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Comment David Brin's old essay on this (Score 1) 359

I guess it's time to dig up SF Elder David Brin on this again - in 1999 he wrote an article on Star Wars's twisted setup where rulers are heriditary vs Star Trek's egalitarian approach.


Part of this is because Lucas stole a lot from the Japanese, and that's their thing - true heroes and leaders aren't made, they're born. But that doesn't excuse it.

Comment It's not the primary platform, it's gonna suffer (Score 1) 141

'Nobody' cares about gaming on Linux (statistically - I know a few companies do), so the drivers are always going to be lagging and the ports are mostly going to be half-hearted, and Vulkan won't fix that. Probably the biggest issue is a lack of something like Direct X to make things easy - being Linux, there are multiple competing standards for it.

It's why all my servers are Linux but the gaming machine is Windows. When I want to play a game, I just want it to work without messing with WINE configs or having to put up with stuttering and low frame rates. I tried!

Comment Health care people just don't care (Score 3, Informative) 111

I've worked a bit with the health industry (not as a career, thank god, that would be soul crushing), and outside of government health care has the worst IT and worst security I've ever seen. Because they just don't care unless it impacts their bottom line.

All those health apps that doctors and nurses uses, and all those devices? Yeah, they have terrible security because the hospitals don't make it a priority and they just don't care either. Class C medical devices that are PCs running windows XP with active USB ports? You bet.

Your online records? Those are handled by outsourced people running cobbled together Ruby scripts that take 30 hours to process 24 hours worth of data in plaintext csv (I use that because I've seen it)- they certainly don't care about security. Your insurance company? They certainly don't give a damn whether you live or die as long as they're raking in the cash.

All they care about is preserving the appearance of not violating HIPAA because that might cause them some grief.

Comment Re:The problem is debug, not build (Score 2) 359

There is definitely Something Wrong. And don't blame the project settings - that's the lazy way to go, since VS's project settings are so ridiculously convoluted and arcane compared to a makefile. You could blame any VS bug on 'your project settings must be wrong'. But we have recreated the entire solution from scratch trying to stop this from happening. Did we do wrong by not sacrificing a f@#$ing goat?

It runs out of memory when debugging the 64-bit app when any single object is larger than 3GB. If you've got a Brillant Paula Bean solution for this, DO TELL.

Comment The problem is debug, not build (Score 5, Informative) 359

The big problem is debugging.

We've got a 64-bit app which VS will happily build and the app runs fine. But if we want to debug it live VS chokes, falls over and dies, out of memory once the app uses more than 3 GB.

It's legit using > 4GB because it's heavy image processing of large color images at high dpi and the machines are specced for it. Obviously, we could page stuff in and out of memory ourselves, but that rather defeats the purpose of 64-bit OS and would slow everything down (speed is paramount here, burning memory to get it was a primary design decision) - and the program runs fine when not debugging in VS.

Comment It was a silly idea from the start anyhow (Score 1) 92

Directly sabotaging anything is illegal, but if you coerce me into two years of free consulting because you outsourced my job, the advice may not be the best, you know? There is going to be negative value in this.

Yes, I'm assuming their stated intent is just another PR lie from a terrible corporation.

Submission + - Don't Let Final Fantasy V Happen to You - Do HD Remakes the Right Way (fortressofdoors.com)

lars_doucet writes: Final Fantasy V just came out on Steam — a beloved classic game — only to showcase an art-style that fans and developers alike are criticizing for being rushed and sloppy.

It's not just a matter of questionable taste — the new game engine is a veritable laundry list of glaring technical flaws such as an awkward base resolution, tiling artifacts, and grossly mismatched art styles.

In response, game developer Lars Doucet lays out a lengthy and detailed list of best (and worst!) practices for "HD remakes":

Doing an HD Remake the Right Way

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