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Comment Re:Is GDB as good as the VS Debugger? (Score 1) 159

This does not replace gdb. It takes gdb - which is an extremely powerful, but also rather low-level debugger - and provides a high-level, simpler, but more convenient UI around it. Under the hood, it still talks to gdb.

This is similar to how VC++ native debugger relates to dbg/windbg. The former is more high-level and easier to use, but the latter is more powerful and lets you do crazy things.

Comment Re:need openssh-server, g++, gdb and gdbserver. (Score 1) 159

You're missing it because you're considering it from your perspective. There are many C++ developers out there for whom the primary platform is Windows, but they increasingly need to also target OS X, Linux, Android etc. This makes it easy for them to continue using Visual Studio on their machines, while building, running and debugging code on those other systems.

Another feature like that is Windows Subsystem for Linux. You wouldn't care about it if you live in Linux land entirely, but if you have Windows code that you need to port, it's awesome.

Microsoft does have a different product that does target developers on Linux and OS X specifically: VSCode. It has C++ support, among many other things, and it's free and open source. It's also much more lightweight than Eclipse or NetBeans.

Comment Re:Blame it on the distros (Score 1) 109

A good example of how this could be done is the evolution of the Google home page. Without Googling for screenshots, who can actually tell the difference between the Google home page now and then?

I don't need to view screenshots.. I just have to look at page rendering times and view the page source. Google's homepage used to be lightweight and simple, and now it's a bloated mess of javascript.

Comment Re:i have no problem (Score 1) 377

Or look at California. If you put a flash suppressor on your gun, it's now an assault weapon because it is 10 times more deadly.

Reducto ad absurdum. The gun isn't more deadly because of the flash suppressor. Adding a flash suppressor is useful only to people who want to kill and get away without being caught. This has an obvious legit military use, but no legitimate purposes for civilians. That's why it's classified an assault weapon, because only the military has a legitimate reason to use it.

A flash suppressor is designed to reduce the muzzle flash experienced by the shooter, not to make the muzzle flash less observable. Thus, your argument fails.

Comment Re:Conversations before Appointment (Score 1) 895

I don't see that happening in the Senate long-term.

IMO, Democrats will be running the House sooner rather than latter, for the simple reason that it's where seats are allocated proportionally to the populace - so large Democratic majorities in dense areas like the coasts do translate directly into seats there. But for Dems to take the Senate, in the age where party affiliation is the single most important question deciding whether the politician gets a vote or not, would require there to be more blue states than red states. Which, right now, means more urbanized states than rural states. And I don't think that's happening anytime soon.

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