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Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 340

First program I ever wrote was on the used Casio Graph 25 I got, and that one wasn't even a powerful or well done language.
By the end of high school I had a used Graph 65 where I wrote minesweeper, chess clock, mandelbrot set plot, and one of those bomber games which sucked since the display was too slow for it (It had a colour one) and a good couple of calculation programs - and it brought me to trying to program on a computer (C and Fortran 77). For kids who have some interest in messing with this sort of a thing, programmable calculators are a great starter that you can poke around in and do fun, rewarding things, unlike a computer where you have to learn a fuckton just to do basic things.

Comment Re:I suspect citizens waiting for a healthy organ (Score 1) 200

The only proof of this happening is your assertion. As far as I'm concerned, it's scumbags being executed - say the directors responsible for the melamin saturated human and pet foods. And thousands others. I fail to see why such scum should not be used.
Besides, if the rich want, they can get organs off the black markets, for example, Serbian kidneys by which the albanian scum financed their terrorist gatherings that , with western support, caused Kosovo to split off.

Comment Re:Why fix what ain't broken (Score 1) 173

Agreed. And ... it's nothing to do with actual schedule, morning or evening. The point is that I can easier do more stuff during the late (near going to bed) part of my daily cycle than the early (after waking) one - for half an hour after waking, I probably wouldn't pass Turing test x3.
Which is the actual reason for being a night owl (schedule is constrained by waking time to go to lectures/work)

Comment Re:10,000 changes (Score 1) 116

Measuring a coder's worth by lines of code is kinda like gauging the performance of an engineer by the mass of components he contributed. "Today I designed 56.5 lbs of an engine".
Also analogous in terms of you saving material actually reflecting badly on your performance.

Comment This makes me all kinds of happy (Score 1) 123

And I'm not surprised it was done in the Czech Republic. See, the plans of Jan Tleskac for a flying bicycle were the central mcguffin to the plot of several "Rapid Arrows" (Rychle Sipy in original) novels by Jaroslav Foglar, an exponent of Boy Scout movement back home in the late 40s - lot of kids remember his works which were even made into TV series , as well as the "caged hedgehog" puzzle.

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