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Comment Actually shitty movies are killing sales. (Score 1, Interesting) 287

Movies I want to watch more than once? I buy it.
Problem is there is only 2 movies in the past 2 years I wanted to buy. Most of the others I only wanted to watch once or did not even bother watching.

MAybe if Hollywood would make things that were not crap they would sell more? NAH, let's do a movie about a 1980's TV show instead.

Comment Re:Why can't there be an open phone? (Score 1) 482

this right here is why a lot of iphone users that switch to Android switch right back. Google allows shitware to be baked in by carriers and phone makers (HTC SENSE is an abomination)

Until google tells carriers and phone makers that they can not use the words android or google in any way or have access to the app market if they do not make the phone as a PURE phone with all their add on crap as removeable, conversion rate from ios to android will stay low.

Comment Re:I have to take this guy with a grain of salt (Score 2) 482

5years? My Macbook pro from 2011 still beats the hell out of most laptops made today. and it's benchmark numbers are only slightly lower than $900 laptops sold today as new. My workhorse Toughbook that I use for the garage CNC machine is from 2005 and it will not need to be replaced until it DIES.

Maybe if intel started making processors that gave us real speed gains over processors from 2 generations ago? My desktop i7- 4th gen is benchmarking better than the latest and greatest from Intel's 6th gen. Why would I buy new and lose performance?

Comment Passing? Dying?Maybe for the Unwashed.... (Score 2) 482

Sorry but Intel will forever make desktop, workstation, and server processors, and you wil lbe able to buy cased, power supplies, motherboards, etc...

Calling the death of the PC is one of the single most stupid trends in "journalism" I have seen in the past 5 years. I have heard these wannabe bloggers calling the death for a half a decade and it is still not even close to true.

Comment Re:do what now (Score 4, Informative) 128

It's not for recording.
It's for giving us Voice communication to MARS and back. If you have the ability to transmit voice over long distances using lower bandwidth, you can add in luxuries like checksums and redundant data so that when you send it a very long distance it arrive at the extreme distance away where your 10,000 watt transmission is weaker than a dollar store walkie talkie.

Ham radio is where most of the breakthroughs in communication happen. I can see this mode used to allow voice communication with mars astronauts. We already have PSK31 allowing a ham with 2.5 watts of power to transmit text messages around the globe easily.

Comment Re:Subscription for online multiplayer (Score 4, Interesting) 157

You're dead to me, Nintendo.

I said the same thing when they introduced region locking with the Nintendo 3DS. I think I only bought one or two games from overseas for the DS, but I just don't want to have any worry when buying a game from a website which region it is for. And dammit, it's the principle.

I don't play multiplayer games, so it will be interesting to see how tempting the Switch is to see if I will stand on principle there too.

Comment There is no meaningful change (Score 1) 183

Having looked at the small amount of information that we have been given (including the one screenshot), I don't see anything that we could not already change. All the settings listed in the screenshot are currently under the Privacy section of the Windows 10 settings right now.

Location: Privacy->Location
Speech Recognition: Privacy->Speech, inking & typing
Diagnostics: Privacy->Feedback & diagnostics
Tailored experiences with diagnostic data: Personalization->Start (and maybe Privacy->General)
Relevent ads: Privacy->General

In fact, the new dashboard is worse than the current settings in regards to the diagnostics. In the current settings you diagnostic and usage data can be one of three settings: Basic, Enhanced, and Full. The dashboard only allows two settings: Full and ????. It certainly isn't On/Off so this doesn't prevent the telemetry that made us lose trust in Windows 10 in the first place.

Comment Re:Shocking example (Score 1) 183

My guess was that by "health activity" they mean the health of the computer (diagnostics), since there currently isn't any ability to track the user's health. Or maybe it is something that is only on the phone version of Windows. The iPhone has a health app which has privacy settings to allow apps to read and write the data. When you first run it asks for a bunch of personal information (which I won't tell them so I have no idea what it looks like after that point). Perhaps Windows Phone has the same thing.

Comment Re:Umm...no, they're not (Score 2) 183

For example, the first time you hit the start menu, it can show you a balloon: "Would you like to see customized content here?....They could something similar in other places where they think there might be a benefit to the users.

God no! I hate it when you have to hunt around and try everything out when you set up a computer to make sure that you found all the settings. It's much better to have one single place that has all the configuration options. Given that you can set these options at install time, I fail to see how scattering the privacy settings all over the place makes it any more convenient or "proof that they are taking things seriously".

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