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Comment Re:No just no (Score 2) 36

President can't exclude sections of a law just to suit his own ideals.

I agree with you but consider the ramifications.

Obama let federal laws go unenforced and some of those arent going to be enforced under Trump either. For instance Trump has said marijuana legalization is a State issue not a Federal issue and that he will continue to neglect to enforce Federal marijuana laws. Obama didnt enforce them for different reasons.

On a Federal statute level, our laws rank the crime of possession of schedule 1 substances such as marijuana as worse than murder.

The problem is far too many federal laws. At some point there are so many that the executive branch will have to pick and choose even if they dont want to. We are probably well past that point. I'm sitting in an apartment that probably isnt big enough to store a printed copy of our federal laws.

Comment Re: Layman's Terms (Score 0) 155

So is this really all they are saying: they read stack space that is unused to get info that may have been left there from other threads because of the way cache isn't cleared

No. You arent even close to what they are saying.

The attack vector talked about is measuring the time it takes to read memory addresses. Code that has been executed recently will be in the cpu's cache(s) and therefore can be read faster.

Can I ask why someone with such poor comprehension on technical matters in reading slashdot?

Comment Re:Layman's Terms (Score 2) 155

Keeping the locations of things in memory unpredictable so that, for example, if I am trying to exploit some arbitrary code execution flaw I can't count that my code will end up in the place I want or expect it.

Close but not quite right.

Its so that you can't count on OS/Host code being at a specific address. Your own code doesnt need to care what address its loaded at, even if its nefarious (every architecture has relative jump instructions.) The idea is that something like the browsers file i/o routines arent being placed at a predictable address, so your nefarious code cant just branch directly into them.

The main flaw of address randomization is that address information can still leak through the stack if you can first make sure something that calls the routine you want to call has previously been called. For instance if you can save a cookie in your javascript code immediately before your injected code executes, then any routine the browser calls to save a cookie may now have its address right there on the stack for your injected code to grab.

Its better than not doing it, but not entirely effective w.r.t. its purpose.

Comment Re: Stop repeating the meme (Score 1) 250

Ah I see, you think that our only federal office should be decided by poplar vote.

I wonder tho if you were one of the ones complaining about there being "battleground states" on the pretense that so few States shouldnt decide this particular election.

Your thinking would be screwed up because that second premise, that "battleground states" decide the election, is in error. But if we went to a popular vote, then there really would be only a few States deciding the election.

Our founding fathers were brilliant, and after that we screwed up how the Senate is formed, which is why the Senate is now House 2.0.

Comment Re:Let's be clear on what we mean by election hack (Score 1) 250

The Democrats painted themselves into a corner when they became the Corporate Bitch party under Bill Clinton.

Now that they have been caught so plainly betraying the people of their party, they can expect campaign donations from individuals to greatly dwindle. In other words the DNC's only move is to go "all-in" as the Corporate Bitch party. I'm talking about actions here not words. They will continue to pretend to be pro-worker, but what their elected representatives vote for will continue to not be. Past the point of no return.

If the Democrats are to really try to fix their problem, there is a good chance that they will become a 3rd party behind either the Green's or the Libertarians, because they just wont have the money to win elections any more. You can forget about any real grass roots, although they might pretend once in awhile. It will be a losing fight to retain the seats that they have, with no shot at all for them to be taking any new ones, for years.

The remaining established Democrats are not going to go down without a fight. Here "going down" doesnt mean losing to Republicans, it means being voted out by their own party members. They will continue to take every corporate dollar they can because the other options is going away.

In an ideal world the betrayers would just go away and let the party fix itself as quickly as it can... but thats not going to happen. Expect them to get even dirtier towards actual progressives. Even more corrupt towards actual progressives.

I myself am mostly conservative I guess, but not a Republican. I believe in liberty and small government, but most of all I believe that voting for the lesser of two evils is still supporting evil. I voted for Gary Johnson because ever argument against him was speculation (FUD) about what he would do in the future with not a single reasoned argument against him about anything that he ever did in the past. I know for certain that Hillary and Donald are both fucking evil.

Comment Re:I was going to vote Clinton... (Score 1) 250

The media is doing what its doing because if they didnt they might have to cover the real news.

The real news:

The Democrats now only control...

... 24% of State legislature seats.
... 32% of Governor seats.
... 44% of House seats.
... 46% of Senate seats.

The Democrats have less than 1 out of 4 State legislatures now, and less than 1 out of 3 Governorships.

The Democrats got wiped out nation-wide at every level.

Thats the real news. Your welcome.

Comment Re:Stop repeating the meme (Score 1) 250

and the ridiculous decision of the FBI to start an investigation right then certainly had an effect too.

They said a Nation State tried to influence our election.

The FBI works for a Nation State, and was headed by a Republican.

The IRS and DOJ have both also gotten fingered trying to influence our elections, both headed by Democrats.

Intentionally selective outrage makes you a pretender.

Comment Re:Stop repeating the meme (Score 3, Interesting) 250

The real real news:

The Democrats now only control...

... 24% of State legislature seats.
... 32% of Governor seats.
... 44% of House seats.
... 46% of Senate seats.

The Democrats have less than 1 out of 4 State legislatures now, and less than 1 out of 3 Governorships.

The Democrats got wiped out nation-wide at every level.

Thats the real news. Your welcome.

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