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Comment Re:I know (Score 1) 197

About the only way of getting offended is if you take things massively out of context.

Surely not a lack of honesty. That would never offend anybody.

Oh... were you telling us what is and is not offensive while also instantly proving that you dont find even obvious dishonesty offensive...

Comment Re:most popular (Score 1) 125

I would argue that it is the IDE that should be highlighting a languages standard library commands.

I am not a BASIC hater by any stretch, but library calls should use a unified syntax.

Not requiring ()'s for procedure calls (functions that return no value) is fine, and as far as I am concerned is actually quite beneficial, but it should also apply to the users own procedures because it is also beneficial there for all the same reasons.

LOCATE 25, 1


Comment Re:Doubtful (Score 1) 149

Just because your computer is 10000x faster than it was 10 years ago doesn't mean it will be 10000x faster 10 years from now.

I'd still bet on speed increases similar to past decades continuing for another.

Memory latencies alone could be increased by close to several orders of magnitude, and honestly that doesnt even require new technology... just current technology becoming cheaper and then applied to memory, which is inevitable.

Comment Re:Welp that's the internet for you (Score 2) 553

(and while we're at it properly fund education in this country so that we can both have these things _and_ make them accessible to people with disabilities

Pretty sure only a single country spends more per student than we do, and even they dont do so in higher eduction.

Meanwhile, bad regulations continue to fuck up everything. Some of those bad regulations have fucked up the cost of schooling.

In basic education its allowing public union to extort communities by holding their childrens educations hostage while allowing members of government to make contractual promises on far in the future matters to these unions and then not fund these promises immediately, instead promising to take money from future people, people that cant even vote yet, when the bill finally comes due.

I'm sure there will be some idiot that replies telling us the woes of low teacher wages and how little is actually spent in the classroom... but their idea is never to funnel more of vast amount of money we are already spending to the teachers and classrooms.. their idea is to throw even more money at it, because apparently the answer to inefficiency is more inefficiency. Thats how we got where we are. Decade after decade of my life its been the same problem. These idiots dont want to solve it because its not a virtue signal to do so.

Comment Re:Leftist regulation run amok. (Score 4, Insightful) 553

It is a logical fallacy to generalize from this isolated case and imply that all regulations are bad.

No, the logical fallacy here is you deciding that if someone says a regulation is bad, that they are saying all regulations are bad.

The fact of the matter is that if you cant defend a regulation without resorting to this BULLSHIT fallacy, then its almost always a bad regulation.

Comment Re:Intel (Score 1) 173

But AMD never grabbed the initiative to build on their fab capabilities and manufacturing processes

Thanks to Intels monopolistic practices. They were convicted of it on multiple continents.

instead continuing to focus just on low cost CPUs.

Wrong. Possibly intentionally.

Never a winning strategy, since not only did Intel have pockets deep enough to price match them anywhere they chose, they also had a 2-3 generation advantage in terms of process nodes.

Now we know you are lying.

Ultimately, AMD threw in the towel and sold off their fabs to Global Foundries.

AMD didnt sell their fabs. They spun off a new company. More proof that you are a liar, and the only motive here for lying is because you are a monopoly apologist that didnt mind getting fucked by Intel bribing companies to only sell their worse technology for higher prices.

Comment Re:They could save it (Score 1) 542

Go try an original Megaman and see how many enemies are "gone forever."

All of them. Each time its a new entity with not even a single bit of state dependent on what happened to the similar entity that died previously.

You "youngun's" that played the games that we wrote, not knowing anything about it, but pretending to.

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