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Comment Public Accomodations? (Score 5, Insightful) 917

So Visa/Mastercard can turn you away if they don't like your politics. Apple can turn you away if they don't like your ideology. What's next? And does this bother anyone besides me? Could it not be argued that things like card payment services and the iPhone platform are public accommodations that should be open to all on a non-discriminatory basis? If not, we risk granting de facto censorship ability to private organizations, relinquishing a substantial part of the freedom gained over the past few hundred years. This concerns me.

And yes, I would feel the same way regardless of the beliefs and ideologies being rejected. Freedom is freedom, regardless of one's beliefs.

Submission + - Can the Smart Grid be secured? (scientificamerican.com)

SHP writes: An article by Melissa Hathaway in the October issue of Scientific American describes the risks associated with the planned "Smart Grid". She goes as far as saying, "As currently envisaged, however, it’s a dangerously dumb idea." The Department of Energy recently threw some money at the issue, http://www.energy.gov/news/9539.htm. One of the projects aims to create a "National Electric Sector Security Organization" which will "be a broad-based, public-private partnership that will work to improve electric sector computer and network cybersecurity, including those used in the smart grid."

Submission + - DHS listserve faux paus creates "SPAM" sto (sans.org)

SHP writes: As noted by the Internet Storm Center, a misconfiguration of a DHS listserve has allowed email to be sent to the list by unauthorized parties. The ensuing storm of reply emails has been keeping thousands of security professionals amused and distracted all morning. One enterprising individual has created a message board for those wishing to take the conversation offline.

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