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Comment Re:Legal Immunity (Score 1) 508

"I hope you contract and die from disease we had all but eradicated 20 years ago, then at least your stupidity will end with you." Even my family doctor says that the things we vaccinate for are rarely lethal.

I thought I'd get hell from my family since I don't vaccinate. But my grandmother just shrugged and said all her kids had whooping cough as well as others, and they are all fine.

Many people try to post charts that show how disease death rates have fallen in the last century and try to point to vaccines as the cause. Yet they forget the sever hygiene issues of just 80 years ago where people worked 14 hours a day, and went home to a small shared house where 8 people slept on the floor with no running water.

Anyway, I don't get out much so I doubt you'll ever run into me.

Oh, and I'd rather trust the emergency room, than a vial full of no telling what that is manufactured for nothing other than pure money reasons.

Comment Re:Legal Immunity (Score 2) 508

You don't even find it even slightly concerning that because vaccine makers were getting sued so much for neglect and deaths that the only resolve is legal immunity?

And yes, I've known people that have had allergic reactions. And yes, I've known a couple, and have heard of many others, that have woken up to a dead infant (SIDS) shortly after vaccine administration.

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