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Comment Re:Oh, this is going to be great (Score 1) 240

What makes you think that they haven't produced reports stating what proportion of the CO2 in the atmosphere comes from what source. Have a look at the report to which I linked rather than just assuming that nobody talks about this.

Besides, who cares what the percentage is that can be apportioned to humans. If the equilibrium is out of balance, then it is up to us to solve the problem. Who else is going to if we don't?

Comment Stop picking on this woman... (Score 1) 166

I know of well paid americans that would do the exact same stupid mistake. Most of them get their computer infected with malware by being that uneducated.

The problem is to safely and correctly use technology requires a high level of education that most people do not get. Most degree holders in the USA are dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to technology.

Comment This is easy. (Score 1) 306

you hire a person to be the gatekeeper that does exactly what you want.

Sorry, but there is no cheap and free way to do this, it's called a project manager and they need to be competent and detail oriented.

Devs sign off on the code and their own testing, then this person makes sure that the bet testers also tested and signed off on it, then they personally sign off that all is well and OK's publishing to a new gold release.

Not hard to do, and requires your management to be competent and understand they need to spend money on manpower.

Comment Re:What about the delivery of insulin? (Score 1) 94

You are buying the wrong strips.
I'm paying $20 for 100 strips by looking online. and I usually get about 100 free lancets when I get them. I use the contour next usb, the data is 100% hackable so I simply plug it into the "charger" weekly and it downloads all the data into my linux server.

I have friends that are paying more than $2.00 a strip and I ask why the hell. they always claim "mine is more accurate" yet when I test my blood with their meter and then my meter I am within 5 points which can be the range you get between multiple tests with the same meter. Hell even using a calibration control solution Mine is always within the range so close that it's not worth the fancy prices. but then these same people NEVER use a control solution when they open a new pack of strips, so their claims of accuracy are thrown out the window.

Now the Piece of crap one that worked with my iphone? that one had special strips that cost more than $2.00 each and that thing was so far off it was insane.

Comment Hissy fit. (Score 1) 139

Sorry but the country can simply issue all the IP addresses they want and fuck the rest of the world if there is ip conflicts. They act like they can control it and in reality they cant control anything and will instead cause huge problems later on.

Dear Internet Registry... I suggest you get people on your board that actually understand how networking and the internet on it's own even works.

Comment Re:Plex wont... (Score 1) 156

Everyone I know is not having those problems. One friend has 4 cloud servers in a Germany hosting service with 22TB of video on it with well over 40 clients using it daily.

Sounds like your friends are using low grade server hardware and low end players as well as low grade networks. ATV4/Nvidia Shield are the only two playback devices worth using plex on right now for TV sets. The Roku's are so horribly underpowered they have always been a problem. Ipads and decent android tablets all work very nice. Hell I'm even doing recording with Plex DVR and it has no problems. If you are doing wireless, 802.11AC or go home, you are noever going to get clean 1080p over standard wifi

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