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Comment Re:Thanks! (Score 1) 216

So this book was written to educate fanboys about their bad habits? I don't need another book on security that assumes I'm an irresponsible, apathetic, zealot. Your apparent attitude has just unsold this book for me.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 212

No kidding. Let's wait 'till they REALLY start oppressing us before we start taking any of it seriously. Obviously he hasn't read 1984... once it's too late, it's too late. 2+2=

Comment Re:IT != Programming (Score 1) 374

Well... I was going to ask why anyone would want to go into I.T. as a career change when it's the most underappreciated, disrespected field you're going to find but you guys illustrated that pretty well.

I guess if you like being treated like a janitor while having the fate of the company's operation put on your shoulders and listening to everyone's complaints then go for it.

BTW: One of my programming projects as an I.T. guy was to write an interface that sychronized an HP mainfram order entry system with a novell based MRP system... both of which I helped build.

So no, I.T. is not (just) programming.

Comment Re:Expected (Score 1) 1654

The problem is, as I've been flamed for before, Linux is still nowhere near the point where a non-techie will consider adopting it.

No... the problem is if you're too stupid to read Dells' website that tells you EXACTLY what OS will be shipping on the machine you just ordered you're too stupid to use a computer no matter what OS is on it. ...and for the record, I'd just about bet she had to physically check the box in the customization wizard on Dells' site that removed Windows from the machine and put Linux on it.

"Oh... I can save another $300 on this machine and I don't know what that is so I probably don't need it."

Ah... the future of America.

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