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Comment Re:As an American, let me say (Score 2) 227

I can't afford to own a printer.

not even the throwaway $30 inkjet ones that are sold as an excuse to sell you ink cartridges that cost four times as much?

Need to watch sales more, bro. I bought a Pantum wireless laser printer on NewEgg Flash for $25 with free shipping. Works with the Windows desktops, Linux desktops, and Mac laptops here with no issue. Bought it in August 2015 and it is just recently started displaying the notification LED that the original (lower yield) toner cartridge is running low.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 137

How do you even attempt to make any sort of phone call without first unlocking the phone and opening the the call app? Is their some secret password that calls 911 for you?

Yes. The password is "Emergency". Not very secretive though, since the phone puts it on the screen in the lower-left corner.

Comment Re:Scam (Score 1) 142

Cable providers can't really be that concerned about cord cutting either, or they would be doing something meaningful like dropping prices 30%

They aren't concerned about the cord cutting, they're concerned about the loss of profits, so lowering prices is going to be the last choice they make. First they're try every option to raise revenue from their subscribers they have.

Comment Re:Why are people obsessed with lack of bezels? (Score 1) 74

I think people are actually not happy with how large physically smartphones are now. But they like having a large screen to look at. So the solution in their eyes is to get the largest screen they can on a phone of certain dimensions. Reducing the bezels around the screen, which they no not view as really important, allows this.

Comment Oh noes! (Score 1) 66

The purchased database contains dozens of fields, some including personal information such as names, job titles and functions, work email addresses, and phone numbers. Other information includes more generic corporate and publicly sourced data, such as believed office location, the number of employees in the business unit, and other descriptions of the kind of industry the company falls into, such as advertising, legal, media and broadcasting, and telecoms.

So... pretty much the exact same information you can get by viewing someone's LinkedIn profile?

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