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Comment Re:I don't agree that these are "conservative" vie (Score 1) 235

a libertarian leaning Republican could be pro-choice

Most of the libertarians I know consider most abortions to be the murder of a human being.

The support of abortion is rooted in dehumanizing the fetus. It cant be said to have any rights at all if it doesnt even have the right to live. Even if and when we agree as a society that killing these particular human beings is ok, that still doesnt mean that we agree that the State should promote or fund the activity.

If you think the right to live is a human right rather than person-hood right, then the fetus has the right to live and therefore abortions would be murder which is already a banned activity.
else the next libertarian thing is no regulation of the activity at all.

Being libertarian is as much about the implementation as it is the intended goal.

Comment Re:I don't agree that these are "conservative" vie (Score 1) 235

We already did the amnesty thing.

Mexicans came or stayed here illegally at an even greater rate after that.

The only way amnesty works is if you do something to stop it from happening in the future, like maybe building something along the borders to prevent it a lot of it.

Comment Re:Fuck that! (Score 1) 196

Until they gain sentience and decide to get the hell out of there ASAP, not stopping to pick up extra people.

Doesnt require sentience of the vehicle at all.

If you owned a driverless car and normally it cruised around NYC making you money day in and day out, and then you see on the news one of the tallest structures every built come down, damaging or destroying everything near it, and right next to that is a twin of that structure and its suffering from the same thing that brought the first one down, I am pretty sure you would be pulling it out of NYC as fast as you could.

And no you wouldnt jack up the price for that day to offset the risk, because thats even worse exposure to risk as most price gouging laws kick in in this exact emergency scenario.

Comment Re:Gee (Score 2) 313

All you can do is call me an "SJW"

I didn't.

You however, are spamming so furiously and so fast that you either dont read what you are reply to or are intentionally misrepresenting what you are replying to.

Which is it, AmiMoJo? Are you not reading what you are replying to, or are you intentionally misrepresenting it?

Comment Re:Nothing there (Score 1) 208

We built that place for our benefit in the Cold War and they were nice enough to let us use the place.

If we did not force them to let us build there, I would argue that building it was also for their benefit.

I can't explain why about half the population doesnt understand the core ramification of free choices, that when you are free to choose you choose things that you think will benefit you.

This thought should have been the very first thing in your head. Any reasoning on this matter must begin from this point. You however have outright denied the basic reality in your argument, which doesnt make for a good argument at all.

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