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Comment Re:Why do people care... (Score 4, Insightful) 92

... whether or not somebody else records them in a public place? For fuck's sake, if they are within earshot, they are recording your audio and if they are in eyeshot, they are recording your video... the only difference is that the device that is doing the recording is their brain. When wetware becomes a thing, even that distinction to external devices such as cameras or microphones will be irrelevant.

Because currently a memory is only usable to the witness, and is often forgotten. It cannot be saved in perfect detail, duplicated (only described), or packaged and sold for monetary gain. When wetware comes to be, as you point out, these issues will need to be dealt with at an ethical and legal level, but the that's not coming as soon as you believe, I think.

Comment Re:Superdistribution of Content (Score 4, Insightful) 203

The web, like e-mail, is going through death throes.

Gimmie a break. You know how often I've heard "email is dying"? Generally it's from some stupid millennial, or the mouthpiece of a social networking company that offers a messaging feature that, for all intents and purposes, is email (except with formatting and picture/video inserting bells and whistles). What they really mean is "we wish email were dead, so everyone would be forced to become one of our users and we could become the new defacto email".

When those kids go out and get a job and have to communicate in a serious fashion, it's not Facebook they're going to be launching -- it's Outlook.

Comment Re:What TypeScript is (Score 0) 87

I wasn't sure what TypeScript is so I looked it up.

It's a language similar to JavaScript that allows you to optionally use types on variables. It "transcompiles" to JavaScript, so you can write programs in TypeScript and then they will run in standard web browsers that only support JavaScript.

You left out the part about it being developed and maintained by Microsoft. So it's a language that generally imitates something someone else has done and is already a standard, but adds it's own special new features that are not in the original, thus making a case you should use this new Microsoft technology and not the other.

Where have I heard that before...

Comment Re:Back in the day att used to give you the modem (Score 1) 65

Back in the day att used to give you the modem as in you own it. Later it was like you pay $99 for it and get an $99 rebate.

Was this also "back in the day" when the only DSL provider you had was your local RBOC?
AT&T didn't have to worry about you taking their free-gift modem and switching to another provider with it then -- unless you were moving and would be out of their service area anyway.

Comment Re:Thats terrible (Score 1) 86

I can't afford the extra 75 cents this year. I was counting on the manufacturers numbers to make my budget numbers. I guess I will just need to skip a meal. Damn you, LG!

Have you ever listened to people complain about price increases in their cable TV service. They will actually claim they "can't afford" the new price, even when it only goes up 50 cents a month.

Comment GSM 2G only (Score 1) 57

Obviously a phone that is only going to be sold in developing markets.

They boast Internet connectivity with the Opera web browser but the phone has no wi-fi or even 3G connectivity, let alone 4G/LTE.
Specs page here, only shows GSM 900 and 1800 mhz band. Does not support AT&T legacy 850 or T-Mobile 1900 and isn't even reaching over a quarter megabit on EGPRS data rate.

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