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Comment Re:Maybe increase the product longevity (Score 1) 301

I had to help my mom out with her ailing Toshiba notebook. The thing shuts down randomly due to a heat related problem. I was trying to get all of the data off of it in a form that could be read by Windows Easy Transfer.

I go to reboot the machine with everything turned off in MSConfig. Then it decided it wanted to do 16 updates.

On a machine that shuts down randomly.

You can guess what happened.

On OSX funny enough migration assistant can just read OSX installs off of bootable volumes.

Comment Re:This is the beginning of a real digital currenc (Score 1) 131

The reason why you can buy things with bitcoin is that you can use any number of services and cash out those bitcoins to fiat currency. If there wasn't this escape hatch, bitcoin wouldn't be seeing the traction it does.

Do you think a guy who's selling drugs on a darknet some where gives a shit that you think you're sticking it to some central banker?

Do you think that anyone who's involved with combining bitcoin with fiat currency transactions like BrainTree care about the ideology at all?

The ideology of bitcoin isn't what's driving bitcoin's value in the market right now.

Comment Re:This is the beginning of a real digital currenc (Score 2) 131

The value of bitcoin has value because private entities with fiat currency is backing it.

Strictly speaking, every currency is a fiat currency because we decide what it's worth based on how we feel about either it, or what's backing it. Whether it's gold or the combined goods and services the economy it supports.

There's no explicit gold to bread conversion.

Comment Re:WotC spindown? (Score 1) 247

I'd imagine it's the materials more than the set symbol on top. Like, from Dragons of Tarkir, i have like 4 spindowns all of different plastic composition. I don't think the set symbol on top is going to make a difference but one's translucent, another's opaque, another's murky...

Comment WotC spindown? (Score 1) 247

Wizards of the Coast has been distributing 20 sided counters that are shaped just like D20s. Only with out any sort of randomness. The next number up or down is adjacent to whatever number you're looking at. Hence, "Spin down".

Any chance of anyone running a statistical analysis on these?

Comment Re:George Lucas did not create Star Wars (Score 1) 424

From a certain point of view.

The greatest liability of Star Wars from Lucas' point of view is the hypercritical fanbase.

The problem here is that the fans feel like they are entitled to having things their way and having it be what they want. If someone were to tell Lucas "no", would it automatically have been better or worse?

It's easy to come to the lazy come to "Lucas did it wrong and Lucas is a crappy hack." Maybe. But the sense of entitlement i get from the fans just stinks. It's as if they can't let go of their anger and their feelings are driving them to be destructive. :) They don't seem to understand that projecting their opinion as fact is just incorrect. It's factual that a lot of star wars fans hate 1-3 and the special editions of 4-6, but it's not factual that these are bad. That's an opinion.

Right now there's a generation of kids with fond memories of the original trilogy. Are they wrong factually? How do you prove that?

In the end it all comes down to taste and vision, and even though George Lucas might have questionable taste, he had a vision. It was ambitious. It might be rubbish, but there's a ton of cinema out there that has neither taste nor vision. Stuff that is so bland it makes plain tofu seem exciting.

Comment Re:About 5.5 million people in Finland (Score 2) 674

So? The GDP of Finland is .3 trillion dollars. The GDP of the USA is 16.77 trillion.

It is redistribution of wealth. When people hear that they freak the fuck out. It's an uneven distribution of wealth. Your six or seven or however large income isn't going to be split evenly.

In America wages have stagnated and productivity has skyrocketed.

Quite frankly as long as being poor doesn't suck and isn't humiliating, I don't care how bad the gap between the wealthy and poor gets. If the economy grows, everyone wins in that model. Granted, if the economy shrinks, everyone loses but people hit the ground in less critical ways.

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