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Submission + - Your Face: Starring in a Facebook Ad (

itwbennett writes: "Remember back in January when Facebook announced its new plan to use your Likes in 'oesponsored stories'? Well, they’re here. Last week Facebook finally began rolling out this ad campaign, which is based on the as-yet-unproven premise that if you find out one or more of your friends like a product, you’ll be more favorably inclined to it as well."

Submission + - China starts censoring phone calls mid sentence ( 1

bhagwad writes: "Several reports have emerged that China is cutting off phone calls mid sentence when contentious words like "protest" are used. Seems like China's draconian censorship regime is going into overdrive with even more sophisticated censoring. Of course, this comes on the heels of Google accusing them of mucking around with Gmail as well."

Submission + - Microsoft Continues Android Legal Assault (

shmlco writes: "According to an article on AllThingsD, Microsoft is continuing its legal assault on Android. On Monday the company sued Barnes & Noble, Foxconn International and Inventec over the company'(TM)s Nook e-reader, alleging patent infringement.

To quote Deputy General Counsel Horacio Gutierrez, “The Android platform infringes a number of Microsoft’s patents, and companies manufacturing and shipping Android devices must respect our intellectual property rights."

“Their refusals to take licenses leave us no choice but to bring legal action."

Just when you thought Microsoft was losing its evil touch..."

Submission + - Best Seller Refuses $500k; Self-Publishes Instead ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Barry Eisler, a NY Times best-selling author of various thriller novels, has just turned down a $500,000 book contract in order to self-publish his latest work. In a conversation with self-publishing afficianado Joe Konrath, Eisler talks about why this makes sense and how the publishing industry is responding in all the wrong ways to the rise of ebooks. He also explains the math by which it makes a lot more sense to retain 70% of your earnings on ebooks priced cheaply, rather than 14.9% on expensive books put out by publishers.

Submission + - Facebook's War on Fake Profiles Hurts Real Victims (

itwbennett writes: "Blogger Dan Tynan just had his profile whacked on Facebook. Well, not his real profile, a fake one he created to 'test out Facebook apps and other features without affecting [his] real Facebook identity.' While Tynan acknowledges Facebook's rules about using fake identities are pretty clear, he also points out that there are bigger things at stake. Take, for example, Michael Anti, a Chinese human rights activist and journalist whose account was also wiped 'because despite publishing under the name Michael Anti for at least a decade, his legal Chinese name is Zhao Jing.' So while Zuckerberg's dog can have a Facebook account, 'people who would want to use Facebook as a medium for social change – like Chinese dissidents, or protestors in Tunisia and Egypt and Libya – cannot risk using their real names.'"

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