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Comment Re:The sharing of table scraps economy not viable? (Score 1) 316

Aren't the batteries expensive to replace when they wear out?

Sure, I agree EVs are a worthwhile suggestion for the future of Uber. I'm just saying driving for Uber under their original/current model is unsustainable. Their drivers are thinking "hey this is better than minimum wage!" but these are people who do not understand capital amortization.

Comment Re:Maybe, but maybe not (Score 1) 316

I have no love for Uber. I've been shitting on them on Slashdot since they started because I think the "sharing economy" is a scam and (formerly?) middle class people running their cars into the ground operating illicit taxi services is not "innovative," it's an indictment of a dying economy and society that's eating itself.

That said I find it interesting we're getting an "Uber is the devil and their employees are evil and their business is failing" article every few days. It smells coordinated. If I were a competitor planning lawfare/regulatory fuckery against Uber in the near future, I would absolutely want to undermine any positive feelings the public might have towards Uber so when the hammer falls there is no outcry from the public defending them because they hate wimminz and are evil and shady.

So, sure, fuck Uber, but fuck "transportation reporters" too.

Comment Re:As much as I dislike Uber.. (Score 1) 316

My thought when seeing this submission was "somebody's got it out for Uber." Now, I have never liked Uber, I think the "sharing economy" is a scam, and it's a sad state of affairs when middle class people are running their cars into the ground operating illicit taxi services because there are no jobs. But when every few days on /. there's more stories about how Uber hates wimminz, how their employees are evil psychos, how they're bad at business and "doomed," it seems a tad coordinated. Establish that Uber is the devil and hates women and minorities or whatever, and they're awful at business, and then when regulators move to crush them Uber will have no public support.

Again, I've never liked Uber, but I don't think these articles are organic, either.

Comment Re:Shift from offering products to exploiting user (Score 1) 154

I see zero reason to keep the Electoral College.

Because removing it turns the country into an empire ruled from the cities. The EC balances out different cultures. Without it absolutely no concerns of rural Americans would be addressed. As an American living in a rural area, this is not in my interest.

Comment Re:motivation (Score 1) 192

manager to grabbed the baseball bat

It doesn't say he actually grabbed a baseball bat. Needs context. I wouldn't be shocked if this were an "aww, man, I'm gonna kill whoever didn't reload the printer, haha!" that when it's time to get someone fired/smeared is reported as "Bob threatened to murder employees who didn't complete tasks properly."

Comment Re:Fake science/sloppy science (Score 1) 326

Okay but if we have 285 reproducible papers that say the value of X is 1.0 and 15 reproducible papers that say the value of X is 1.5, then we don't have a "consensus" that the value of X is 1.0. We have an active area of research in which scientists should be attempting to explain why X appears to be 1.0 at some times and 1.5 at other times.

Comment Re:pushing things underground (Score 1) 195

This is evident in how many Republicans have submitted themselves to Trump, who is hardly a model of a good Christian.

Who cares how much time Trump spends praying so long as he appoints conservative Supreme Court justices and doesn't shove trannies into your bathrooms or force Christians to bake gay wedding cakes?

Comment Re:pushing things underground (Score 1) 195

I don't understand why the only answer to Nazism is censorship/no platform/violence, etc. Are their arguments so incredibly powerful and persuasive that anyone who hears them becomes a Nazi? If you're unable to argue with them, is it because you're terrible at debate, or is it because they're right?

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