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Journal RobertB-DC's Journal: Ghost Article: ISS Threatened by War in The Caucuses 3

Ghosts of Slashdot: 08/20/2008
[Wow, it's been forever! But I finally caught one. I was going to send a note to the DaddyPants address warning them that this was a dupe, but I couldn't find the article it was a duplicate *of*. Someone did, though. Oh, and it's "Caucasus", not "Caucuses". It's Georgia, not Iowa.]

ISS Threatened by War in The Caucuses
Journal written by Presto Vivace (882157) and posted by samzenpus in The Mysterious Future!
from the no-space-for-you dept.

According to this report in the Washington Post, the ISS program could become a casualty of the war in the Caucuses. Our current space shuttle craft will be retired in 2010, with no replacements until 2015. In the meantime, in order for NASA to contract with Russia's Soyuz spacecraft, Congress would have to pass a waiver to a 2000 law forbidding government contracts with nations that help Iran and North Korea with their nuclear programs, as Russia has done. Even before the war in the Caucuses this was controversial, now the ISS mission is at great risk. It would be a shame if the ISS mission were jeopardized over this, a real shame.

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Ghost Article: ISS Threatened by War in The Caucuses

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  • I saw that story!
    I was hoping it would get posted so I could see the comments.

  • BTW, I think we all have access to the firehose, now.

    • Well, the Firehose is one thing. But the true "Ghosts" are the stories that actually make it to the front page and are displayed in red for subscribers to preview (and start Slashdotting).

      Or you probably mean that the reason the Ghosts are rarer these days is that they get exorcised by the Firehose. Which sounds fun, though painful. :)

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