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Comment Re:The view fails to account getting &*#@ed (Score 1, Insightful) 511

Thats not the cause... thats the symptom.

In every place the government has encouraged loans, prices have bubbled drastically, for instance in both housing and education.

The outcome of these things is predictable and indeed has been repeatedly predicted. The reasons that were given for not doing these "progressive" programs have literally come true, but the progressives didnt listen and still will not listen.

Comment Re:My answer (Score 3, Interesting) 411

1 character names for types are not good

Says who?

All localized variables and types in my programs have 1-character names, and its for multiple good reasons including that because you can see that something is only 1 character at a glance, that therefore you know for sure that it doesnt have much if any outer scope with that very same glance.

Comment Re:Choices. (Score 1) 106

How about we just limit the number of properties/rooms someone can put up on ABnB and/or require the property be the primary residence of the property owner who must occupy it a minimum number of months per year to prevent commercial exploitation?

How about instead you just stop fucking with the liberties of other people?

Not only isnt what you offer a solution to the problem, its not even the actual problem.

Comment Re:Choices. (Score 1) 106

Isn't there a diminishing return on this? Some point where AirBnB inventory is saturated and the so-called investors are owning properties that mostly remain vacant, and eventually the market inventory for permanent housing faces a surge in available properties as speculators look to get out from under their under-performing rental properties?

Yes its self-balancing. However if the supply of housing isnt allowed to grow to meet demand, then one should look at why the supply of housing isn't growing to meet demand, because any "balance" achieved under artificial restrictions wont necessarily resemble the balance that you expected.

I believe in the San Fransisco area right now growth in both low density and high density housing is being greatly restricted by these zoning boards. Its ok tho, because people in California want a nanny.

Comment Re:Choices. (Score 1) 106

And why would they build more housing, lowering their profits, then?

The one guy who reads the fucking articles... and you dont even understand the simple things of economics?

Those that are allowed to build housing make money on each house that they build. There is no debate about this. Its the end of the discussion on the matter of the "they" economics you were hand waving your bullshit "lowering profits" crap at.

Once you are willing to accept that reality, and it is in fact reality, then you easily come to the conclusion that something must be preventing people from building housing... and there is something doing that... zoning boards. The fucking politicians. It is "they" who hold the keys to "the market" and have fucked it up. In many cases these scumbag politicians are complicit in working together with some private business... for campaign donations.. for favors... but it is not the private business that holds the keys.

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 440

I don't think it has anything to do with poverty. I live in a middle class neighborhood and people do hang their laundry out to dry and nobody thinks less of them for it. That sounds like some sort of external bias you have going on there.

Its called projection.
br. They talk a good game, while revealing what they are really like inside.

Comment Re:YES! (Score 1, Insightful) 448

It's not that it triggered it, it's that they went around something that was obviously meant to stop them from triggering it.

No, thats not what happened.

You are confusing Googles targeted fingerprint "solution" with an attempt by Google to prevent advertisers from doing this, and you are confused in this way because you suck the Google cock and wont take a moment to think that maybe, just fucking maybe, that Google was at fault, is at fault, and will continue to be at fault so long as bullshit "fixes" are considered a "solution."

Comment Re:Seeing is believing (Score -1) 202

The roadblock is of course the amount of energy required to extract water from dry air rapidly.

A portable solar powered device cannot provide a life-sustaining rate of water collection. You might be able to do it with batteries instead of solar panels, but that defeats the purpose (you could just bring water instead of a heavy battery brick.)

Comment Re:doubts (Score 1, Insightful) 341

What private firms have been driven out of business here? The ones that have been given $45M of taxpayer money?

Its all the ones that didn't get taxpayer money.

But you wont discuss this subject in any way that resembles an honest consideration of the situation.... because you have an agenda to push.

Comment Re:Every little thing (Score 1, Insightful) 281

You said nothing for years while Obama was bombing Syria.

Now all of a sudden you think its, and I quote, "Unconstitutional and Unwise" to bomb Syria.

The other guy has it right. Your attitude is exactly why the Democrats got murdered last election.

You can sit there cherry picking all the things that you have an issue with on a daily basis, but that falls apart when you arent consistent. A politician can get away with some flip-flopping, but you guys are all over the place constantly.

Comment Re:Basic liberals propaganda (Score 1) 281

What's wrong with requiring techniques used to court to be supported by evidence that they work?

Hold on, let me ask the commission on requirements to see if they think that there is anything wrong with them supporting the commission on evidence.

You will have to wait tho, as there are currently real commissions authorized by congress in session.

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