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Submission + - Terry Pratchett's Troll Bridge to become a film. (

RobbieThe1st writes: Snowgum Films — an Indie film producer from Australia is working on turning Terry Pratchett's Troll Bridge into a live action film. They've made an amazing amount of material so far, on a shoestring budget.
Now, they need our help, to the tune of $45,000. They've already achieved $35,000 of that in the last month on Kickstarter, and with two months remaining it's a near certainty they will get the funding they need.
I think this is worthy of a few dollars, what about you guys?

Submission + - Fake Torrents cause grief for band -and- CRIA. (

RobbieThe1st writes: TorrentFreak is currently reporting on the odd story of an unknown band's manager getting tricked by a fake torrent site. Convinced that his band(which currently has one video on youtube with 80 views) had 100,000 people downloading his album, he took it straight to the CRIA(Canadian Recording Industry Association) who are supporting him. I worry about what this means when it's exposed as a scam...

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