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Comment Re:Seems off (Score 1) 175

I've used my iPhone 3GS for 6 years from 2009-2015. Only replaced it because I wanted 4G support and a better camera.
Sure it was a little slower than my current iPhone 6+, but it was still fast enough. I used it a lot during those years, and was really happy I got the 32GB model in 2009, as especially TomTom took a lot of my space (I travel a lot, I have Europe, US&Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East offline maps on my phone.)

I still used my iPhone 3GS when I go to a festival or out on the town as it's nice and small and not as expensive to lose as my new one. It still handles WhatsApp and such to communicate with my friends.

I am typing this on a 2010 Mac Pro with 4 core Xeon, Nvidia GTX980, 32GB ram, SSDs and OSX 10.11. It runs great. My 2011 Macbook Pro also gets about 8 hours of work every day, and even my 2007 Macbook Pro still sees regular use.

Apple stuff might be expensive (although in general not much more than a PC with the same hardware). But they last. I even used my uncles iBook from 1999 a few weeks ago (MacOS 8.6!) and that still runs fine.

Comment Re:Why is enforcement the ISP's responsibility? (Score 3, Insightful) 263

Unlike what seems like a large portion of Slashdot, I don't think there's an ethical defense for piracy.

I have pirated one movie. I ad bought a new Blu-Ray player a few years ago, and wanted to watch Avatar on it with some friends.
I couldn't get it to play because it needed a newer version of the player's software. Something with Avatar using a never version of DRM.
The software update program would not work as it ran in SD, not HD and my beamer didn't understand it, or something like that. Something weird with the HDMI.

After two hours of messing with it instead of having a fun evening with my friends, I downloaded the movie. That ran without a problem.

I haven't bought a Blu-Ray since, my player gets used for DVDs and CDs but mostly gathers dust.

I hate this kind of crap. They should make it easier to use the legal version than the illegal version. Preferably no DRM at all. I've only bough songs on iTunes that are DRM free and would prefer if all companies used that model. DRM just makes the experience worse for your paying customers and doesn't really hinder the pirates.

Comment Re:Put Lifetime in quotes (Score 1) 432

But what's worse is that there's only a handful of cellular carriers, and your phone has to work specifically with that carrier (a Verizon phone doesn't work with T-Mobile or AT&T or even Sprint for instance)

Oh the joy of the free unregulated market. Being able to use your phone on all the other networks is mandatory here. Blame my socialist government.

Comment Re:Don't Be Evil (Score 2) 432

Dude, Apple fixed it with iOS 9.2.1. If you use iTunes you can put that version on your phone and unbrick it. No need to go to an Apple shop.

Sure you can repair something yourself, or have a 3rd party do it, but you usually void your warranty and no longer have a guarantee that the device will work/keep working.

Comment I'm still very happy with TomTom (Score 1) 101

I've been using TomTom navigation apps on my iPhone 3GS and now iPhone 6+ since early June 2009. It has excellent offline maps. I've travelled large parts of the USA and Canada, Brazil, many countries in Europe, some in the Middle East and Australia and New Zealand. It has been almost 7 years of regular free map updates on the first app I bought (Europe). Good offline maps are essential if you're driving some back road trying to find the Mountain View Lodge. I've been to many places that do not have a GPS signal anywhere near.
I'm in no way affiliated with TomTom, but their map apps have been very useful and enjoyable to me on many occasions. There have been cases where I've only had a decent meal or a bed thanks to TomTom having accurate information of such in some remote location so that I knew that if I drove 60km in the right direction I would find something. It's also made me a safer driver in busy cities as I can concentrate on the road and traffic, while the phone will tell me where I need to navigate. New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Berlin and many other places.

I know I sound like an add, but I'm just a very happy customer.

Comment Re:Yeah, um, not so much (Score 1, Troll) 819

If you need a gun to defend yourself and you don't have one, you may end up dead.

If you need a gun to defend yourself, your government ans society have already failed.
Billions of people live happy lives without ever needing a gun to defend themselves.

I think most of these dangers are imaginary, people even make up things like the Zombie Apocalypse to justify needing a gun.

Comment Re:credit card details in plain text? (Score 1) 64

That exists where I live (The Nethelands) but it requires a signed paper form from the account owner as part of the billing contract.
Not something easily done over the internet.
It gets generally used for utility companies and subscriptions to magazines, cable and such.
I can even view all the active billing contracts on my bank's website and cancel them from there.

Comment it's true (Score 1) 542

I've been using Apple for years, and for a long time they did ship with decent graphics cards. This allowed me to also run games on the various Macs I have.
They used to have things like the NV 8600GT, 9600GT, ATI 6770, GTX 680, GTX 780, al at times when these were very decent graphics cards, also for gaming.

I've been playing most of my games on Apple hardware since about 2007.

But their new offerings with only Iris (Pro) are just useless. Only the 27" iMac has a decent GPU, and even that isn't too great.

I just want a sub-$2000 Mac with a decent to good GPU. I've been able to buy that from Apple for the past 8-9 years, but today I'm looking at building a Hackintosh with a GTX 970 because Apple is no longer selling anything that. I am very disappointed in Apple.

Comment Re:Gold is the only real money (Score 5, Interesting) 306

Currently we mine 1-1.5% of the existing supply of gold annually.

That means that unless your economy grows less than that, or mining rates go up significantly, you are basically having deflation: Your gold becomes worth more over time.

Deflation is generally seen as a really bad thing, as it makes people prefer saving over spending. Money being saved is not part of the available supply, causing more deflation, causing more people to save their money, etc.
The people hardest hurt are those that can't save any money, as they need to spend all they earn on things like food.
Deflation is really good for people who have a lot of money, as they can save most of it, becoming richer over time, without doing anything.
If they let other people borrow the gold at an interest, their pile of gold also grows, on top of it getting more valuable.
The end result becomes a situation where those few people who have enough gold that they spend less than they earn by lending, will end up with all the gold very quickly.
This has happened many times in the past, when gold was the main type of currency. It usually ended by some King using their power to steal the money from whatever bankers had the big gold piles. (Kings always have wars to spend money on, so they usually spend more than they can earn and then some).

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