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Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 185

Narrator: A new car built by my company leaves somewhere traveling at 60 mph. The rear differential locks up. The car crashes and burns with everyone trapped inside. Now, should we initiate a recall? Take the number of vehicles in the field, A, multiply by the probable rate of failure, B, multiply by the average out-of-court settlement, C. A times B times C equals X. If X is less than the cost of a recall, we don't do one.

Business woman on plane: Are there a lot of these kinds of accidents?

Narrator: You wouldn't believe.

Business woman on plane: Which car company do you work for?

Narrator: A major one.

Comment Logic 101 (Score 1) 471

FRIEDMAN: Are you worried, though, that those companies will keep their factories here, but the jobs will be replaced by robots?
TRUMP: They will, and we'll make the robots, too. [laughter]

Because if there's one thing robots can't build, it's other robots. Those jobs are totally safe. Go Trump!

Comment Re:And still... (Score 1) 141

The Bluetooth in a family member's 2012 Rav4 was surprisingly good. The same phone playing the same files in the same way via Bluetooth in a 2016 Corolla is almost a full second behind which is SUPER annoying. (Note: I am not the guy with the "Corola" in the title who wrote to Daniel. But I do love curl and have been using it in shell scripts for over ten years.)

Comment Ever since I was a kid... (Score 4, Insightful) 136

... I've hated this retarded construction: "More than" + some weird number -- high, specific, not round.

"The world's seventh-biggest gold producer has lost more than nine drones because of eagle attacks."

So... ten drones, then?

I just heard "over 46" somethings earlier tonight. That would be 47, I suppose?

Comment Re:Understandable, but foolish (Score 1) 386

Assuming everything doesn't go to hell in the next 100 years and they're enslaving people they defrost, I'm *pretty sure* the folks in the un-freezing business will have some kind of assimilation help available.* I don't think it'll be like getting out of prison where they give you a few bucks, a set of clothes, and a bus pass and say "good luck!" Hell, they'll probably think living people from the past are FASCINATING.

* Come to think of it, I love teaching and culture and sociology and history -- I'd LOVE to have that job.

Comment Listen, dude. (Score 1) 386

Your daughter is fucking DYING. Lie to her and fight with the wife after she's gone if you're that bothered by the idea, but Jesus Christ, let her be in peace for her final days. I think she has enough shit going on.

You really think "buried in the ground" or "burned" is better than "frozen"? Luckily you don't live too far north or you wouldn't even have the choice. I don't think this argument happens much in Siberia.

For fuck's sake -- freeze ME, and wake me up when people are rational.

Comment Um... (Score 1) 522

So we went from NO SELF-POWERED VEHICLES AT ALL about 120 years ago to LANDING ON THE DAMN MOON about 75 years later, and he doesn't think we'll be able to figure out ANY way to keep ourselves living over the course of the next THOUSAND? He thinks we're totally done thinking, innovating, and solving problems, so we're just totally fucked with what we've done to the Earth as of right now?

Comment Re:How poor are Apple fanboys? (Score 1) 26

Refurbished iPhones have the same 1-year warranty that new ones have. I've bought 6 refurbished products from Apple, going back to an 800 MHz G3 iBook in 2003. (Followed by a white MacBook, my first iPhone, two mac Minis, and an iPad.) I haven't had any unusual problems with any of them.

Comment Wrong. (Score 4, Informative) 26

> In the past, Apple has only sold refurbished Macs, iPads
> and various niche devices on its refurb store... This is the
> first time that the company has offered iPhones on its
> official refurb store online.

Flat-out wrong. My original iPhone (2G) was a refurbished model, purchased shortly after launch. $399 for a 4GB model.

(And then the price drop happened but I was within the 15-day return window and I got back $150.)

Comment Recently featured on National Geographic (Score 1) 137

If half of what is shown in this show is true, it'll take some time to fix, but they're aware of it and working on it. Long story short, they use a lot of coal, but they are at the limits of what the grid can distribute so power goes out often (and burning more coal -- which they're doing -- only strains the grid more) and lots of places have diesel generators for backup.

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