty damn quick.

We forgive you because you don't have a GPS embedded in your head that constantly tells you where you are and has the direction of all roads mapped.
Add to that, this is a test limited to a single municipality. It's not a case of "oh, well the GPS map was out-of-date because we wont be aware of construction being done three states away immediately". This is a relatively small test bed and Uber should be watching like a hawk for local issues to update the test vehicles.

Comment Correlation does not equal causation. (Score 1) 332

But even more surprising is that the data suggests everyone is on their best behavior whether the cameras are present or not.

Sounds like this is less about the cameras reducing shenanigans and more about the two parties not wanting to become the next "officer shot an unarmed suspect" news story. So it's more a change in behavior due to current political climate.

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