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Comment Re:Mutual Obligation (Score 1) 392

Granted, Ivey and Cheng had some knowledge that the casino was not privy to, specifically the asymmetrical pattern on the cards.

I find it dubious to assume that the house didn't know about the flaw in the cards. This is the type of flaw that they are filtering against when they receive a shipment of cards. Everything gets inspected. A mistake was made that led to the cards being allowed out on the floor, and that happened well before Ivy requested a particular color deck setup. Normally the color of the setups in a casino are on a daily rotation and they have spare colors if a setup has to be pulled. My guess is the casino knew that there was a problem with that set of setups leaving them out of daily rotation, but still kept them there as a spare set of colors, which Ivy had the make a special request for.

Probably an internal 'norm' of secrecy led to this. It was noticed at some point by someone in the table games department, but there are only a small handful of people in gaming that are going to ever learn of it. Table games pulled them out of rotation on purpose, but didnt do the right thing, leading to an accommodating pitboss who wasnt privy to the secretive reason why those colors werent in daily rotation.

Comment Re:Breadth & Accuracy 120 years ago (Score 1) 435

Ah yes, "asshole". Now that sounds like the sords of a man who is not emotionally invested!

Emotionally invested in preventing you from lying about me while insulting me.

Clearly you cant answer the question, fuckhead. You believe what someone else told you about the science, tried to defend it, but couldnt answer a simple question about it, so went on an insult campaign... conclusion: a lying asshole,. a real fuckhead.

Comment Re:This may lead to an even more interesting... (Score 2) 130

Some of the stuff not listed here may not cause cancer:

Acetaldehyde, acrylamide, acrylonitril, abortion, agent orange, alar, alcohol, air pollution, aldrin, alfatoxin, arsenic, arsine, asbestos, asphalt fumes, atrazine, AZT, baby food, barbequed meat, benzene, benzidine, benzopyrene, beryllium, beta-carotene, betel nuts, birth control pills, bottled water, bracken, bread, breasts, brooms, bus stations, calcium channel blockers, cadmium, candles, captan, carbon black, carbon tetrachloride, careers for women, casual sex, car fumes, celery, charred foods, cooked foods, chewing gum, Chinese food, Chinese herbal supplements, chips, chloramphenicol, chlordane, chlorinated camphene, chlorinated water, chlorodiphenyl, chloroform, cholesterol, low cholesterol, chromium, coal tar, coffee, coke ovens, crackers, creosote, cyclamates, dairy products, deodorants, depleted uranium, depression, dichloryacetylene, DDT, dieldrin, diesel exhaust, diet soda, dimethyl sulphate, dinitrotouluene, dioxin, dioxane, epichlorhydrin, ethyle acrilate, ethylene, ethilene dibromide, ethnic beliefs,ethylene dichloride, Ex-Lax, fat, fluoridation, flying, formaldehyde, free radicals, french fries, fruit, gasoline, genes, gingerbread, global warming, gluteraldehyde, granite, grilled meat, Gulf war, hair dyes, hamburgers, heliobacter pylori, hepatitis B virus, hexachlorbutadiene, hexachlorethane, high bone mass, hot tea, HPMA, HRT, hydrazine, hydrogen peroxide, incense, infertility, jewellery, Kepone, kissing, lack of exercise, laxatives, lead, left handedness, Lindane, Listerine, low fibre diet, magnetic fields, malonaldehyde, mammograms, manganese, marijuana, methyl bromide, methylene chloride, menopause, microwave ovens, milk hormones, mixed spices, mobile phones, MTBE, nickel, night lighting, night shifts, nitrates, not breast feeding, not having a twin, nuclear power plants, Nutrasweet, obesity, oestrogen, olestra, olive oil, orange juice, oxygenated gasoline, oyster sauce, ozone, ozone depletion, passive smoking, PCBs, peanuts, pesticides, pet birds, plastic IV bags, polio vaccine, potato crisps (chips), power lines, proteins, Prozac, PVC, radio masts, radon, railway sleepers, red meat, Roundup, saccharin, salt, sausage, selenium, semiconductor plants, shellfish, sick buildings, soy sauce, stress, strontium, styrene, sulphuric acid, sun beds, sunlight, sunscreen, talc, tetrachloroethylene, testosterone, tight bras, toast, toasters, tobacco, tooth fillings, toothpaste (with fluoride or bleach), train stations, trichloroethylene, under-arm shaving, unvented stoves, uranium, UV radiation, Vatican radio masts, vegetables, vinyl bromide, vinyl chloride, vinyl fluoride, vinyl toys, vitamins, vitreous fibres, wallpaper, weedkiller (2-4 D), welding fumes, well water, weight gain, winter, wood dust, work, x-rays.

Comment Re:Breadth & Accuracy 120 years ago (Score 0) 435

For reasons you've demonstrated that you're not bright enough to understand.

Which you are keeping a secret?

I saw some of your other posts in the thread. You're either too dim or too emotionally invested in believing lies to absorb the answers. So, I shall not waste my time.

I've made two posts in this thread.

One of them, the one you are replying to, asking why they then it is that they are adjusting the old historical record if the thermometers were so good.
The other, containing only a link to an XKCD comic.

You are exactly the reason nobody takes climate shit seriously. You are the one so emotionally wrapped up in this stuff that you cant even keep straight who it is that posted what. Meanwhile you are accusing others of being emotionally wrapped up. PROJECT MUCH? Your faults and flaws are you own, asshole.

Comment Re:100 years? (Score 2) 173

The deadly dose of Plutonium...

Which isotope?

Why is it that the fear-monger guy is the least specific, the least informative?

...for a 80kg human is something like 60 micrograms.

its something like you didnt even bother to look it up, because if you had, it wouldnt be "something like" .. you would have a solid number instead of a vague guess that you can back away from later.

Comment Re:100 years? (Score 3, Informative) 173

Most plutonium is pretty safe.

Pretty much only Pu-238 and Pu-241 are alarmingly dangerous, and any that is there will remain alarmingly dangerous for between hundreds and thousands of years. Isotopes like Pu-237, Pu-243, Pu-245, and Pu-246 have mostly all decayed by now, while Isotopes like Pu-239, Pu-240, Pu-242, and Pu-244 all have such long half-lives that while "dangerous", are not alarmingly so to varying degrees (you could safely handle Pu-244.)

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