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Comment Montreal's PopNet (Score 2) 181

PopNet is where I took my alias from, in the late 80s. I actually had a CompuServe account but dang, that was useless for the most part. PopNet is where I spent much of my time. PopNet used your first name initials and last name to coin up a user name. I used Mouse UseR because I wanted to buy a Mac in those times (I was still under Apple //e) and because Muser was already taken, system added an initial and ended up with MouseR. Capitalisation on the trailing R, I dont remember if it was just for visual design or an accident. At the time my english wasn't good enough to know that "mouser" was a mouse-chasing cat.

Anyhow, my dialo-up provider user name ended up being mouser@* and my PopNet account was MouseR.

PopNet was hooked up on FidoNet and usually synced in the night There was a great community and great games too. Fond memories.

Comment Re: Oracle employees, show yourself (Score 2) 99

Still is the policy. Hence except where appropriate. I do native iOS development. This means I'm on OS X hardware. Our group has a variety of iOS devices for real-world testing and we use the simulators as well.

Most other people I know personally are on Linux. A couple on Windows because they work on Windows apps & services.

Comment Re:Not appealing would be a failure towards invest (Score 1) 99

Probably. I dont know enough about administration or legal to assert this but I sure would be ticked if my investment portfolio administrator didn't pursue all venues possible for ensuring the portfolio's profitability. And those guys (funds manager) are probably the one who would sue a company for now appealing such a case.

Comment Re:Oracle employees, show yourself (Score 4, Interesting) 99

If you're willing to judge ~130,000 employees based on your perception of what's right or not, it wont mean much.

Some of us are doing pretty cool stuff at Oracle and if you can navigate large corporations (there _Was_ a learning curve when we got acquired in 2001), it's actually a great place to work at. Most of us have families that live well because Oracle treats it's employees right, unlike some corporations where some friends of mine work.

The employees, such as coders (as yours truly), dont get to decide what judicial courts decide, nor where Oracle points it's legal department. So unloading your frustration at it's employees wont accomplish much.

Comment Not appealing would be a failure towards investors (Score 1) 99

So long as there's an appeal process, such as higher cours, it would be dump for any company to not pursue it.

Eg, look at Apple having, after a third round, finally reversed the appear court in the federal court, the Samsung lawsuit on their slide-to-unlock paten which they stole from their own client. How Effin nasty is that? Because of Samsung, Apple had to remove the slide-to-unlock from iOS 10 screwing with everyone (I hate unlocking my thumb id phone with the stupid click-through). Apple got the decision finally reversed some 2 weeks after iSO 10 shipped.

Now a similar scenario is presenting itself for this Oracle-Google suit. For anyone on the admin board, working for the shareholders, would be hard-pressed to attempt to reverse that decision as well.

Disclaimer: I work for Oracle. But nowhere near the Java group, administration or legal dept. This is purely my opinion and I dont get to profit from this case, one way or another.

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