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Comment Re:Solved: move to San Jose, you morons (Score 3, Interesting) 504

>> Ten of the staff who work on early education programs -- one-third of the total -- commute two or more hours each way a day because they cannot find housing they can afford.

Bullshit. Here's your solution: move to San Jose, then commute 45 minutes to work. Here's some listings for rooms and apartments starting at just $500 if you're too fucking lazy to use one of the hundreds of "find an apartment" web sites.


Even better would be for them to find a way to make the move to San Jose, and then get a job they are qualified for locally. If enough did that, the affluent citizens of Palo Alto will find themselves freaking out that there are no longer any people to prepare or serve their meals when they eat out, sell them their overpriced coffees, clean their buildings, take care of their lawns, etc.

Oops! You fuckers just drove away the majority of your labor pool.

Comment Re:I don't understand this... (Score 1) 456

Considering the bile he spread toward anyone that did not follow his specific ultra fundie mythology, and that many of my generation, who were forced to go to church in our formative years were exposed to his works early on and were led to believe his garbage because you do not question any "church authority" ever... Yeah, the universe is a little brighter with him rotting in his grave.

Don't get me wrong. I never went around actively wishing him to die, but I did feel a sense of peace upon news of his passing, a sense of peace because he can no longer create any new filth to influence impressionable young minds.

And truth be known, now that I am fully capable of rational independent thought, I do actually find his twisted little universe amusing and mildly entertaining for the train wreck that it is. Chick Tracts are best experienced while drunk or high, and with the commentary of the YouTube personalities known as Hugo and Jake (aka The Bible Reloaded).

Heck, I was watching their review of the Dark Dungeons movie last night and found myself hoping that they could redo the Dark Dungeons Chick Tract reading, with Jeff Dee as a guest voice, like they did Big Daddy with AronRa, and a few other tracts with guests in the antitheist community.

Comment Re:I don't understand this... (Score 1) 456

Thinking back, on the upside, 2016 also took Fidel Castro and Jack T. Chick from us at long last. I thought there were a few other "evil" celebrities as well that bit the dust, but I can't name any at the moment. Thought Fred Phelps was one of them, but looks like he went to nonexistence way back in 2014. Perhaps we can get lucky and his shitty diet will cause Kim Jong Un to complete the 2016 evil triad within the next 3 1/2 days.

Comment Re:Both are important (Score 2) 442

You cannot have one without the other. Ideally corporations and human beings are a symbiotic relationship and not a parasitic one.

Humans in one form or another predate corporations by a couple hundred thousand years. So you may not be able to have one without the other, but you can certainly have the other without the one.

Comment Re:Neat! (Score 1) 163

My wife hates gore - I think we'll be trying VidAngel soon.

We all hate him. Suggestion: Don't watch “An Inconvenient Truth” (spoiler: the cause and effect graphs clearly show the effect coming before the cause) or its new sequel and you should be fine.

Awww. But he is super serial. Who else is going to carry on the fight against Manbearpig?

Comment Re:so? this is NOT censorship (Score 1) 163

I thought car analogies on Slashdot were supposed to only be really bad analogies.

And speaking of which, whatever happened to BadAnalogyGuy? Haven't seen him post in ages.

(Then again, it's not like I read this place daily, and when I do, it is not like I check out every single article and every discussion.)

Comment Re:Time to outlaw the IoT (Score 1) 149

Even better? How about Pwn Tang provided in their own tea bags? The ultimate gamer geek victory drink. :D

(And yes, I am aware I am totally murdering the rules of sentence structure and punctuation this morning. But as we say in the Duchy of Don't Give a Shit though; at least when we are posting first thing in our waking day while still working on that first cup of coffee, "Frankly my dears, I don't give a shit.") ;)

Comment Re:It might be an issue in the future (Score 1) 304

Plus, gas pumps always seem to frequently shut off way too soon (often within seconds of starting), so if you are trying to do your windows while letting the fuel flow unattended, the whole process will likely take even longer due to having to stop washing the windows several times to get the pump working again.

Comment Re: It might be an issue in the future (Score 2) 304

The poster is an idiot. Most places either have a diesel only pump, or all the pumps have a diesel option.

If you're in Oregon, it doesn't matter anyhow since it's illegal to pump your own gas. So you spend at least a half an hour waiting for the kid to finish smoking his joint before spilling gas all over the side of your car.

That has changed somewhat. Now, at gas stations that allow it, you can pump your own between 6:00 in the evening and 6:00 in the morning.

Also, stations on reservations (like the Arrowhead Plaza outside of Pendleton) are self serve all the time, not subject to Oregon's restrictions (and previous ban) on self serve.

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