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Comment Re:Leakiest release ever? (Score 2) 66

Good observation! This has clearly been a strategy for awhile, and has many benefits:
- Slowly keep the flames going over a preiod of time rather than have a big flare-up and burn-out all at once
- Give little pieces to particular influencers in the media to make friends so that big names are more likely to post positive reviews
- Get the biggest controversial pieces out there earlier (read: removing headphone jack) so that by the time the actually reveal is announced, it's old news that people have had a chance to chew on and accept, rather than have it surprise and anger them at the reveal (a la Kübler-Ross stages of acceptance)
- Keep everyone's eyes on the big reveal date
- Gets great press and PR and costs almost nothing, because it;s more fun for news blogs to post about hot rumors than press releases

In other words, it's a great marketing and PR strategy that works and is cheap.

Comment How would this be captured on streaming? (Score 1) 500

I'm totally guessing here, but I would assume this was able to be captured because he has a separate machine for gaming vs. streaming so that the streaming software would not take CPU cycles from the game. It could also mean that when he said he "turned everything off," he did so for the streaming PC, but maybe not the gaming PC.

Part of me wants to say it's his own damn fault, thought who knows, Windows seems to have no problem changing its own settings after updates.

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