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Submission + - Google Apps not longer offering free accounts (

Rob from RPI writes: "As a bit of a shock announcement, if you didn't already have your free Google Apps domain hosted with google before now, it's too late. I just received an email saying — basically — 'if you want to create more domains, then it's too late. Pay up'. Reading the google help page gives you a good overview.

If you wish to use Google Apps, you now have to pay $50/user/year. Otherwise you're stuck with a gmail address for all your users.

This comes after Google shrunk the free number of users from 50 to 10 in 2010. I know that I was convinced to move our email to the paid version by messing around with it, but I doubt many more people will be done this in the future.

So, Google — what WERE you thinking?"


Submission + - Open-Source VoIP hits another milestone.

Rob from RPI writes: "The guys over at Trixbox have just released version 2.0. Trixbox is a Linux ISO (Based on CentOS, a FOSS repackage of RHEL) that includes the Open-Source Asterisk, a VoIP PBX that runs on Linux, FreePBX, the web-based, open source GUI configuration tool for it, and a pile of other stuff that may be useful for a PBX. Trixbox is along similar lines to the other Live-ish CD's, where they just install a complete working system to your hard drive. Unfortunately, they just managed to miss out on the release of freePBX 2.2, which I released about 48 hours too late, but they're using 2.2.0rc3 which has very few changes to 2.2.0-release. Trixbox (and it's previous incarnation, Asterisk@Home) has had more than 200,000 downloads since it's inception, and is by far the most popular FOSS PBX around."

Submission + - Global SIP scanning finally happens.

Rob from RPI writes: "What with all of the Asterisk and Voice over IP news recently, someone seems to have finally started scanning for misconfigured SIP devices. I've written a overview of why and how it's happening, and some hints and tips to ensure that it doesn't cause you any grief. Note that this will affect anyone with a mis-configured or, at least, poorly-secured VoIP device connected to the internet. That phone call you had last night at 3am? That was this scan."

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