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Comment Re:Keep changing the subject (Score 3, Insightful) 154

My favorite part is the money laundering scheme, though, where big donors would cut a big check split to each state party allegedly to help down-ballot candidates, but was then instantly wired right back to the national party and then used for pro-HRC ("#ImWIthHer") ads and HRC fundraising. This dodges the FEC donation limit requirements.

Comment Re:Enough already (Score 1) 154

1. I don't think Trump had anything to do with this.

2. This whole "it's teh ruskies!!!11!!" fear mongering is a retarded distraction.

3. I think it's obvious if Putin's thinking ahead to who would be better for him in office, it's Trump. Trump would join with Putin against ISIS, as opposed to Hillary who would bomb Assad and establish a no-fly zone over Syria which would bring the US into conflict with Russia.

Comment Re:Motive (Score 1) 154

Because inside dirt on everyone who might be the next president of the US is always useful? If I were the Russians I'd hack everyone. I would be shocked if they didn't try to hack the RNC, too. And I bet we're hacking them.

That said, the evidenced this hack came from the Russians is circumstantial, and there's no evidence it was a state actor.

Comment Re:Government or hired? (Score 2) 154

But what Trump has actually said about Syria and ISIS is that 1. toppling Assad was a bad idea because he was keeping the jihadis in check and 2. thinks a no-fly zone over Syria is dumb because ISIS doesn't have planes and there's no reason to antagonize Russia as they drop their million dollar a pop bombs on ISIS.

Putin's no good guy but he's on the right side of the fight against Islamic jihad. I would think he'd want Trump in power because Trump will join with Putin against ISIS, unlike Hillary, who destabilized Syria in the first place by arming the moderate beheaders and seems far more concerned with toppling Assad than beating ISIS.

Comment Re:how can it be a new feature (Score 1) 109

Well, that was a bit of an under-exaggeration. I'd charge it overnight. So first thing in the morning, it would have a full charge. It would be critically low, if not shut off by midnight; often by ten, and sometimes even by 8pm. It became unreliable at the height of its useful period.

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