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Comment Re:That's obvious as hell for Japanese stuff (Score 1) 34

What would help sales of manga is making more of it available in an open digital format. Physical manga takes up a lot of space given its entertainment value/time to read. The larger format, superior contrast to standard pulp paper, and higher portability (without a proprietary "reader" application or constant internet connection to read on a website) makes the scannlator's "product" superior.

I recently contributed to a Kickstarter for a certain manga title that has had trouble getting an official English release because it has met some controversy in the West. I'm getting a digital edition. I already have a fully scannlated copy of the original work, so the almost $100 I spent to get this officially-licensed translation wasn't really needed. What's more, the official licensee hired the original scannlator to handle the localization -- so the old argument about "inferior fan translation vs. professional" is bupkis. I'm buying a "version 2" of the same guy's work.

What made me contribute was 1) I could get it digital 2) It's an open format (no DRM). The title uses stenography or some other watermarking to tie my personal copy to my purchase in case I should share it. I can use any normal comic reader app to view it.

This unfortunately is a minority of English-language manga release. Most require online web-viewing or only come in dead-tree edition.

Comment Other files? (Score 1) 121

The bad news is that the EMF file can be hidden in other documents, such as DOCX, and can be exploited via Office, IE, or Office Online, among many.

Can we hear about other attack methods? So far this sounds like an issue that isn't going to impact people not using Microsoft Office or DOCX files.

Comment No different than AT&T/T-Mobile merger... (Score 1) 28

The reason this should not happen are exactly the same as when AT&T wanted to buy T-Mobile -- there would be one less cell phone company, meaning less choice for consumers and competition among carriers.

The recent activity on "Unlimited" plans (T-Mobile makes one with some dumb restrictions, Verizon makes another that's a little more expensive, but without those limitations, T-Mobile comes back with less restrictions than before to compete, Sprint comes out with a new plan, AT&T says "me too" because they are looking like a bunch of douches now) -- this is a prime example of what competition does. Competition that wouldn't be happening with fewer players.

Comment Re:Web don'ts (Score 1) 116

If you piss of your user base they will leave, at which point you have nothing further to sell on the other side of your business.

The thing about corporate-controlled social networks -- they only let you talk to other people on that network. The userbase will not leave until they start to leave en masse, because if they leave they will be cut off from all their "friends" and family also on the network. It's not like email where you can change your provider and write to all the same people from a new address.

People will not have this mass-exodus until something new comes along that everyone else is moving to because its the "hip new thing". There are still lots of people on MySpace and it is long, long past being the place to be and had its mass exodus. Facebook has its audience pretty captive at this point.

Comment LOL cubicle-level HVAC (Score 2, Insightful) 158

The company insisted the boxes were intended to reduce energy costs, ensuring that empty cubicles weren't overheated or over-air-conditioned

What a load of bullshit. A cubicle by its very nature is a division of a larger room. It has no ceiling to hold heat in or meaningful insulation, and it's certainly not climate controlled on an individual level.

A more believable excuse would be that the device shut down the computer and desk lights when the employee was not in to save energy, but most businesses leave machines on to facilitate after-hours backups/maintenance and with modern high-efficiency lighting, there would be no net cost benefit to controlling lighting with them.

Comment Re:Yea, uh, if you're such a great father... (Score 1) 640

Someone further up pointed out, it was not her car, it was her boss's car. He was a passenger in the car with her and also killed.
They both got drunk at the company function, and he gave her the keys.
I would suggest someone was trying to play his way into his subordinate's pants.

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