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Submission + - Conference WiFi or cell ph tether?

borjonx writes: Is it any safer to use my smart phone's cell connection shared to my laptop, than to use the wifi that everyone else is using?

I'm going to a software conference soon w/6,000 people & there will be free WiFi provided by the vendor & my hotel. During these conferences I sometimes need to connect to my company network via Cisco VPN and then SSH into our servers. I hear horror stories about hotel & conference wifi "games".

Submission + - That man who 'deleted his entire company' with a line of code? It was a hoax (

An anonymous reader writes: As Slashdot readers speculated, the story about a man deleting his entire company with a line of code was a hoax. Marco Marsala, the owner of a Web hosting company claimed on a forum earlier this week that he deleted all the data on his company's server. Stack Overflow, which runs the forum, says that the post was a hoax, and pointed to an article on an Italian news outlet, which describes this whole fiasco as a "marketing effort" to promote Marsala's company. "It was just a joke," Marsala told the paper.

Submission + - Facebook promises it won't mess with voters' minds (

An anonymous reader writes: On Friday, Gizmodo reported about an internal discussion among Facebook employees in which they seem to be asking Mark Zuckerberg whether they should do something to "help prevent President Trump in 2017." Facebook is now assuring users that it wouldn't use its algorithms to influence voting in the presidential election this November. "We as a company are neutral — we have not and will not use our products in a way that attempts to influence how people vote," a Facebook spokesman said in a statement.

Submission + - Can Sony dominate the next generation? (

kube00 writes: At the end of this year, we are expecting two new consoles from both Microsoft and Sony. A new generation of games will be born. The question Sony needs to answer is, how to dominate the video game console industry and ensure their replication of success from the era on PS1 and PS2? Goozernation takes a look at some of the ideas that made the PS3, PS2, and PS1 successful.

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