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Comment Re:Unamerican (Score 2) 407

That's what this attack on the right to free speech is. Those 13,000 dipshits that signed it should be shipped off Stalinist Russia.

That would require a time machine though. And if you had that, you could just go back and convince their mothers to take it in the arse or down the throat on that fateful night.

After all, as a wise man named Ergo (The Magnificent) once said, "If you're going to wish, wish big!"

Comment Re:A wasted vote... (Score 1) 993

How is that wasted? A wasted vote is when you choose only between the giant douche and the turd sandwich, instead of voting for the candidate that you believe is best suited for the job. Voting for the candidate you believe is best out of all of them is using your vote as it was intended.

Comment Re: Just hope there is no incident that happens (Score 1) 537

shot? in the UK?

I've heard that just can't happen....

I had briefly considered ending the post with something like, "as anyone who makes a move toward the bar's landline phone would probably be shot immediately, or in the UK glared at and shouted at to stop."

But I figured I would leave that little opportunity to someone else. :)

Comment Re:Just hope there is no incident that happens (Score 1) 537

I'm sure the bar has a phone you can use in emergencies. Heck, the bar tender might already be on the phone by the time you ask them for emergency services.

Under most emergency circumstances that would work. But, if it is something like an armed robbery or any other hostage situation, you would not be able to ask the bartender to use the phone, because he would be dead the moment he reached for it. If voice recognition is mature enough (as I asked about in another part of the discussion), then someone could mutter almost inaudibly into their BT mic that is on their earpiece, and have their smartphone call 911 without anyone else overhearing them.

Comment Re: Just hope there is no incident that happens (Score 1) 537

What the fuck?

Armed robbery? Why the fuck do you think that the robber will let you make a call?

Just out of curiosity, is voice recognition on most cell phones mature enough to where a person with a Bluetooth earpiece (that also has a mic) could have their phone call 911 (or the UK equivalent) without the perps overhearing? If so, that could conceivably an argument against blocking, as anyone who makes a move toward the bar's landline phone would probably be shot immediately.

Comment Re:Sinking ship (Score 1) 176

Nobody is going to hire you if you go around doing it too often, so I doubt you'd get your chance to do it thousands of times. And ultimately, they are greedy so hope you turn the company around. Warren Buffet said he has a problem finding people greedy enough to work for him because usually what happens is talented people become hundred millionaires and retire. He said it's very difficult to motivate a billionaire to come into work every day in a high stress position. I know I wouldn't.

Well, if you liquidate the company and make tens of millions out of it, you don't need to ever do it again. You now have enough to live happily and comfortably ever after. Why not take those millions and simply enjoy the rest of your life?

Comment Re:Even if it is money, I get it.... (Score 1) 150

I suppose that non-conforming exhaust system I bought COULD be used as a piece of art. I didn't actually SAY i would install it on a car even tho it asked what car it was for.

Same as buying a bong was legal as long as you didn't call it a bong cause then it's not.

Thankfully, that is no longer illegal here in Oregon. Now at the smoke shops, they can freely refer to their bongs as bongs, and tokers as tokers. And on that note, the vaporizor should be warmed up, so now for tonight's first 420 moment. :D

Comment Re:Great Parents!! (Score 1) 307

Both of the friends we have bought from here (first charged $150 for an ounce, and the second was the $100 ounce guy) grow and produce primarily for the medical MJ industries. Since these guys have been my little brother's best friends since they were kids, they are essentially giving us wholesale prices.

I am guessing it will take one more full ounce purchase to keep supplied until I can get the grow room down in the basement operational again.

Comment Re:Great Parents!! (Score 1) 307

more expensive by an order of magnitude: in 1976 the Boston price for an ounce of killer Columbian was $35 (yes you read that right, $35); in 2016 a fucking GRAM costs $20 and ounce costs what, $450? Nice work, you stupid right-wing fucktards.

I am posting this AC because DUH.

Wow! That is some expensive shit. Last ounce I bought here in Oregon was only $100 (high quality stuff too).

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