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Submission + - Scalable remote software/OS deployment options?

RobbieCrash writes: "I've been tasked with finding a single software application that can manage computers in various Active Directory environments ranging from 20 computers to 1,500 computers, that will keep track of software installed, push out Windows updates, install and uninstall software, and be able to remotely install new Operating systems to new computers, or to upgrade existing computers. So far I've been able to find things like Acronis Snap Deploy which will do the OS deployment to various hardware platforms, but won't do any of the other things. Or Admin Arsenal and Desktop Central that will run hardware/software inventories and push updates/software installs, but nothing that will do it all. Is there a one stop program that will do it all? Or am I stuck using multiple programs like WSUS, Acronis and one of the others to get everything done?"

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