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Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 4, Insightful) 533

It's been decades I got plagued with loose mini-jack connectors. My 4s and iPad 1 still work perfectly, as do newer devices I have.

It's been a complain by Apple for long that MiniJack is too thick for the design goals they were targeting. Reusing BT or USB/C or Lightning connectors saves port space, allows for a second speaker (eg., in Apple's forthcoming design if we're to believe the hype). I think manufacturers will come to realize we still want jacks (I do as I dont want to have to charge my headphones) and provide combined-plug allowing charging while still having MiniJack headphones connected. If not, their loss.

Comment Re:This is a rotten assertion (Score 1) 136

Nerds can comment on the technological hurdles in parameterizing a standard test that would have to apply with equal margin of error to a wide variety of devices (cars). Compare bench testing.

It's also widely reported that the EPA numbers for MPG-e are somewhat dubious and hard to correlated to various EVs but it's a pretty good rule of thumb.

I dont think nerds should be confined to rebooting their PCs or building the next kernel.

I think we have aptitudes reaching out many aspect of lives.

As for your not wanting this particular kind of stories, you can filter them in your profile, given you have taken the time to log-in (thank you for that).

Comment Re:expanded (Score 0) 660

How much of your guns helped out in Orlando? Or any other mass shooting?

Your country is delirious. Keep playing the game of the armement industry. You're all canon fodder to them.

The second amendment is just that. An amendment. It's time to repeal or modify it because clearly, the gun totters and gun sellers and even the FBI are not mature enough to play with them.

Comment Synopsis wrong (Score 3, Informative) 238

Musk didn't say (less even vouch) for the availability of this "feature". It's not a feature. It's a capability inherent to any car with closed cabin. All cars will float for a brief period of time (which is what Musk said: it will float for a brief period of time).

The batteries and electrical system is isolated enough to sustain sub-bar pressures and will hapilly drive along as the engine is not dependant on any air intake system not being flooded.

Technically, all EVs should be able to do this for a period. DONT drive across the lake.

Ranged-extended vehicles (Gen 1 & 2 Volt, BMW i3, Fisker Karma) dont have this luxury. While the electrics will continue working, any flooding of the ICE will require major repairs.

Disclaimer: I own a Gen2 Volt.

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