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Submission + - What do you carry in your laptop bag?

An anonymous reader writes: What tools/accessories do you carry in your laptop bag? I am a Controls engineer for a small engineering firm, and I work with PLCs, touchscreens, desktop PCs and other electronics. Most of my work is programming PLCs, but I also do some computer programming. The following is what I carry in my laptop bag when I go on site.

Straight thru serial cable.
Null modem adapter.
Gender adapters.
2 Ethernet cables.
Crossover adapter.
1 telephone cable.
1 USB cable, and various adapters for gender/type.
Small bluetooth mouse.
A Gerber Shortcut mini multi-tool.
A Letherman Wave full size multi-tool, w/ various bits.
Assorted small screwdrivers — for tinkering with PCs or terminals in an electrical panel.
Pen and Pencil.
Several blank CDs.
A recovery CD.
Earplugs and Safty glasses.
and a Dell Latitude D630.

Yes the bag weights almost 10 pounds, but most of these items have come in handy before. What do you carry around that comes in handy when your on site?
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Submission + - Have money, want GPL solution, none available? 2

pooslinger writes: I know little to nothing about programming but would like to start, fund, and maintain a GPL linux POS application. I see there are a few available with the majority being closed source. I am currently starting a business and really despise the fact that I will have to spend $2-$5k on a proprietary solution. I would like to create an application where you could take a midrange PC: connect inexpensive touchscreens, barcode readers, thermal printers, credit card readers, etc; scan/input inventory; and begin selling. Something like a Debian POS distribution that boots into X and starts our POS terminal. Am I just trying to reinvent the wheel? Where do I find the talent (paid) to write the initial foundation? How do I make sure their code choices best benefit the community?

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