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Comment Re: How many of those... (Score 1) 120

> Meanwhile I've owned 3 Mac (1 iMac, 2 Macbooks), 1 pad
> and 2 iPod, and they all turned to shit within 2-3 years.

Ooh yay, I love this game! I currently have and use...
- an original G4 Mac mini (as a server), 11+ years old, always on
- a MacBook Pro from 2007 (for video capturing; battery swelled up but it's otherwise fine.)
- an iPod from 2004 that I don't use but it still holds a charge and will play for 2-3 hours
- an iPod from 2006, I think, that I still use; holds a charge just fine and plays for many hours
- my work MacBook, issued to me Sept. 2012 and still working fine
- my wife's 13" MacBook, used to be my mom's, about 6-7 years old now
- an iPad mini, 3 years old now ... and more. My friend still uses a graphite 733 MHz PowerMac G4 I gave him a few years ago but he's ready for an upgrade. My mom bought a 17" MacBook just before Apple discontinued that size. My aunt's 15" MBP is also coming up on 7 years old -- just checked the other day because she wanted to find out if it'll run OS X 10.10 or 10.11. (Was still on 10.8 for work.) Etc etc etc.

In summary, Apple gear for the most part is only "disposable shit" if you treat it like shit.

Comment WTF?!? (Score 1) 355

Car model: VW Beetle
Car brand: Toyota Corolla

WTF? In both cases, there is a model (Beetle, Corolla) and brand (VW, Toyota).

And everyone always forgets about trucks. Ford had sold 28 million F150s as of eleven years ago.
They sell a couple million per year. Probably well over 40 million by now, maybe close to 50.

Submission + - Is Windows 10 Still A Step Back? 6

BrendaEM writes: Many people are pleased with Windows 10, but to dig though the user interface is to see one that seem like it was never finished. In the simplified dumbed-down menus, there is not enough functionality for a user to maintain their computer. Clicking on "advanced" give you access to Windows 7-style menus, going deeper, you see menus that haven't been updated since Windows 2000.

Many people are still having hardware problems such as dealing with a crippled Bluetooth file transfer which can no longer automatically receive files, thereby making the user invoke every single transfer. Many others are having charging problems with Android phones.

Even Windows 7 needlessly made it difficult to use more than two power schemes, which many people who work their computer hard may want to use. Windows 7 made the computer management event logs terribly slow to sort on even a modern computer. Windows 7 also made it next to impossible to format a large FAT32 drive.

With poor privacy practices, a disrespect for the user as far as upgrades, recent unfair browser marking practices, a lack of UI vision, will another company ever dare make a competing commercial operating system for PC compatibles?

Comment Re:kinda sad (Score 2) 131

(One of those times when I wish there was an edit button...)

One last thought: make a model for a few bucks more with a built-in analog-to-digital converter (c'mon, that's gotta be like 20 cents now for something that only needs to do SD video) and let it output straight to a USB drive. Hell, maybe add a couple more circuits to 'upscale' to HD because people are idiots. If you wanna be really fancy, give it some built-in storage and a browser-based front-end so you can watch from any device in the house, and of course mobile apps because (again) people are idiots and don't understand right-clicking and "save as" in a browser.)

Come to think of it, just do the network thing and skip the USB. Just a button that says "capture to digital" and then you download it from another machine and/or post to YT or FB. 16 GB storage will hold ~16 hours of SD video, 640x480* @ 30fps ar around 1500kbps (which is PLENTY for tape.) Also, convert from 480i to 480p, always and only. And, from experience, bump up the contrast a bit. Analog tape can't make blacks as dark as people are now used to.)

*FUCK* I want to do this. THE MONEY IS SITTING THERE ON THE TABLE, WAITING TO BE TAKEN. You have a GENERATION of people with disposable income and a childhood's worth of tapes they want to convert, but it needs to be a bit slicker than existing video capture solutions.

Can someone with more time and experience than I have do a kickstarter of this? I'm not looking for a cut of the profits, I just want this to exist. Hell, I'll back it and buy the first one.

Comment Re:kinda sad (Score 2) 131

I'm sure some Chinese company -- maybe one you've kind heard of (like Huawei) or maybe a totally new one -- will pick up the slack. 750k units/year oughtta be enough for someone. If there's only one choice on the shelf, it'll sell no matter what name is on the box.

Free tip: make one VCR and sell it under two brand names. Make the first slightly flimsy-looking (like a late-90s entry-level Mitsubishi unit) and sell it for $X, and make the other weigh 6oz more (via the addition of a useless steel plate in the top), and give it a slightly more upscale-looking set of buttons (think Sony in the 80s) and sell it for $X+10.

I wish I had the capital to get into the business. This is a total gimme. There are enough tapes out there to keep a small company afloat for 5-10 years. Make hay while the sun shines.

Comment Absolutely! (Score 1) 366

YouTube only allows comments from logged-in users and look at the quality of discourse there. ;-)


- If a tree falls in the forest but no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

- If ACs post at 0 and the default threshold for reading is +1, does it matter?

I'd rather allow ACs (there are some benefits) and keep them invisible by default.

@whipslash, I appreciate the work you're putting into this site, and soliciting opinions BEFORE making changes. Hope it's working out for you.

Side note regarding polls in general: I voted, but when I reload the front page, the poll panel shows me the voting options, rather than the results.

Unrelated: a woman in a cube one row over is singing. Quietly, but badly. FUCK! :-/

Comment Slashcode, *sigh* (Score 4, Insightful) 96

"... the worldÃ(TM)s most powerful radio telescope..."

Yeah. That character encoding will get you every time. Maybe you should have hit 'preview'?

Look: I *know* character encoding is hard. But the simple ones -- curly quotes, en- and em-dashes, etc. -- are a SOLVED PROBLEM. A bunch of open-source rich-text editors solved this AGES ago. Maybe a DECADE ago by now. A few basics will save you in 99 cases out of 100.

Comment Be nice, be prepared to leave (Score 1) 765

Do employers give 2 weeks notice on a layoff? Or do the "affected" employees get a debriefing meeting and same time to gather their things before exiting the building that same day?

At some places today, if you give your 2 weeks notice, it very quickly turns into the above, and you end up going home same day at the employer's preference.

I think that if you are the employee wanting to leave, it really depends on your reasons and your relationship with the employer. If you're all on good terms with each other and in the middle of something, that it can be a polite thing to offer to stay on for a bit so they have some notice, but accept the possibility of being walked out anyway. If it's a difficult situation, then you can do so, but be prepared to be walked out.

This example sounds so ridiculous that I question its authenticity, but I think the alleged employee was very right to walk out right then.

Comment You know what I love? (Score 1) 134

CASH. For trivial, small-amount transactions that will not be returned (i.e., fast food), I LOVE CASH. I never get charged twice for the same thing. Never a problem with the tip amount, etc. And no exposure for hacks like this.

Granted, I haven't had many problems with credit card transactions, but I've had ZERO problems with cash.

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