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Microsoft Targets Chrome Users With Windows 10 Pop-up Ad ( 140

Google Chrome users on Windows 10 are apparently being treated to a new experience: a pop-up ad. From a PCMag report: If you have Chrome installed and the icon present on the Windows Taskbar, chances are you're going to start seeing a pop-up advert appear suggesting you install Microsoft's Personal Shopping Assistant Chrome extension. Microsoft touts it as "Your smart shopping cart across the web." Opting to install the extension results in Microsoft monitoring which products you've searched for and viewed while using Chrome, and then offering to compare those products to find the best price. There's also alerts when prices change, and the ability to track products across all your devices. Of course, Microsoft will make money if you opt to purchase any products using the Assistant.

Donald Trump Is Sworn In As the 45th US President ( 1307

Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on Friday, succeeding Barack Obama and taking control of a divided country in a transition of power that he has declared will lead to "America First" policies at home and abroad. Reuters reports: As scattered protests erupted elsewhere in Washington, Trump raised his right hand and put his left on a Bible used by Abraham Lincoln and repeated a 35-word oath of office from the U.S. Constitution, with U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts presiding.

Comment Re: Didn't think this was in doubt. (Score 1) 145

But my point is that even with multiple services, it makes sense to give up on cable.

I pay about $5/month over what I would for basic cable + HBO (I have Hulu, Netflix, HBO). I still find it better than cable.

I save myself a box and a remote, it's worth the $5 for that reason alone.

Comment Re:Didn't think this was in doubt. (Score 1) 145

Because ads?

Also, I think Netflix is driving down the price.

$10 vs $15 for HBO (they are similar in quality of new output IMO).

I don't get why ad supported has failed with streaming services, but it seems to have (I would think advertisers would live to be able to buy their ads more targeted for demographic, but they seem to have lumped streaming with Youtube and not with TV as far as ad purchasing goes, and therefore don't pay a premium (or enough of one to make it sustainable).

Comment Re:Sitting too much ages you by 8 years (Score 1) 140

And jogging and bicycling increases your chances to get fatally hit by an automobile, train or plane.

I wondered about that a while back, so I did some investigation into the odds. It turned out that the risk of riding a bike is in the same ballpark as riding in a car when measured on a per-hour basis.

While the risks aren't insignificant, they turned out to be clearly better than the risk of being out of shape and keeling over prematurely from a heart attack or similar problem.

I do avoid some of the things that probably skew the cycling risk numbers higher, such as riding at night, or riding on hilly country roads that lack shoulders.

Comment Re:liar (Score 1) 540

It isn't about exposing all or none, it's about trying to expose it all or none.

I see no evidence that WL is partisan though, there's no evidence that they turn down offered leaks for political reasons.

Also, I don't see them targeting the US disproportionately. Aside from size and power.

Comment Re:Can it beat the doctors (Score 1) 153

It also depends on how it fails vs people.
If a doctor is 90% correct, but this this only gives false negatives, this + doctor could be used to save lives by using an OR style process in determining more aggressive treatment.

It if it's 80% accurate when never giving an uncertain answer, but very accurate when allowed a certainty interval but passing on making a determination on 20% of the cases it could at the very least act as a check against doctors that missed something.

Additionally, if only false positives it could perhaps be used as a first screening saving doctor time (and therefore healthcare money) by having them only fully examine instances where it gives a positive.

These types of diagnostic engines are starting to be used in animal care so I'm sure they'll be well vetted (ugh, a pun) before used largely on humans.

Comment Re:Who buys DVDs anymore? They're not even HD (Score 1) 304

Can't beat the Netflix service perhaps, but around the same price as Blockbuster used to be for a new realese:!c...!c...

A touch more, but not much (I remember paying $3-5 for new releases, a 2-3 days), and the back catalog varies, but outside of deals is close (!content/4798/Vertigo $2-4 for 3-5 days back in time)

Here's UK rental prices over time, I seem to be in the ballpark.

Sure, it's a one day rental now, but you don't need the extra time to return it, so that seems reasonable to me.

Definitely more expensive than Netflix by mail, but in the ballpark of rental stores I think

Comment Re:... and that's bad, why? (Score 1) 304

It's not every time they watch (at least with Netflix), it's every time they relicense. Netflix is smart and doesn't want to disincentivize itself from having people actually use the service, they want their customers to use it every free moment (it allows Netflix to charge more in the end).

Netflix wants to be able to be an all you can eat service, and that requires them not having per view fees.

There would be a return (for the producer) every time Netflix reups with something, but there's that with format changes too.

Comment Re:I get this... (Score 1, Informative) 401

The food in the buffet is inedible - I wouldn't feed it to hogs.

That's funny... that's exactly what they do.

I saw a segment on some TV show a few years ago that featured a guy who collects the abundant leftover buffet food from Las Vegas hotels, mixes it all together, and then delivers it to hog farms. The animals did seem to be enjoying it quite a bit.

The Internet

Thousands Of Cubans Now Have Internet Access ( 70

There's been a dramatic change in one of the world's least-connected countries. An anonymous reader quotes the AP: Since the summer of 2015, the Cuban government has opened 240 public Wi-Fi spots in parks and on street corners across the country... The government estimates that 100,000 Cubans connect to the internet daily. A new feature of urban life in Cuba is the sight of people sitting at all hours on street corners or park benches, their faces illuminated by the screen of smartphones connected by applications such as Facebook Messenger to relatives in Miami, Ecuador or other outposts of the Cuban diaspora...

Cuban ingenuity has spread internet far beyond those public places: thousands of people grab the public signals through commercially available repeaters, imported illegally into Cuba and often sold for about $100 -- double the original price. Mounted on rooftops, the repeaters grab the public signals and create a form of home internet increasingly available in private rentals for tourists and cafes and restaurants for Cubans and visitors alike.

The article also points out that last month, for the first time ever, 2,000 Cubans began receiving home internet access.

Comment Re:They also have much better stuff (Score 1) 495

You can't pay the rent or eat with a free download. And your job is at risk - you not only can be replaced, it's pretty much certain you will be replaced. And with more people competing for jobs where humans haven't yet been replaced, do you really think you're immune? Nobody - not even politicians, judges, lawyers, cops, and soldiers - are immune.

Sorry to say you're missing an important part of reality/politics - politicians, rich people, leaders, etc., will in fact be immune. They have power, and even if they choose not to prevent change from happening, you can be damned sure they'll be insulated from any ill effects that change brings.

Some people (good people) will be working towards helping the rest of the population adapt to the changes, but they're getting drowned out by people yelling "everybody is bad! nobody can be trusted!" at the moment. (Gee, I wonder who benefits from that?)

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