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Submission + - Scientists Find Microbe That Survives Without Mitochondria (

An anonymous reader writes: Scientists have found a eukaryote microbe that completely lacks mitochondria, which are the powerhouses inside eukaryotic cells, the type of cell that makes up humans, animals, plants and fungi. All eukaryotic cells contain a nucleus, organelles and mitochondrion. Scientists believe they were once free-living bacteria that got engulfed by primitive, ancient cells that were evolving to become what they are today. Anna Karnkowska, a researcher in evolutionary biology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, found a gut microbe that contains no trace that it made any mitochondrial proteins at all. "That should theoretically kill the cell — it shouldn't exist," she said. The researchers learned that these cells use a kind of machinery that is different than relying on mitochondria to assemble iron-sulfur clusters, which is thought to be a mitochondrial function. Michael Gray, biochemist at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, calls the discovery of a eukaryote without any vestige of mitochondrion "unprecedented." He adds, the results do not negate the idea that the acquisition of a mitochondrion was an important and perhaps defining event in the evolution of eukaryotic cells, because this organism's ancestors had mitochondria that were then lost after the cells acquired their non-mitochondrial system for making iron-sulfur clusters.

Submission + - Win 10 Forced Upgrade Locks Users Out 2

JustAnotherOldGuy writes: For those of you that insist Microsoft doesn't force unrequested upgrades to Win 10 on people, you're flat out wrong. My Windows 7 laptop was set to manually approve upgrades, but it went ahead and performed an unrequested "upgrade" to Windows 10. After rebooting it now asks for a non-existent Windows Login password. No password was ever set for this laptop, and there appears to be no way to override this or access the machine in order to try and downgrade it or change the password. I am effectively locked out of my own PC with no solution in sight. For those of you that claim this simply doesn't happen, I'm living proof that it does. All my files are inaccessible, hidden behind a Microsoft Login which does not exist. Thanks for royally screwing me over, Microsoft.

Submission + - to Close After Flaw Re-exposed 866M Breached Passwords

tsu doh nimh writes: The — a 5-year-old service that claims to have cataloged 866 million usernames and passwords from credentials posted to sites like Pastebin and other data dump sites — is closing its doors later this month. The May 16, 2016 planned closure comes just days after security journalist Brian Krebs showed how a simple authentication weakness in the site evaded Pwnedlist's account restrictions and exposed virtually all credentials housed by the service.

Submission + - Top Security Experts Say Anti-Encryption Bill Authors Are 'Woefully Ignorant'

blottsie writes: In a Wall Street Journal editorial titled "Encryption Without Tears," Sens. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) pushed back on widespread condemnation of their Compliance with Court Orders Act, which would require tech companies to provide authorities with user data in an "intelligible" format if served with a warrant.

But security experts Bruce Schneir, Matthew Green, and others say the lawmakers entirely misunderstand the issue. "On a weekly basis we see gigabytes of that information dumped to the Internet," Green told the Daily Dot. "This is the whole problem that encryption is intended to solve." He added: "You can't hold out the current flaws in the Internet as a justification for why the Internet shouldn't be made secure."

Comment Re:Doesn't matter (Score 1) 61

At best you have varying levels of incompetence competing for survival and trying (in vain) to do the right thing.

As we have seen time and time again, however, there are an abundance of self-serving people that have taken a job nobody else wants. They do as they choose, and when it's "wrong" they get the support of their cronies. Now, I have to wonder why their cronies would be so willing to go out on a limb for them? Is it because they're such nice guys? Is it because they think they might find themselves in a similar situation?

How many pedophiles, murderers, and swindlers are currently holding high ranking offices?

Sorry bro, I'm not about to trust these fucks any further than I can throw them. When they SAY they want to do something "decent", I'll wait until I see some actual follow-through and not just swallow what I'm told.

Lastly - blindly trusting those that have historically (and continue to) lie[d] to you reeks more of religion than being skeptical, to my mind.

Submission + - AmazonFresh Delivering with Out of State Plates ( 2

reifman writes: In January, when an AmazonFresh truck crashed into a Seattle building, the Washington State Patrol didn't mind that it was driving with California plates. Certainly, corporations like Amazon are people but if you're actually a person and don't register your personal vehicle within 30 days of moving to Washington State, you face up to a year in jail and more than $1,500 in fines. No such problem for corporate people. Most of Amazon's local home delivery vehicles in Washington State operate with California plates and no responsible authority seems to be able to explain why.

Submission + - Obama Administration Has Embraced Legal Theories Even Broader Than John Yoo's ( 1

schwit1 writes: It is the Obama administration’s view that Americans forfeit the core protection of the Fourth Amendment whenever their private communications cross an international border. And, in today’s globally connected world, that is happening more and more.

The government assumes that any communication entering or leaving the country has a foreigner on one end — and thus is eligible for warrantless searching.

The Obama administration has also followed Yoo in arguing that intelligence agencies may disregard the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement simply because they are conducting surveillance for a foreign intelligence purpose.

The Obama Justice Department has pressed legal theories even more expansive and extreme than Yoo himself was willing to embrace. Yoo rounded out his Stellar Wind memo with an effort to reassure Judge Kollar-Kotelly that the government’s legal interpretation had limits, saying: “Just to be clear in conclusion. We are not claiming that the government has an unrestricted right to examine the contents of all international letters and other forms of communication.” But that is essentially the power the NSA claims today when it conducts Upstream surveillance of Americans’ Internet communications. The NSA has installed surveillance equipment at numerous chokepoints on the Internet backbone, and it is using that equipment to search the contents of communications entering or leaving the country in bulk. As the ACLU recently explained in Wikimedia v. NSA, this surveillance is the digital analogue of having a government agent open every letter that comes through a mail processing center to read its contents before determining which letters to keep. In other words, today the Obama administration is defending surveillance that was a bridge too far for even John Yoo.

At the same time, the Obama administration has fought to keep the public courts from scrutinizing these legal arguments, relying on secrecy and standing doctrines to short circuit challenges to mass surveillance programs. Whether it is John Yoo’s OLC memos, expansive reinterpretations of the law in the FISC, or ex parte criminal proceedings, by now it should be clear that good law is not made in secret.

And the government wonders why people would encrypt their communications?

Submission + - LEOs Raid Another Tor Exit Node - They Still Believes an IP Address is a Person (

schwit1 writes: An IP address is not a person, even less so if said IP address traces back to a Tor exit relay. But that's not going to stop the "authorities" from subjecting people with no knowledge at all of alleged criminal activity from being subjected to raids and searches.

It happened in Austria. Local police seized a bunch of computer equipment from a residence hosting a Tor exit node. ICE — boldly moving forward with nothing more than an IP address — seized six hard drives from Nolan King, who was also running a Tor exit relay.

ICE wasn't involved in the latest raid predicated on nothing more than an IP address — at least not directly. This search/seizure was performed by Seattle PD conducting a child porn investigation. Sure enough, investigators had traced the activity back to an IP address, which was all the probable cause it needed to show up at privacy activist David Robinson's home at 6 a.m. and demand access to his computers.

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