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Comment Absurd hyperbole (Score 1) 990

The 50megaton Tsar Bomba:
"All buildings in the village of Severny (both wooden and brick), located 55 kilometres (34 mi) from ground zero within the Sukhoy Nos test range, were destroyed. In districts hundreds of kilometers from ground zero wooden houses were destroyed, stone ones lost their roofs, windows and doors, and radio communications were interrupted for almost one hour. One participant in the test saw a bright flash through dark goggles and felt the effects of a thermal pulse even at a distance of 270 kilometres (170 mi). The heat from the explosion could have caused third-degree burns 100 km (62 mi) away from ground zero. A shock wave was observed in the air at Dikson settlement 700 kilometres (430 mi) away; windowpanes were partially broken to distances of 900 kilometres (560 mi)."

TX is 660 mi wide, 800 mi long. A bomb with a burst-damage radius of 100 mi wouldn't "destroy" Texas - although it would certainly mess some shit up.

Comment It's an unmitigated DISASTER (Score 1) 371


NOAA: U.S. Completes Record 11 Straight Years Without Major Hurricane Strike

(CNSNews.com) â" Today marks the completion of a record-breaking 11 years without a major hurricane striking the U.S. mainland, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). ...
The current 11-year stretch with no major hurricane striking the United States is the longest since record-keeping began, according to NOAA data going back to 1851.

Comment Re:How do we prevent flooding the phone system? (Score 4, Funny) 347

"If a manufacturer made a device that connected to the public phone system, that could be compromised and made to call thousands of people at random"

ie 2016 campaign pollsters?

If you just see the 2016 campaign as a giant DDOS attack on the concept of democracy, a lot of things start to make sense.

Comment So what? (Score 1) 176

I live in MN.
I can predict "winter weather" - whatever the hell that means, precisely - to the same degree of accuracy 10 YEARS in advance.

"In 2026, we will see 'winter weather' in Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and well into March".

If at least 2/3 of the years follow the normal weather patterns, I've just beaten their supercomputer.

Comment A simpler solution? (Score 1) 79

It's miserable and unfair to be in poverty. And simply giving them broadband will not solve that. Therefore I offer a simpler solution:

Why not just mandate that the poor "not be poor" anymore?
We should just give them all say, $100,000 per year, and then nobody will be poor and everyone will be happy.

That should work just fine.

Comment Huh? (Score 2) 112

"That sequence of events followed the lander's largely trouble-free approach to the Martian surface..."

Er, not to split hairs here but it was a largely trouble free approach to MARS.
After it arrived at Mars and after the bit following orbital insertion and correction, the next steps would be:
- separation
- descent ...and then all the OTHER steps of a fairly complex landing sequence went spectacularly wrong.

So it's a heck of a stretch to say anything but a trivial portion of its "approach to the Martian surface" wasn't a complete botch...?

Comment Re:So...FUD propaganda then? (Score 1) 83

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, not that extraordinary proof is required to dismiss them. I can "prove" that corals have existed for hundreds of millions of years. During this span, the world has suffered long-duration changes AS WELL AS extremely catastrophic short-duration changes - supervolcanoes, meteorite impacts, etc - that changed the climate for decades.

Coral survived.

Look at the historical temp record - there's a 'pulse' of temp and CO2 every 120k-140k years. Just like we're experiencing now. And the last one was about 120k-140k years ago (so this would be right on time).

Corals survived.

So...there you go.

Comment So...FUD propaganda then? (Score 2, Informative) 83

"no coral"

Let's remember that coral is - literally - one of the oldest life forms on the planet.
They existed in much warmer, higher CO2 environments for hundreds of millions of years.

The tocsin that 'coral are dying' (implying that they're going to die out) is one of the more nakedly disingenuous pleas coming from the AGW crowd.

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