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Comment Re:I thought Mozilla had stopped development on Th (Score 3, Informative) 47

While Mozilla isn't the only one who develops it, Mozilla is in the process of requiring the Thunderbird project to be spun out and rely on its own infrastructure and funding. I know because I interviewed with Magnus and Jörg for the consulting project to setup the infrastructure.

Twitter post announcing the position:

Actual job posting: (mirror, Mozilla has already removed it from their site)

Mailing list post from Gervase announcing the split:

Comment Re:intuitively I would think steam would be better (Score 4, Interesting) 217

Yes to both!

Using a linear motor instead of a steam catapult allows you to configure specific power during any point of the process. goombah99 mentions there's no shortage of steam, but newer carriers are moving away from needing steam to be generated, preferring to take power directly from their generators to the linear motors up top.

Could this be used for civilian airports? Most definitely! Its most likely cost prohibitive though, so unless you're someone leaving a major hub always near takeoff max weight (UPS/Fedex possibly?) or you're at an airport that has a very short runway or a very high altitude runway (both due to geography), it doesn't make sense financially.

Comment Solution (Score 4, Informative) 384

1) Get a managed switch
2) Configure all ports but one to be on their own VLANs
3) Configure one port to be a trunk port
4) Configure your laptop or other computing device to support trunking
5) Configure your virtual machine so the entire process is scripted. It should boot, execute the upgrade procedure, and then provide logging for the process to you.
6) Start VMs, with each configured on one of the VLANs.


Comment Re: Backpedalled? (Score 1) 740

It sounds like you're just allergic to the excipient (aka the stuff used to bind a drug into a pill) and not the *cillin itself. So if you were to take, say, amoxicillin in liquid form I'm guessing you'd be fine--no puking. So if you've taken amoxicillin in the past and had serious nausea/vomiting as a result I'd investigate the following inactive ingredients:


Magnesium Stearate (E572)
Silica Colloidal Anhydrous
Capsule shell components:
Iron Oxide Red (E172)
Iron Oxide Yellow (E172)
Titanium Dioxide (El71)
To 100% Gelatin
Indigo Carmine (E132)
Erythrosine (E127)
Titanium Dioxide (E171)
To 100% Gelatin
Composition of Ink
Dehydrated Alcohol
Isopropyl Alcohol
Butyl Alcohol
Propylene Glycol
Strong Ammonia Solution
Potassium Hydroxide
Black Iron Oxide (E172)

My money is on magnesium stearate (the white stuff pills are made out of)... It's made from various animal products and vegetable oil. I have no idea how pure it has to be for pill manufacture but I wouldn't be surprised if just a trace amount of something you're severely allergic to (in your gut anyway) could set off the vomit storm.

It could also be a combination of things that your gut just doesn't like to be together. For example, if you ate some rust (iron oxide) combined with shellac that might invoke a response related to a bad (gut) experience you had as a child when you ate a bug that crawled out of a rusty old metal thing.

Comment Re:Escrow service? (Score 2) 64


Using the above bookmarklet will archive the entire page in the Internet Archive immediately (timestamped by the Internet Archive). The Internet Archive crawler respects robots.txt, but it doesn't appear the Flickr robots.txt file will prevent you from using this method.

Comment Re:International flights (Score 3, Informative) 78

GoGo is provided by a company called Aircell, out of Itasca, IL. They rely on a network of ~400 AT&T cell tower locations to provide connectivity (its all interconnected over MPLS). Row 44 is a competitor, and they use satellite connectivity, and hence can provide coverage over the ocean or international countries.

Not all relevant info, but thought I'd throw it out there.

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