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Comment the 1194 votes (Score 4, Informative) 19

The election committee has 1200 people, which covers a variety of official posts, industry representatives, etc. Some are ex officio (e.g. Legislative Council members) . Three member posts are vacant and three members are overlapped (i.e. hold mulitple posts due to their ex officio posts).

Data Storage

Seagate Says 16TB Hard Drive To Hit Market Within 18 Months ( 232

An anonymous reader shares a report: If you haven't shopped around for hard drives in a while, you may be surprised at what's out there. The largest 3.5-inch desktop hard drives currently available from Seagate, for example, offer a whopping 10TB of capacity for less than $500. In the event that 10TB isn't quite enough storage and a multi-drive setup isn't ideal, you'll be happy to hear that Seagate over the next 18 months plans to ship 14TB and 16TB drives. A 12TB HDD based on helium technology is currently undergoing testing and according to CEO Stephen Luczo, initial feedback is positive. Most enthusiasts and even some PC manufacturers are now using solid state drives as their primary drive due to the fact that they're much faster and more power-efficient. What's more, because they have no moving parts, SSDs generate no noise and are much more durable.

Comment A problem of the study (Score 1) 61

Certify is a management software for employee expense report and expense management. Such reporting system is generally used by larger corporation and and the sample used in the study may be biased.

Also because of the nature of the software, some travel data, for examples, trips using public transit (which do not always have receipts), might not be captured by the software. I sometimes take public transit during trips and my company would just take my word for it (based on reasonableness, of course. It is a small amount compared to others)

In addition, larger companies might have corporate account with hotel chains which sometimes invoices the company directly so this will not be captured with the software.

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