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Comment Re:Stupid hype (Score 1) 338

...Everyone in the article with a name (e.g. Sgt. Soandso) said everything was fine and they knew everything that was going on. Everyone without a name (e.g. "a general who is high up") happened to suggest otherwise...

Isn't that the truth. It illustrates a point I wish I had learned in High School but, embarrassingly, It took much longer -- That unnamed sources in news reporting were simply the reporter's personal opinion.

Microsoft Demos Three Platforms Running the Same Game 196

suraj.sun writes with this excerpt from Engadget: "Microsoft's Eric Rudder, speaking at TechEd Middle East, showed off a game developed in Visual Studio as a singular project (with 90% shared code) that plays on Windows with a keyboard, a Windows Phone 7 Series prototype device with accelerometer and touch controls, and the Xbox 360 with the Xbox gamepad. Interestingly, not only is the development cross-platform friendly, but the game itself (a simple Indiana Jones platformer was demoed) saves its place and lets you resume from that spot on whichever platform you happen to pick up."

Comment US unilateral open borders (Score 1) 249

After a methodical reading of this thread to its end, I have come to the conclusion that most of the world, (most of slashdot actually), believe that the US should maintain an open border policy (and be unique in the western world in this respect). That somehow it is immoral to prevent some disadvantaged individual or their whole extended family from entering our country illegally. Tough shit. It is not immoral or unwise to prevent anyone from entering illegally. No one here illegally should be allowed to stay for any reason. Instead of complaining about this web cam project, why not take whatever steps you think prudent to stem the illegal immigration? How are you helping to stop the onslaught? Are you part of the problem?

Comment Re:Famous Last Words... (Score 1) 534

I was about to post that exact sentence when I saw your very cogent offering. The only thing I was thinking different was that I would have added the name "Akmed" after "Hey", just to piss off the politically correct denizens of this site. Seriously though, it nice to think that some bad guys out there might be able to see the missile coming in. Good job.

Dad Delivers Baby Using Wiki 249

sonamchauhan writes "A Londoner helped his wife deliver their baby by Googling 'how to deliver a baby' on his mobile phone. From the article: 'Today proud Mr Smith said: "The midwife had checked Emma earlier in the day but contractions started up again at about 8pm so we called the midwife to come back. But then everything happened so quickly I realized Emma was going to give birth. I wasn't sure what I was going to do so I just looked up the instructions on the internet using my BlackBerry."'"

Comment Re:I'd much rather... (Score 1) 636

It's simple, the fact that you failed to mention the most important government service (IMO) and included many lessor ones, led me to believe not unreasonably, that you do not value the service that the military provides. It is clear from your comments that you believe the government helps more that it hurts. That is my impression of your world view. It is consistent with those individuals on the left side of the political spectrum and it is my belief that you are probably comfortable over there. Keep talking and prove me wrong. It makes no difference to this discussion that you may have served in the military, but it does make a difference to our society, so I sincerely thank you for your service.

Comment Re:I'd much rather... (Score 1) 636

Yes, I've used all of those, but I would rather have had the opportunity to buy these services privately. Do you doubt that each of the government services you've named could have been executed privately with higher quality and lower cost? Curiously, the one that you've left out, speaks volumes about your world view. National defense of course -- the only constitutionally legitimate (federal) service.

Comment Re:I'd much rather... (Score 1) 636

... As far as has government regulation ever really worked, enjoy those basic worker's rights, as well as not being forced to work in a factory since you were 3 years old. Enjoy having a choice in a phone company, instead of being tied to Ma Bell. Enjoy having clean air. Enjoy not being banned from a store based on the color of your skin, your last name, your religion, your age, or your sex. Enjoy all those basic rights that you have because the government has stepped in and regulated something in your life. For every bad law, there are five good laws. Believe it or not, the government is not out to get you through regulation.

You're suggesting that evil corporations forced 3 year olds into the factories? That's just priceless. And FYI, Ma bell was created because of government not inspite of it, as government sought a solution to the proliferation of small telephone companies that were reluctant to serve the less profitable rural areas. So government created the monster that was Ma bell. Then you would give them credit for their breakup -- attempting to fix a problem that they, themselves, created. Wait, this is sounding very familiar... Government causes the home mortgage crisis, then try to fix the very same problem they have caused. Finally, perhaps the Government isn't out to get me through their onerous regulations, but their well intentioned efforts on the whole, have diminished the quality of my life.

Comment Re:You deserved George Bush (Score 1) 420

I Wouldn't mind paying my $10K for the war if that was all I had to pay. $10K/6years -> $1700 a year rounding up. It's a bargin compared to the amount I will have to pay for Obama's failed stimulus plan just this year. $800B/140M tax payers in the US = $5700 per payer. But, since I pay more in federal income taxes than 90% of other tax payers, the amount I get to pay is actually much, much greater. It's a great country isn't it.

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