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Submission + - Microsoft sued over dynamic Web page technology (

angry tapir writes: "A patent-holding company has sued Microsoft for patent infringement for technology used in dynamic Web pages. Parallel Networks filed suit late last week in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas over two patents, United States Patent Nos. 5,894,554 and 6,415,335 B1. The company was granted the patents in 1999 and 2002, respectively, according to the court filing. They cover systems and methods for managing dynamic Web-page generation requests. Parallel said it believes Microsoft is willfully infringing on them and is demanding a jury trial."

Submission + - Office Servers SP2 Creates Ticking Time-Bomb

flatt writes: SharePoint and Project Admins, beware! The Microsoft SharePoint Product Group has confirmed a bug in the recently released Service Pack 2 for the 2007 Microsoft Office Servers where upon installation, all installs silently revert to a Trial installation. This creates a time-bomb scenario where, after 180 days, the server farm would not be available. A workaround of re-entering the product key is recommended.

The Office Servers line includes the following products: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Search Server 2008, Search Server 2008 Express, MOSS 2007 for Search, and Microsoft Office Project Server 2007. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is not affected.

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