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Comment Re:Nonsense. (Score 2, Insightful) 349

No where in your quoted section is the OP saying that 31% of US births should have been eliminated.
He said that 31% of US births WOULD NOT have happened in the past.

Big difference between saying something would not have happened in the past, and saying something should have been prevented.

The OP is right in the fact that modern science is changing our overall genetic makeup.

Your wife fell off a horse. Maybe she was taught improperly, maybe horses don't like her.
In the past when riding a horse was a primary mode of transport, your wife would be at a disadvantage. If she fell off a horse and couldn't have kids that removes the can't ride a horse trait from the gene pool. Note that this could be a learned behavior. If your wife didn't learn to ride a horse properly, odds are her child would also learn incorrectly.
Had your wife not broken her pelvis and been able to have a natural birth, then the strong bones / knows how to take a fall trait would have been passed on.

Comment Re:The Real Answer (Score 1) 834

Well Scrubs was on for 8 or 9 years, so thats a pretty good run. I think Bill Lawrence and Zack Braff are done with the show, even tho its being renewed by ABC.

After Fox canceled Space above and beyond, and NBC canceled Earth 2 and SeaQuest, I pretty much gave up watching SciFi shows on the major networks.

Lately I have been very hesitant to start watching new tv shows. I only have so much time and don't want to waste my life infront of the tv. Now that Scrubs and Earl are gone, thats 2 less shows to watch.

I am glad all the idiots like this reality television, I am not tempted to watch this crap, giving me more time to spend doing other things.

Comment Re:Wouldn't... (Score 1) 136

Go to Tool->Options->Applications section.

Look for Adobe Acrobat # Document or Application/pdf and make sure it is set to Always Ask

No need to install an extension for this. Now you can choose Open which will download the pdf, save it to the temp dir, then open your local pdf program. Or you can choose Save and save it somewhere.

The main reason FF will freeze is because the Adobe plugin will display the first page of the pdf as soon as it can. Then if you hit page down before the next page is finished downloading the plugin barfs and locks up FF until the pdf is downloaded or until you kill the adobereader.exe process

Comment Re:Crappy quality (Score 5, Informative) 161

Its not a NASA photo.


Thierry Legault is a guy with a telescope and camera.

Your not supposed to look directly at the sun and this guy points a telescope at it. I think its pretty good. Who knew what the sun would look like with a shutter speed of 1/8000 sec.

Comment Re:...and what if the video card is fried, too? (Score 1) 544

Comment Re:Smart enough... (Score 1) 515

I have a drive I need to mount when I'm in the office.
I don't remember the exact reason why I didn't want to make it persistent across reboots, (probably because it annoyed me when I wasent in the office and would try and reconnect)

Paste the following into a bat file.
@echo off
net use > %temp%\NetDrives.txt
findstr /C:"\\Server\Folder" %temp%\NetDrives.txt > nul
if %errorlevel% equ 0 goto alreadymapped
net use * \\Server\Folder PASSWORD /user:USERNAME /persistent:no > nul :alreadymapped
net use > %temp%\NetDrives.txt
set _foundit=No
for /f "skip=6 tokens=1-4" %%G in (%temp%\NetDrives.txt) Do (if %%I EQU \\Server\Folder set _foundit=%%H)

if %_foundit% EQU No goto error :found
start explorer %_foundit%
goto end :error
echo Some kind of error.
echo type 'net use' to see whats wrong
pause :end
del %temp%\NetDrives.txt > nul

A very simple bat file would be
net use * \\Server\Folder PASSWORD /user:USERNAME /persistent:no > nul

Comment Re:Explain how future Biff returns the DeLorean if (Score 1) 436

Ok I think I got it. Damn you for trying to ruin my childhood memories of one of the best movie series.

Future Biff gives 1955 Biff the almanac.
1955 Biff thinks it a bunch of bull. At that point in time 1955 Biff doesn't believe the almanac, so there is no change to the timeline, so Future Biff goes to the "normal" future (the time he came from)
He puts the DeLorean back.
Then 1955 Biff realizes the almanac is real, then the timeline branches off.

Comment Re:Labels (Score 1) 485

For the large majority of the population, download means "get it from the internet" which is what Websters says. For them upload means "send it to a website" which again, agrees with Websters definition.
So no surprise that Wikipedia's definition is based on what the words mean to a large majority.

I found this on the web, but am not an IEEE member so I can't confirm

IEEE Std 610.5-1990. IEEE Standard Glossary of Data Management Terminology.
download (A) To transfer some collection of data from a computer memory to another storage location. (B) To transfer
some collection of data from the memory of one computer to the memory of a second computer that is relatively smaller
than the first; for example, to transfer data from a mainframe computer to a microcomputer. (C) 610.5-1990

upload (A) To transfer some collection of data from some storage location to a computer memory. (B) To transfer some
collection of data from the memory of a small computer to the memory of a relatively larger computer; for example, to transfer data from a microcomputer to a mainframe computer.
(C) 610.5-1990

Comment Re:Labels (Score 1) 485

Downloading - Transferring a file from a higher level device to a lower level device. Going DOWN the chain.
Your PC is above the PLC, so you download the ladder logic to the PLC. Your PC is at the bottom of the list on the internet, so you download from web/ftp servers to your PC.

Uploading - Transferring a file from a lower level device to a higher level device. Going UP the chain.
You sending a file to a server, the server is higher up so you UPload. The PLC is below the PC so you UPLOAD the plc program to your PC.

Is how I understand up and down loading.

Comment Re:A red new item? (Score 1) 75

I was watching TV last night (1/1/09 around 8pm) and Viacom was STILL running 30 second ads saying how Time Warner removed 19 channels from your lineup. Along with the Time Warner phone number. So it looks like Viacom was prepared to remove the channels and wasn't bargaining in good faith.
A deal was made, yet Viacom already had the ads lined up and still ran them, even tho the channels were still on the air.

Earlier this year it was Lin TV and TimeWarner (CBS in Buffalo), now Viacom and TimeWarner. I just wonder how much more my bill will be in a year from now after every other company demands more money from TimeWarner.

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