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Comment Re:Breadth & Accuracy 120 years ago (Score 5, Insightful) 435

Your back of the napkin familiarity on the subject matter in an age of scientific hyper specialization makes any opinion you have on the matter totally moot.

How on earth do you think you could possibly add any line of thinking that hasn't already been thought of, proposed, hashed over, and sorted out by the people who've been studying these lines of science for decades?

Comment Re:Stop getting bullet theory from movies. (Score 2) 175

Two telephone books (do they even print those anymore?) will (just) stop a 9mm. That's FMJ -- and a reasonably large metropolitan area telephone book. Even a .22 LR will penetrate a couple of inches.

Military rifle ammo won't stop for much short of a couple of railroad ties. (The old standard for 7.62mm NATO and similar was that it had to penetrate a steel helmet at 1000 yards. Modern 5.56mm (.223) stuff is a little wimpier -- but will still easily go through a car door at close range.)

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