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Comment Re:Lambda's plug poor OOP language design (Score 1) 427

In Obj-C, Code Blocks are an awesome way to un-spaghetti-fy source code by doing away with protocols.

Translate that to Java:

In Java, Lambdas are an awesome way to un-spaghetti-fy source code by doing away with interfaces.

In Obj-C, we've been able to clean up and streamline our code a lot using completion blocks. But as with any technique, you can be an idiot using it. It's all about proper usage. Knowing when to eat your spag and when to eat the meat balls.

Disclaimer: I work for Oracle, using native iOS tools & languages. Our project embeds some HTML server-provided pages, connects to the server using server-side service calls all written in Java. I have no opinion on anyone's dislike of the company. But from the inside, it's not trying to be fundamentally evil. But then again, I'm not a paying customer.

Comment Re:Does anyone really use these numbers? (Score 1) 56

118,000 EV miles. 53 miles per charge. That's 2,226 full charge cycles. Sparkie travels an average of 66,000 miles per year (long commute) since 2011 (2012 model... 2011... 5 years).

That's more distance than most will do with their dino cars.

Proper thermal management is done on these batteries because GM did their work: they have the largest battery lab.

The Volt's Gen2 battery is 18.5kw but only about 14.5 is available for driving. The remainder is used for thermal management and avoiding deep charge cycles, which is really what destroyes life expectancy of Li-Ion batteries. And that's why they last long.

Gen 1 used different battery capacities but still had that ~20% thermal overhead. Also, unlike laptop and phones, these batteries are liquid-cooled with their own glycol, 5-channel cooling system (Tesla only has a single-chanel system).

Disclaimer: I both a Gen2 Volt and a CSRT4.

My Volt will rot to the ground before I have to worry about the battery.

Comment Re:Does anyone really use these numbers? (Score 2) 56

You wont have to replace your hybrid battery. That's myth brought on by cheap laptop & cell phones horrible power managements. Further propagated by the Cock Brothers (typo intended).

Sparkie raked up more than 118,000 EV miles, on a car with more than 330,000 miles with no loss of charge on his 2012 Chevy Volt.

Chevy has recently mentioned is has replaced exactly NONE of it's > 100,000 Volt batteries out there du to degradation.

Comment Re:Misleading (Score 4, Funny) 154

Planes do detect other planes in proximity with the aptly-named proximity warning. Miles in advance. With beeps buzzes and autopilot disengagement. They are called ACAS. There are various levels of support depending on version being used by an aircraft.

If the pilot fails to respond, there's a loud bang and a cut on his paycheck.

Comment Failed model (Score 1) 367

I dont think this car economy model constructors are aiming for will ever work.

They want to help you subsidize your own car payments by allowing you to "rent" your car through auto-driving capabilities.

But looking at how people disrespect other people propriety, there's no way in hell any sane person would allow total strangers to use their cars, unsupervised.

You'' go back to your car with mud on the seats, semen on the carpet, trash and dead hookers in the trunk.

My car is not your public transport. Dont try to find reasons and means to rise car prices under the pretence that it pays for itself.

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 4, Insightful) 536

It's been decades I got plagued with loose mini-jack connectors. My 4s and iPad 1 still work perfectly, as do newer devices I have.

It's been a complain by Apple for long that MiniJack is too thick for the design goals they were targeting. Reusing BT or USB/C or Lightning connectors saves port space, allows for a second speaker (eg., in Apple's forthcoming design if we're to believe the hype). I think manufacturers will come to realize we still want jacks (I do as I dont want to have to charge my headphones) and provide combined-plug allowing charging while still having MiniJack headphones connected. If not, their loss.

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