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Comment ReseauCitoyen.be (Score 4, Interesting) 154

we did that at ReseauCitoyen.be several years ago. At that time there was nothing nor on the Internet nor elsewhere... We never claimed invention for that as this was obvious for us who where in the field... But we build some devices... We had some design published as public domain ones in hope to see them builded by corporations. And finally that was the case. So I can not understand that someone is now claiming a patent on such kind of ideas... PS: I'm not an english language native, so forgive some faults in my wording!

Comment Re:Storage and search can be different problems (Score 1) 385

The Archiveopteryx solution is the one I have setup for a customer of mine with similar requirement. He has about 600GB of email now... You can access the email trough IMAP with any client or use phppgadmin or any other tools to access the database directly with any custom queries you need.

Comment not fresh news for me (Score 1) 436

A friend of mine (I'm a debian sysadmin) has developped a tool to find who is downloading a given file in realtime. It is used by police to track chlidren porn downloader in several european contries. It's quite effective and has a long strory of success. I wanted to sell that product to the police of my country (european) to track those guys but they wanted to use it to track music downloaders (our license restrict the use of the tool to track chlidren porn downloaders). We did not agree here but in other places we did. So I know for sure that those kind of tools is around for years...


One Quarter of Germans Happy To Have Chip Implants 170

justice4all writes "If it means shorter lines at the supermarket, a quarter of Germans would be happy to have a chip implanted under their skin. The head of Germany's main IT trade body told the audience at the opening ceremony of the CeBIT technology exhibition that one in four of his countrymen are happy to have a microchip inserted for ID purposes."

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