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Comment How would this be captured on streaming? (Score 1) 500

I'm totally guessing here, but I would assume this was able to be captured because he has a separate machine for gaming vs. streaming so that the streaming software would not take CPU cycles from the game. It could also mean that when he said he "turned everything off," he did so for the streaming PC, but maybe not the gaming PC.

Part of me wants to say it's his own damn fault, thought who knows, Windows seems to have no problem changing its own settings after updates.

Comment Re:And It's Illegal to Videotape Police (Score 4, Insightful) 489

I don't think it is illegal to record police in the open, but that doesn't stop a lot of cops from intimidating citizens into stopping and attempting to confiscate / delete said recordings, especially if the cop did what this guy did. And if it comes to it, it takes a lot more courage to respectfully decline an intimidating request from a man in uniform holding a gun who just shot another man in the back. It didn't happen in this case, but I wonder in how many similar cases police have deleted such recordings? It seems to be standard practice for certain cops.

Comment Re:in further news show tanks (Score 1) 662

I think BBC may take the opportunity to just clean house and bring in a new set of 3 hosts. The chemistry that those 3 had was great, so just lugging in a new replacement with the 2 remaining would be a disaster. But it could work with a set of 3 completely new hosts.

Also, I'm betting this was just the last straw with BBC, not the first offense. In the show, Jeremy would constantly make reference to the fact that he was doing things his way and not how producers wanted him to do it... which likely was not always the joke people thought it was. The irreverence to the BBC and its producers was a big part of the show's popularity, but was probably also a thorn in the BBC's side. I await more Stigs driving tanks in protest but don't think it will matter.

tldr; Jeremy kept pissing off BBC so they're probably happy to be rid of him, ratings be damned. We'll all miss him.

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