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Comment Re:Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. is a mor (Score 3, Funny) 307

As long as old white men like him keep getting elected into office, things will never get better.

Yeah fuck white people! Lets put some burning crosses on their lawns.

No no no. You got it wrong. It is the rich we are supposed to hate; and you burn a lower case t on their lawn as a sign that it is time to leave.

And if that fails, dress up as the thing rich folk are most scared of, ghosts.

Comment Re:Well Yeah (Score 1) 73

Its pretty damn hard to walk and bike at the same time. That's some circus stuff right there.

Now now, don't get thine pantaloons in a twist, my good sir or maam. Have you not heard of this wonderful new invention known as the Dandy Horse? This new contraption indeed allows for one to both walk and bike simultaneously.

Comment Two Unforgivable Errors (Score 3, Informative) 467

From TFA...

"It was at this point that the entire industry moved over to 3D rendering. Sega failed to anticipate this, with its Saturn console, while the Sony Playstation and Nintendo 64 excelled in this area. Subsequently, Sega never made a console again."

BZZZZZT! How can he not remember the actual final console Sega made? The Dreamcast, not the Saturn, was their last; and it did do 3D.

"Mario Bros, an arcade game that was later ported to the home platforms. This first Mario game has most of the elements that we now think of as intrinsic to platform games as it’s a scrolling game world made up levels to be traversed to completion."

Again, BZZZZZZZTTTTT!!! Mario Brothers was not a side scroller. It was a nonscrolling platformer (and I believe the first to introduce Luigi). The game the author is describing is Super Mario Brothers. I would bet he thinks Mario didn't get named until then either (I think in Donkey Kong Jr., he got renamed from his original Jumpman moniker from DK, to Mario, where he was the "villain."

Those two errors do a lot to destroy any credibility this guy has as a writer on classic video game and computer history.

"Game over. Press Redo or Back." (Always thought the gal who did the female voice for TI-99/4a Speech Synthesizer games sounded hot.)

Comment Re:Going to the arcade as a group (Score 4, Funny) 467

My big Asteroids memory was at our local truck stop. I was never very good at it, but I did frequently go ahead and enter initials when someone else would finish and not notice they made the high score board.

I just hope that in the future, some interstellar military talent scout doesn't find out that I was the one who would sign the abandoned boards as FUK, and then insist that I must join other 80s greats, like ASS, DIK, CUM, TIT, and CNT to save the world against an imminent combined asteroid bombardment and flying saucer attack.

Comment Re:Why is this news? (Score 1) 63

Meanwhile, as postage rates and eBay/PayPal fees keep going up, it will cease to be profitable to sell anything on eBay

I tried selling stuff in the early 2000's and the fees were too high to make a profit, I've looked at it again recently and they seem much more reasonable than they were then. I guess it's a matter of perspective.

Why is this news?

Slashdot changed their motto to "news for prosumers, stuff that never mattered" a long time ago.

eBay's final value fees for non-store accounts have been a flat 10% throughout most of this century, and store FvFs range from 4% to 9% depending on the category. Of course, they also charge the same rate on the shipping that you charge the buyer as well. At least if an otem goes outside the U.S. though, they only charge based on the lowest domestic rate shown in your listing. So if you were to ship a 10 pound parcel off to Australia, and your listing showed domestic "free" shipping, then you would not be charged anything at all on the postage the buyer paid.

And then PayPal fees on top of that are either 2.9% plus 10 cents or 5% plus 5 cents (if you have a micro payments account to use with items under $12). The standard rate seems to be on par with Etsy's Direct Checkout and the former Google Checkout (though initially GC was actually lower than PayPal...which would explain back then eBay's lies about GC not being an approved online payment due to "safety" concerns.

Comment Re:Why is this news? (Score 1) 63

You're a bit full of it. I was easily able to get Top Seller by getting rid of junk from local auctions. I was surprised at how easy it was to get it.

TRS requirements for eBay sellers...

Top Rated Seller requirements

To become a Top Rated Seller your eBay account must have been active for at least 90 days. You must also meet sales and tracking requirements and performance standards.

Sales requirements:

        You have at least 100 transactions with US buyers over the most recent 12-month period.

        You have at least $1,000 in sales with US buyers over the most recent 12-month period.

Tracking requirements:

You've uploaded valid shipment tracking to My eBay within your promised handling time for at least 90% of transactions with US buyers in the last 3 months.

And there is a 2% or lower transaction "defect" rate during your most recent evaluation period.

So yeah, it is pretty easy to get TRS if you sell regularly. I have several different selling accounts for various purposes and types of products, and most of them (except for the two non-store accounts) have received and lost TRS status several times over the years. The reason mine ever lose it is due to eBay suddenly "not showing" my listings for whatever reason even in searches where they should definitely be shown, causing me to miss the sales count requirement.

Comment Re:Hopefully better than amazon. (Score 1) 63

ebay fast and free is always faster for me than amazon prime 2 days. yet on ebay its not 99USD/year... and the products are usually cheaper on ebay.
The things i miss on ebay are ease of search and decent quality user reviews, and last but definitely not least, good customer support.

If a vendor messes stuff up on ebay changes are that you're going to have to call your bank. Amazon is the sharp opposite.

eBay's "Fast and Free" is not any sort of program that can be compared to Amazon Prime, and is really something eBay has no control over. That is just a little icon that gets put on listings that meet the requirements for Fast and Free. And if I remember right, that requirement is one day or same day handling and "free" shipping (which is simply the sellers rolling worst case scenario domestic shipping into their asking price, and calling it "free" shipping.) It is still up to the seller to get the item in the mail within their handling time, and they are still at the mercy of the carriers, whether it is USPS, UPS, FedEx, or any other.

Comment Re:Better be fast (Score 1) 63

People think that the cost of shipping something is in some way based on the cost of the item, rather than the weight and the distance. They also assume that the shipping cost per pound will be less for small packages than for big ones. Some people say, "Why can't you ship around the world for free?" People are funny.

An even bigger problem with shipping cost complaints is due to the way the USPS, eBay, and the Chinese government worked out the e-packet deal, so that shipping from China to the U.S. can be done for far far less than shipping a small package across town domestically. They think that since the Chinese can ship for "free" (not realizing that they roll their government subsidized shipping cost into their price), then domestic sellers must be ripping them off.

Comment Re:About time! (Score 1) 266

I'm a big guy and I agree with you. I think it's only fair to let the market decide. I don't fly unless I have to, if it's less than 2 days travel by car I go by car. The last flight I made was to Hawaii a 10 hour flight from Atlanta. I took some pills before the flight and slept in misery most of the flight. I spent 4 months in Hawaii, took my pills and endured the cattle car flight back. If I had to do it every day it would be a problem but I can endure a little misery occasionally. People need to toughen up a little.

I think my last flight was back around 2008 or 2009. Can't recall exactly. However, it was also to Hawaii, on board a KC-135 out of what was once McChord AFB, WA. That was probably the least comfortable flight I was ever on, or perhaps the second least comfortable. Least would have been the C-130 flight from Bagram, Afghanistan to Al Udeid, Qatar. Not only are those "cargo strap" bench seats uncomfortable, but that was one freakin' long flight for a 130 (still one of my top favorite aircraft though). At least the first leg of that trip was a little more comfortable, C-17 from Kandahar to Bagram.

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