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Comment Re:Patch as we always do. (Score 3, Informative) 400

rankly, if this finally fixes the issue where windows 7 searches windows update for hours taking 100% of a core and 1-2GB of RAM in the process then I'm all for it.

Microsoft broke windows update on purpose here. The solution is to (1) disable windows update (2) reboot (3) download the june (?) update to windows update via web browser (4) install it (5) now download the latest windows update via web browser (6) install that too.

Now it will work again.

One of the reasons I was recommending people to upgrade to windows 10 was for this issue alone

Thats why they broke it on purpose.

Comment Re:Do they think that everyone is stupid? (Score 2) 275

Then you raise a complaint through the official channels, and Microsoft fixes it... Which is exactly what's happening right now.

Does this mean that the webcam works, or doesnt work?

Its the later, right? Currently millions of webcams do not work anymore, yet they did less than 7 days ago.

Will raising a complain on official support channels retroactively give people this week/month/year of use of their hardware back?

Look, I have been accused of being a microsoft shill here because I have a rational bent on things. You however, don't have such a rational bent.

Forced updates, rollups, and so on, is exactly whats being discussed... these things have literally turned hundreds of millions of dollars of existing hardware into bricks. Go fuck yourself for defending it.

Comment Re:stop updating completely (Score 1) 275

The trick is to disable windows update and then reboot

Now that its disabled, install the most recent update to windows update that wont complain (not the july version I think) and then finally install the latest version of windows update.

Now that updates are working again, keep them disabled, because fuck this shit.

Comment Re:And unwanted updates... (Score 4, Interesting) 275

Bringing up a brand new Windows 7 SP1 install and clicking on Check for Updates always leaves me with a "checking for updates" status for 12+ hours. Windows 7 has been patched so many times and it has been so long since they had a roll-up SP, that Windows Update is broken in its current form.

This is because Microsoft broke it on purpose to try to get more people onto windows 10.

..and here you are not only excusing microsoft for this intentional act of sabotage, you are using this intentional act of sabotage as a supporting argument for another intentional act of sabotage.

Comment Re:Do they think that everyone is stupid? (Score 4, Insightful) 275

If your webcam driver relies on some undocumented quirk, and that changes, then the onus is on the webcam vendor to release a driver that follows better practices.

What if my webcam driver requires that the video be mpeg compressed?

I am literally amazed that you brought up webcams given that Microsoft literally just broke a million of them for windows 10 users several days ago

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