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Comment Re:Jail has doctors that cover more then the ER an (Score 1) 627

Nah, this is stupid baloney. If I am found unconscious in a ditch next to a wrecked motorcycle, trust me that ambulance isn't going to care if I have health insurance or not. I'll get a "free" trip to the hospital, no questions asked. They certainly won't turn you away.

Comment Re:These wackos are cows with guns (Score 1, Troll) 789

You should buy a gun. It's a great experience, kinda like loosing your virginity.

I was not a gun owner until Nov 1st. I was prompted by not only Hilary's attitude on gun control and the possibility of her getting into office, but also by her supports protesting against the "right" and white people in general. I've never felt so unsafe in my life.

So I googled for "best 9mm 2016," can came across several recommendations for the CZ 75 P01 9mm, it holds 18 rounds. Cool! I went the next day to a local gun shop and they had one in stock, so I bought it for $630.

Normally I never spend money, so that was a big step. But it felt good and I figured it was now or I'll never be able to buy a gun again.

I also wanted something that was smaller and something with more style. So the next weekend I went to a local gun show. At the second table I looked at was an older man selling a collection of Smith and Wesson revolvers that he bought at an estate sale. I bought a never been fired smith and wesson revolver with a 2" barrel for $600 and a larger one with a 4" barrel also for $600 (still in the original box, both were from the 1970's).

Then I bought about $300 in ammo online.

Went to my grandparent's farm only once so far to shoot, but it was great.

Now the other thing is that I want to carry my guns around with me everywhere. It feels great so I've got to get my concealed carry license.

With three guns in the house I can pretty much always be in a room with one. I've never felt so safe. Just the other night some neighbors were playing loud spanish music and there was lots of people shouting. I couldn't tell if they were fighting or just partying (this went on for hours). I just got my 2" smithy and laid it on the dining room table which is where I was working with my laptop at the time. I even at one time thought I could hear these party people running in my backyard, but I didn't care. I got smithy sitting right here, I just kept working.

And just today, I was in the bathroom taking a crap, my wife was out and I was the only one home. I heard some noises coming from another room, probably just the walls popping from the cold front that came in, but still. I was like what is that? I didn't have any of my guns in the bathroom with me, I didn't really like that at all. Guess I'll have to do something different next time.

In short, buy a gun. It's great. It's also your right. And you should carry it around with you everywhere. If having a gun in your possession makes you feel unsafe then I'm sorry, but you need to fix that. If the price is keeping you back, there are plenty of non-american made guns out there that are $300 new, and $100 - $200 at a pawn shop. I wanted something made in america and something that I could pass down to my kids. So just buy something.

Comment Stupid (Score 2, Insightful) 243

There is no current replacement for a diesel. It is more efficient than gasoline. If you think that 400HP diesel engine in a bus pollutes a lot, just wait until you replace it with the equivalent powered gasoline engine. There is no alternative. You cannot haul loads of people or freight on batteries... This decision to ban is probably completely lobbied for.

Comment Yea its from New York alright (Score 1) 380

"According to scientific records, African chimpanzees were used in the manufacture of the HB vaccines during the early 1970s. Additional documents prove that human HB viruses cultured in vivo in chimpanzees were returned to humans whose infected blood serum was then pooled to develop four different strains of experimental HB vaccine pilot tested between 1970 and 1975 in New York City and central Africa. " http://www.originofaids.com/ar...

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