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Submission + - Open Source could be half the solution to the Quebec's student protests. ( 2

HommeDeJava writes: "Today, three professionnal associations which are promoting Open Source software join their voices to claim that use of Open Source software could cover half the increase of tuition fees and put and end to the student's crisis in Québec. (

Since more than 100 days Québec, about 150,000 students, roughly one-third of Quebec's post-secondary student population, are boycotting their courses and manifesting against increasing tuition fees and political corruption.

At the same time, the Charest Liberal government's has announced it will upgrade Microsoft licenses for about 1.4 billion dollars. ("

Comment Re:Ugh.. (Score 1) 307

Frankly, I think the Conservatives are the worst of the bunch. Secretive and arrogant. They also have a bad habit of leaving Canadians in trouble outside the country out to dry... There is very little I find appealing about the Conservatives. This has to be the hardest hearted bunch of politicians I have seen in government in the last 20 years... and this is from someone who has voted Liberal, NDP and Progress Conservative.

Comment Re:RIM job (Score 1) 109

When I look at this issue, one thing that comes to mind is a lot of investment banks run part of their IT operations in India. With regulations as they are in North America, how long do you think the banks will keep their operations in India if they can't guarantee security with their communications?


First Halophile Potatoes Harvested 117

Razgorov Prikazka writes "A Dutch-based company from Groningen is trying to create a potato race that is able to survive in a saline environment. The first test-batch was just harvested (English translation of Dutch original) on the island Texel and seem to be in good shape. The company states that rising sea-levels will create a demand for halophile crops. I do wonder if one still has to put salt on ones potatoes when they are grown in salt water."

Comment Sounds like Red Dwarf (Score 5, Funny) 544

Holly: Busy, Dave?
Lister: Well, yeah. I am, actually.
Holly: Oh, then you won't want to know about the two super-lightspeed
                fighters that are tracking us.
Lister: What?!
Holly: I'll leave you to your bubble blowing, mate.
Lister: No, Hol, come on, come on.
Holly: They're from Earth.
Lister: Three million years away?
Holly: They're from the NorWEB federation.
Lister: What's that?
Holly: The North Western Electricity Board. They want you, Dave.
Lister: Me? Why? What for?
Holly: For your crimes against humanity.
Lister: You what!
Holly: It seems when you left Earth three million years ago, you
                left two half-eaten German sausages on a plate in your
Lister: Did I?
Holly: You know what happens to sausages left unattended for
                three million years?
Lister: Yeah. They go all mouldy.
Holly: Your sausages, Dave, now cover seven-eighths of the Earth's
                surface. Also you left seventeen pounds, fifty pence in a
                bank account. Thanks to compound interest you now own
                ninety-eight percent of all the world's wealth, but since
                you've hoarded it for three million years nobody's got any
                money except for you and NorWEB.
Lister: Why NorWEB?
Holly: You left a light on in the bathroom. I've got a final demand
                here for one hundred and eighty billion pounds.
Lister: A hundred and eighty billion pounds! You're kidding!
Holly: (wearing Groucho Marx disguise) April fool.
Lister: But it's not April.
Holly: Yeah, I know, but I could hardly wait six months with a red-hot
                jape like that under my belt.

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