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Comment Re:It's a relationship argument about control. (Score 1) 323

Um... who has yet forced them to listen to it? So it's in your iCloud account, you don't -have- to download it, and you most certainly don't have to listen to it. And if you hear songs from it on iTunes Radio, well, Radio, that's what you get. No one gets to listen to the radio and never ever hear a song they don't care for. Seriously, this is overblown and the Internet should put their collective outrage towards something that actually matters.

Comment Nuclear comparison... (Score 2) 324

Actually isn't it the exact opposite? Nuclear disarmament happens because no one anywhere wants anything to do with nuclear anything if it's in their personal backyard. So there's no place to even store the weapons, waste, processing plants, or anything else, that doesn't make it a political storm. We're gaining nuclear disarmament mostly for the same reason we can't gain new modern nuclear power. The public simply freaks out about the word, not because there's any real logic applied.

The problem with greenhouse emissions, is the word greenhouse just doesn't inspire any fear.

Comment Reviewing requirements (Score 1) 716

I've had clients suggest this, I always simply point out that they then -must- submit all requests for changes with at least six months notice. They -must- be willing to discuss those requests and put up with the changes we make to them. Whether that's to prevent bugs, or for security or whatnot.

For some reason they don't ever want that kind of effort on their side. Instead they'd always rather give requests on say, Friday evening, demand it to be done Monday morning for their giant meeting, that they've known about for months and forgotten to tell the developers about, and then wonder why it's buggy? Well sorry, they're going to also pay for fixing it, probably double.

There's a reason why builders have to have blueprints and have to submit those for review and approval...

Comment Fix Online and shop accounts (Score 1) 559

Allow me to create an account, with which I can buy games and virtual console games and then play those games on any Wii/Wii U/3DS/supported device I might own. Much like iOS, PSN, or any other decent account. Preferably give me at least 10 devices I can have registered at once, that should cover say 2 Wii's/Wii U's, and a 3DS for each gamer in the house. If one breaks, I should be able to, without calling support and without any other major hassle deregister that device and register the replacement, and immediately have access to all my games again.

My household would immediately begin purchasing Nintendo products.

Until this one thing is fixed though? There is -nothing- they can do. I simply will NOT purchase games that are locked to a single piece of hardware forever.

It doesn't matter what new hardware they put out, what gimmick they have, what franchise or game they release until their online accounts are properly implemented.

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I see it (Score 1) 252

See, and I handled this problem by using MY AppleID, turning off the App Store, In-App Purchases, and setting the password timeout to immediately and turning on parental controls. Then, if my 6 year old daughter wants something she has to *gasp* ask her parent, just like I had to when I was a kid. Which means that I can then look at it and make an informed decision about that purchase. Yes it means I have to turn back on some things, type in my password, and turn them back off, but it also means I get to monitor what she's buying and discuss the purchases with her. Like... a parent.

Or do you also just hand your obviously young kid gift cards and drop them off at the mall?

Comment Re:Theft (Score 1) 1010

Besides, nothing in the articles I've seen have shown he stole anything. Neither of the linked articles mention the school at all, short of a comment poster saying the school is not pressing any charges. So all I'm seeing is an article about a cop who presumed the guy was stealing the electricity and didn't have permission. The police are supposed to assume innocence until proven guilty. Where is the statement from the school saying he plugged in without permission? Because apparently they're not pressing charges, which means the owner of the outlet doesn't seem concerned... how can he be charged with theft?

If I hand someone a loaf of bread on the street that I baked, they shouldn't then be arrested for theft because the cop doesn't think they should have it.

Comment Re:Morons in government don't get it (Score 4, Insightful) 350

... Or are we going to get another Bush/Obama clone?

This, this right here, is a huge part of the problem. The office of President is NOT the only office that matters here. I've watched election after election where people fuss and fume over the president, but literally seem to pick at random for every Senator and Congressman. People have GOT to start paying attention to the people who are supposed to represent them, not just the President.

Comment Absolutely not (Score 1) 252

Good project leadership is invaluable. What IS overvalued is assuming that whether you've had the title or not qualifies you for a leadership role.

I've run across many great project managers who weren't technically the leader on the project, and just as many "leaders" who couldn't find their way out of a paper bag. Sadly, neither is usually visible within a one hour interview. Especially in this day and age of debating titles and buzzwords rather than actually just talking to people

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