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Submission + - Apple recording sessions with prominent musicians

Sabathius writes: Paraphrased (spin removed) from the MacRumors.com article: Over 11 evenings, starting on February 21st, 2008, iTunes will host a series of unique recording sessions. More than 25 talented musicians — including KT Tunstall, José González, Tom Baxter, Roísín Murphy, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Spiritualized — will perform solo and collaborative sets in London's AIR Studios.

This writer finds the article very interesting — in that it may signal Apple's (iTunes's) alpha strike in undermining the recording industry super-powers.

Submission + - Apple Special event on February 20

Sabathius writes: According to Apple Recon a special event is coming up to announce (among other things) Apple's latest bid for operating system supremacy, Leopard.

If this rumor is to be believed, it would seem to confirm that Apple was waiting for Vista to be released before letting the big cat pounce.
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Another Apple Special Event soon...

Sabathius writes: Hard on the heels of the last "Special Event", Mac Rumors reports that Apple will make another announcement on the 25th of September (just one day before Photokina, a world-wide a photography/imaging gathering in Germany). There are rumors of a new version of Aperture (based on the lens image on the invitation matching the one on the Aperture box), as well as the possibility of a Macbook Pro update.

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