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Donald Trump Is Sworn In As the 45th US President ( 1544

Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on Friday, succeeding Barack Obama and taking control of a divided country in a transition of power that he has declared will lead to "America First" policies at home and abroad. Reuters reports: As scattered protests erupted elsewhere in Washington, Trump raised his right hand and put his left on a Bible used by Abraham Lincoln and repeated a 35-word oath of office from the U.S. Constitution, with U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts presiding.

Comment Re:Seems Impressive to me (Score 2, Informative) 179

Every negative comments in this thread about the viability of EVs and Tesla's general goal.

Koch Brothers work hard to push out negative info and bullcrap that the dimwitted will repeat. Things like DO THE MATH while they can't calculate how much gas they actually waste every year. Plus disk brakes. Plus oil changes & filters.

Heck. I spent only 48L of fuel in a Gen2 Volt for the entire year, saving well above 1000$ for the Canadian fillups, with about 100$ in hydroelectricity bill, just for driving 10,000kms.

Anyone that drives 20,000kms/year or more can justify a Tesla purchase. Taxi companies are converting to EVs around here. Lookup Teo Taxi. They have a Uber style app and have an entirely EV fleet.

Surely someone knows how to do math. Just not the fncking ACs here and the other twats.

Comment Re:Customers, you had one job! /s (Score 2) 181

If you have to spend your time upgrading all your IoT devices, it becomes a chore that is a turn-off for people. Not just their lighting system.

Since before IoT was a thing, my house was rigged with 3 AirPort Express and TV. The TV updates itself (it's essentially just a dumbed-down iPhone) most of the times but the AirPort Express stations (service sound system and network extenders for legacy hardware without WiFi) are always a pain to deal with. One of them, currently flashing yellow, probably has a pending update (it's still on my net so there's no issue there). But I can't bring myself to deal with it. F-it. It's only serving a photo screensaver on a Luxo Mac anyway.

Comment Re:No mention of tesla (Score 1) 31

Yeah seriously. Musk Oil, anyone?

Look, Tesla might look like it has a serious contender to automagically drive you onto the crossing semi truck but that's just LARPing to the real thing.

So much as I hate Google, they have the only system which I'd trust: lidar vision. THAT makes it viable. Not dinky cameras all around the car that fail once it loosed the lines on the ground.

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