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Comment Re:This is getting ridiculous (Score 1) 345

It should also be noted that the Justice Department jobs are career positions and not political appointments (except when Alberto Gonzales is in charge). That means the people working this case today are most likely the same people who were working the case before Obama took office. I'd attribute any actions in the case to inertia at this point.

Submission + - Anti-Bacterial Soap No Better than Plain Soap (

eldavojohn writes: "Stop buying antibacterial soap as it's no more effective than the regular stuff and, on top of that, you are introducing a risk to a mutation of bacteria! From the article, "The team looked at 27 studies conducted between 1980 and 2006, and found that soaps containing triclosan within the range of concentrations commonly used in the community setting (0.1 to 0.45 percent wt/vol) were no more effective than plain soaps. Triclosan is used in higher concentrations in hospitals and other clinical settings, and may be more effective at reducing illness and bacteria. Triclosan works by targeting a biochemical pathway in the bacteria that allows the bacteria to keep its cell wall intact. Because of the way triclosan kills the bacteria, mutations can happen at the targeted site. Aiello says a mutation could mean that the triclosan can no longer get to the target site to kill the bacteria because the bacteria and the pathway have changed form." For the love of god, stop endangering everyone with your soapy hand held mutation experiments!"
The Courts

Submission + - Foster Demands RIAA Post $210k Security for Fees

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "A few days ago it was reported that, in view of the RIAA's one-month delay in paying the $68,685.00 attorneys fee award in Capitol v. Foster, and its lawyers' failure to respond to Ms. Foster's lawyer's email, Ms. Foster filed a motion for entry of judgment so that she could go ahead with judgment enforcement proceedings. In response to that motion the RIAA submitted a statement that it had no objection to entry of judgment, and intimated that it thought there would be an automatic stay on enforcement of the judgment, and that it would ultimately file an appeal. After seeing that, Ms. Foster's lawyer has filed a motion for the Court to require the RIAA to post $210,000 in security to cover the past and future attorneys fees and costs which are expected to be incurred."

Submission + - Hollywood Contradictions on File Sharing

An anonymous reader writes: Which of these two articles should I believe? The first article, which was posted on April 2, 2007 on Investor's Business Daily is titled Hollywood Reeling From Illegal Movie, TV Downloads. The commentary from Investor's Business Daily writer Brian Deagon recants the MPAA's spin that "in 2005 alone it lost $2.3 billion to Internet copyright breaches in the U.S and $7 billion worldwide, including box-office receipts and video sales". The second article was published in USA Today on April 1, 2007. The title of that article is 2007 Box Office is Smoking. The USA Today article tells how the film industry is set to break all box office records this year. So, is Hollywood reeling or isn't it?

Submission + - Birthplace of Silicon Valley in Shambles

CowTipperGore writes: Founded by William Shockley in the mid-50s, Shockley Semiconductor Lab is generally credited with starting the Silicon Valley boom. When he was unable to lure his former Bell Labs coworkers to join him, he filled his ranks with the best and brightest engineering school grads, including Gordon Moore and others who later went on to form Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel. The building at 391 San Antonio Road, Mountain View, California, is the original site of the company but, unlike the HP Garage, this building has received little protection or preservation. It recently housed a fruit stand, where visitors could find a small display about Shockley above baskets of fruit. The fruit stand is now closed, leaving the future of the building in the air.

Two Worm "Families" Make Up Most Botnets 176

JMoon writes "HNS has an article about the Sdbot and Gaobot families which are responsible for most botnets worldwide. These two families were responsible for 80 percent of detections related to bots during the first quarter of 2007. Other culprits, although on a much lesser scale, included Oscarbot, IRCbot or RXbot."

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