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Comment Re:Infinitesimally precise (Score 1) 134

You seem to be assuming that all accidents are a result of something changing in the environment (e.g. other cars, pedestrians, etc). Knowing not to turn too soon would also help avoid single-car accidents. Other sensors may be able to prevent such things, but accurate GPS could certainly be part of it.

Comment Re:It's wildly unlikely we should exist (Score 4, Insightful) 267

There's one significant flaw in that reasoning. If we assume there are infinite planets, and only a tiny subset of them are inhabited, that subset does not need to be finite... it can still be infinite.

Consider integers. There are an infinite number of integers. One subset of that is odd numbers. If we subtract an infinite set (odds) from an infinite set (integers), the remainder can still be an infinitely large set (even numbers).

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