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Submission + - Asterisk Still Safe (

Sam36 writes: "On Friday, the IC3 (FBI/NW3C/BJA) put out a security advisory on their website that contained a fairly vaguely worded warning about Asterisk systems being compromised and then being used as "vishing" (voice phishing) platforms.....

...It turns out that we were correct on our first guess: this is not a new problem, and furthermore is a difficult vulnerability to exploit even on those systems that are unpatched...

...Unfortunately, the news of security risks spreads faster than the news of a non-issue — secure systems aren't "stories" so I expect it will be an uphill effort to update all the sites which copied or re- blogged the IC3 story initially. We would very much like to enlist the community to have you try to post where you can the link to the Digium blog above ..."


Submission + - Novell Reports Leap in Linux Revenues (

Sam36 writes: "Novell has released its financial earnings figures for the fourth quarter. While the company still shows a loss of 16 million USD (compared to 18 million during the same quarter last year), individual divisions of the company are doing quite well, with only two of them showing losses. Total revenue was 243 million USD. Interestingly enough, the company's Linux business is doing very, very well."

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