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Uber Is Treating Its Drivers As Sweated Labor, Says Report ( 255

Uber treats its drivers as Victorian-style "sweated labor", with some taking home less than the minimum wage, according to a report into its working conditions based on the testimony of dozens of drivers. From a report on The Guardian: Drivers at the taxi-hailing app company reported feeling forced to work extremely long hours, sometimes more than 70 a week, just to make a basic living, said Frank Field, the Labor MP and chair of the work and pensions committee. Field received testimony from 83 drivers who said they often took home significantly less than the "national living wage" after paying their running costs. The report says they described conditions that matched the Victorian definition of sweated labor: "when earnings were barely sufficient to sustain existence, hours of labor were such as to make lives of workers periods of ceaseless toil; and conditions were injurious to the health of workers and dangerous to the public."

Comment Re:A phone is over the top? (Score 1) 349

From the article

The employee perks at Google are legendary, and they've always included an over-the-top holiday gift for every employee. In the past, the company has surprised its 70,000 employees with Nexus phones, Android smartwatches, and Chromebooks.

I am saying those seem like relatively normal employee gifts for companies that give them.

I'm not calling a donation to charity a real gift.

Comment Re:Better Algorithms Moore's Law (Score 5, Interesting) 109

I saw this first hand when I purchased an HP 49G calculator.

Many operations that would hang the 48G for seconds were instant.

If memory serves, they had the same processor, but the 49G had been optimized. When reading that it seemed like BS, but when using it, it was a shocking increase in speed.

Comment Re:Will it feature almost daily awkward updates? (Score 4, Insightful) 96

Oh yeah, nVidia drivers:

Install 'nVidia Experience' to download them smoothly, but have to sign up with nVidia to use it and then get your privacy shredded as they harvest pretty much anything they want (seemingly) from your computer and its activity to do (seemingly) whatever they want with your data.

Or don't install the nVidia Experience software and download the drivers yourself (searching their website for the right version and installing it manually ... in 2016!!) and have to hunt around your computer to turn off their spyware telemetry ... just to get the harware you bought (and when you thought nVidia weren't pulling shady shit) to function.

Oh yeah. That smooth as silk nVidia experience. Must be the lube they use as they probe your private areas.

Comment Re:There's an obvious alternative explanation (Score 1) 273

Because I don't consume growth hormone residues in my diet, so long as the fecal runoff water from factory farms doesn't get into the fields where my veggies grow.

Speaking of hormones, you're not also concerned about the high levels of phytoestrogens that many vegetables produce in an attempt to dispense birth control on grazing animals?

Comment Re:Audio (Score 2) 111

Interference seems to be a big problem with Bluetooth. There are certain intersections in my city where the signal craps out while crossing the street; certain sections of the train and bus routes, and other places where music simply stutters or dies. I assume there's a local point source of interference to blame in each of those areas. I ended up fixing the problem by shelving my collection of Bluetooth headphones and going back to using wired headphones. The sound quality and reliability are far superior, and the wire just isn't a problem. I'm also not careless enough to ever have dropped my phone in water, so that's never been a real issue for me, either.

So while Apple said "everybody just use Bluetooth", it was obvious they never have. I'll be hanging on to my older iPhone for quite a while yet.

Comment Not cracked (Score 3, Interesting) 55

So they have an MD5 hash, but don't know what value hashes to it. They have no idea if it's a 10 character '1234567890' password or a 64 character string of random bytes. They also know that it's not a string that Google has already found and cached. The only clue they have to go on is the existing backdoor they found that turns telnet on, which uses 11 random ASCII characters as the secret. But 11 characters are almost out of reach for brute force password testing. If the person who put the backdoor in applied only the same amount of thought to the secret password, that would still be a monster to attack with brute force.

So I disagree that it's a matter of time. I think it's a matter of defeating it in another way, such as having Wireshark running when someone who actually knows the password types it in; or uncovering a wikileaked document that contains the secret backdoor password.

Comment Re:Slashdot headline wrong (Score 1) 137

Interesting, this was baked into Tivo back in the day.

You could pick a show, and pick "only new episodes" or "all episodes", the all episodes would pick-up syndication, only new would do the prime-time spot when it was new episodes season (occasionally capturing a rerun).

It would also auto scoop up with super low priority (would delete them for space, and scheduled recordings would over ride), shows you may like and all episodes of shows you liked.

I used to make a high priority for "new episodes" and a low for "all" of shows I watched.

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