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Comment Re:The film sucked; the miniseries before it was g (Score 4, Informative) 39

Each medium was made with the author

Except for the movie. They had to wait for Adams to die so he would no longer be able to stop them from mutilating it.
Some fun quotes from various points it the movie's development:

Reitman thinking that forty two is NOT a good answer, and that instead the movie needs a big finish, Douglas understands that he is trapped.

"It's the worst script I've ever read. Unfortunately, it has my name on it... whereas I did not contribute a single comma to it.... I'm appalled to think how much harm that script have done my reputation over the years."

And after Adams died:

Jay Roach has hired Karey Kirkpatrick, the guy who wrote or re-wrote the screenplays of "Chicken Run", "James and the Giant Peach" and "The Little Vampire" to rewrite douglas adams draft.

Comment Re:Score one for the other team (Score 1) 173

I was trying to explain why you see the moderation and lack of counterarguments you complained about. This is slashdot, not This whole thread is wildly off topic. If you want counterarguments then google is your friend. Perhaps you should try to find a web site dedicated to religious discussion.

Comment Re:Score one for the other team (Score 1, Insightful) 173

What would be the point of bringing out the counterarguments again? The religious use "faith" to construct their views. It leads them to the conclusion that if reality seems to conflict with what they believe, then reality is wrong. If using logic, reason and observation were effective ways to argue against religious views, there wouldn't be any theists left. All the mods can do is try to knock the nonsense down to -1 so we don't have to hear the nutters blather on about their invisible sky daddies.

Comment Re: illogical captain (Score 1) 937

Wow. Can I buy some LSD from you? You think that behaving as if god is real and having faith will cause it to be so? Things that are real don't require your belief or faith to exist. I don't have time to address your scatter shot analogies that seem designed to muddy the waters rather than make a valid point. Proof, then belief, then action. No need for faith.

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