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Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 360

Macs don't need any endusers or tech staff to figure out what is wrong and fix it.
Your idea how stuff works is bollocks.
You configure them once and then they run, just like any ither unix box does.
So your idea bout costs is just bollocks, too.

The only stuff I need google for to 'fix' something on my Mac is when an AppleScript does not work as expected.

Comment Re:B*llshit (Score 1) 360

Fanbois usually don't know much about computers.
Hence this term was coined by the /. crowed.
It really surprises me that so many Windows users can not accept that *n*x is less hassle. Regardless what you substitute for the stars.
Mac or Linux or Solaris users don't have problems a typical Windows user has ...

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 360

Actually 40% sounds like a relatively low number.
Regarding your argument 'they are doing something wrong', obvioulsy that was ocer the course if a year. So it is completely reasonable that over the course of a year 40 of 100 windows users have issues that require tech support.
I actually allways have a windows issue when I come into a new company and only have a windows machine, so that can add up to 4 - 10 times a year.
No idea why windwos simply does not work ... none of the unixes I work with ever had any issues unless I did a mistake myself, which I usually can fix myself.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 2) 360

Of course numbers will hold up, facepalm.
Why the funk should a Mac need tech support in the first place?
I never had a Mac that magically forgot where the printer is, lost its IP adress, forgot how to connect to the DSL modem, refused to boot and waited 45 minutrs until it gave up to find its 'domain controller' (what is that actually?)
Sorry, unless a user needs to configure something, and does not know how to do it: a Mac does not need tech support.

I owned over the years like 15 Macs, the only tech support they got was replacements of harddrives, and in one case a motherboard (to a newer/faster one).

Comment Re:So it appears . . . (Score 1) 177

On Mars you can breath perfectly well inside of your suit or in a shelter.
In Antarctica you can breath outside of the shelter until you are frozen to death.
I don't see a big difference :)

The radiation issue is overrated any way. Where do you think the magnetospere of earth is directing the 'radiation' to? Hm .... ? Can't be so hard to figure :)

Comment Re:Economics? (Score 1) 297

Every power plant is suitable for 'base load'.
You are mixing up the terms 'base load' and 'dispatchable' power plant.
Far over 50% of germanies water plants are flow river plants, always running at 100%, obviously they are 'bae load' plants.
The remaining ones are pumped storage: they are not even counted in 'energy production' because they only release energy that was produced otherwise.

Pumped storage has an efficiency of roughly 81% not 75 .... Over 90% efficiency in pumping uphill, and depending on turbine type 90% - 95% efficiency in converting the water comming downhill into electricity.

Sorry, you should read bit more instead of spreading myths.

The rest of the post is bollocks as you keep using the term 'base load' wrong ...

Comment Re:Nuclear research needed! (Score 1) 297

Sorry, basically everything you write is wrong:
Wind farms are now mainly build at sea. They don't have land issues anway as the farmers happily farm on the fields where the wind farms are.
Solar, if it is photovoltaic, is best build in cities anywa, where you again have no land issues. Thermic solar is another thing, though.
Solar panels don't need rare earthes.
Wind generators use them, but would work also without them.
The environmental arguments are moot. Rare earthes are extracted right out of rock or sand and usually mined in deserts. There are no real concerns. Your claim China is worth than USA, is wrong. China is building up strong regulations, since years. However they suffer from the lack of those during the recent years.
A rare earth mine in the USA would look exactly like one in China. A big pit in a huge rock or desert.
Burning Biomass is not problematic because of green house gas issues, You are an idiot. If it is rotting it produces CO2 and CH4, a far stronger green house gas than CO2. Bottom line it is climat neutral if you burn it, as it wiuld rott otherwise anyway. Or more prcisely, because of avoiding the release of CH4 into the atmosphere it is even an advantage.
The amount of energy we produce with biomass is big enough that it is a majour player in the balancing power market.
Biomass: the shit of pigs and cows ... perhaps you had a different idea what biomass is ... it is actually not burned but converted into natural gas and then burned.
Even if you don't believe it: 70% of europes land mass is neither used for housing, roads nor farming. There is plenty of space to build what ever plant you want.
And in the USA, it is even more land available.

Comment Re:Economics? (Score 2) 297

The CF of a plant depends on hwo the plant is run. Not on its fuel.

For a new nuclear plant to have 90% CF the surrounding coal plants (or what ever) have to cut their CF.

E.g. in France where 75% of the power comes from nuclear plants, with a base load factor of about 60%, all nuclear plants have either to adapt load over the day from 60% to 95% (or something) ... hence their CF is only ~70% or a few of them run at > 90% and the rest significantly below 60%.

You can only feed as much power into the grid as the grid is consuming. If 100% of your power would be from nuclear plants ... all plants had a CF of perhaps 55% or 60% ... due to changing demand over the course of a day.

at the UK average rate of US$0.22/kWh, the expected power generated over 40 years would be worth $222 billion.
That rate is dropping rapidly as renewables are replacing nuclear plants ... in ten years no one in europe will be able to run a nuclear plant profitable.

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