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Comment Re:Kill the Electoral College please... (Score 1) 1576

The historical background of the USA as a collection of sovereign states notwithstanding

History can't be dismissed with a single word! That smaller population states would get disproportianate electoral votes was a key factor in convincing many states to join the US. It can't just be taken away, even many decades later.

Comment Re:yes, but (Score 4, Interesting) 515

Perhaps that's equally important -- those demonstrations are made by individuals using their own moral compasses and NOT being told what to do by their Islamic leaders.

Coming down on Malala's side isn't exactly brain surgery, but if this is any sign of a Pakistani surge in secularism and thinking for one's own self, I'll take it!!!

Comment Re:Why would anybody buy an Ultrabook? (Score 1, Interesting) 513

You're making the same mistake hardware geeks have been making for many years now. The specs on paper may be better but how is the unit's build quality and usability of the OS? The touchpad on the Zenbook is much worse.

It's harder to quantify those things, but this is where Apple got it right and everyone who would ever buy something from newegg.com has it wrong.

Comment Re:iSuppli ignores recent history (Score 1) 513

why is the decline in their Mac lineup continuing when it peaked a few years back? I don't know the answer to that.

That's easy. Macs have useful lives longer than PCs do, and desktops/laptops are in decline while tablets and smartphones are on the rise (consumers buy new mobile devices much more frequently as well).

Comment Re:No (Score 3, Insightful) 729

I'm not sure what your point is. I CAN, however, tell you what the difference between schools in Newark and Millburn Township is: Parents who give a shit.

If someone can come up with a way to coax parents from poor socioeconomic backgrounds to start caring about providing educational support to their kids, they can have all the rest of the Nobel Prizes for the rest of eternity AFAIC. It may be the biggest problem faced by society in the USA.

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